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Twin Flame Soulmate – Why Is My Twin Soul Running From Me?


Very often when discussing twin soul relationships online, you find people who are in this situation: The other one is ready and the other one is running scared. The question often is, why doesn’t he/she want this as much as I do? Why are they running away when they know I love them?

The answer is so simple we almost decided not to write this post: They are scared. You know this already, don’t you? This is something we call the Twin Soul fear phase. But why are they scared, that’s another thing. When the twin souls meet, the emotions are so strong that it’s no wonder it triggers your flight instincts. Certainly when we got together with Anton – telepathically – we had a discussion along the lines “I’m afraid my body won’t be able to cope with all these emotions.” We felt that if we were to touch each other, the body would surely explode. The fear is still not quite dead… Now we are separated by the fear of everything turning out to be… not true. The promise of it is so vast, so perfect, so indescribable, that to take a step that will make it a reality will also be a step that may make it unreal – imagination, non-existent. It is almost as if merely the dream of it is too good to risk in a return for a possibility of it being real. If you move forward and find it wasn’t what you thought it was… Wouldn’t that break your heart into a million pieces? How would you pick yourself up from that?

Then, we must remember we are all human. We all have our insecurities. To you, he or she looks like a perfect human being. You cannot imagine anyone more perfect than they are. But to them… They see in the mirror the same face that has looked back at them from the mirror for all these years. Nothing special. Just plain old me, and you go: “Why would the most perfect creature on the planet want me for?” You might be the most confident person on the planet with the members of the opposite sex, but when you meet your twin soul, you’ll be… Facing your kryptonite.

And, before you say: “But I’m ready for it. I am not afraid.” Consider this. Say he or she is ready right now. Don’t you feel a little bit antsy about it? The fact they are running away is keeping you safe, isn’t it? They will stop running eventually, but give them a bit of time and space and maybe they’ll come around. Normally, it seems to take about a year to get over this phase. For some reason it seems that there’s a kind of adjustment period in this, that things won’t seem to advance anywhere until the year has passed. For us, this would mean about 7 more months from the writing of this article to get past this phase so… Sorry everyone, no confirmation yet… Of course, this time varies, so… Hold on tight.

However, although this is common, we must note, in case you’re thinking your twin can’t be your twin because you didn’t experience this; Sometimes the twin souls will find each other so young that they won’t even consider anything but staying together for the rest of their lives. Childhood playmates, for example. Sometimes twins find each other and continue on as if nothing had happened, but… Some of us are a bit dramatic. ;)




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