Intuition – we all have it, but we don’t always tap into it. While we can use practices such as mindfulness and meditation to ask for guidance from the spirit realm, there’s also another way to get their attention: by opening our hearts and mind to receiving their signals.

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Here’s four common signs to look out for…

1. Electricity

Fluctuations in electricity could be a sign. Spirits are energy currents, so it is easy for them to manipulate electricity and cause  phones, televisions, computers, and lights to flicker. While a light bulb burning out could simply mean the light bulb was old, if you’re sitting on the edge of your bed looking at a photo album, reminiscing about a grandma who has passed, and a light pops off, chances are she’s letting you know she’s there. All spirits are different, and spirits’ methods of communicating with you may vary greatly.


2. Nature

The spirits are able to manipulate nature to get your attention. For me, a white butterfly has always been a sign from my mother. She’s not literally the butterfly, but she’s able to manipulate the energy of the butterfly and also able to get my attention so I will notice it.


3. Signs appearing in threes

I’ve discovered over time that signs intended for me from spirits come in threes – I’ve heard others say the same too. Some of us need to have signs thrown in our faces many times and in different ways before the message resonates with us. So if I were thinking about changing jobs, and the spirits were trying to tell me I should, I might open a newspaper and find a story about how more Americans are changing careers. Remember, spirits can relay messages in several ways, including music and humour.


4. Music

The spirit world is naturally at a higher vibration than we are in the physical world, and spirits love to connect to the vibration of music. How many times have you been missing your loved one, only to hear their favourite song randomly throughout the day? The spirits even like for us to focus on the lyrics of music, since they don’t have a physical voice. For me, it was the song “Angel Standing By” by Jewel. Whenever I would feel alone or needed inspiration, I would hear the song and the supporting lyrics ‘…so don’t you worry, I’m your Angel standing by’.

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