Twin Flame Awakening – Spiritual Twin And Matrix Twin


In the twin flame/ray union there is usually a spiritual twin and a matrix twin. The spiritual twin will usually be the consciousness of the union and will have the duty of awakening the other twin to their divinity and spiritual power. This means the spiritual twin will most likely be more psychic and will generally feel uncomfortable in society for the most part. Meanwhile, the matrix twin will not know about their divinity while living their everyday like in society. The matrix twin will feel and act likes the average person, although they may have an innate pull to spiritual information without understanding why. In general, the matrix twin will generally have their own psychic abilities, but the real powers of their abilities are usually tucked away in their DNA awaiting to be unlocked by the spiritual twin.

twin flame awakening

Upon reconnecting, both twins will naturally feel an intense energy pull towards each other although their life circumstances may not be beneficial to their union. This is a natural process, however, because the twin connection is set up to go through many cross roads and healing processes to validate their passion is strong enough to withstand any future conflicts that may cross their paths. Once their passion for each other is validated and both egos are healed, the spiritual marriage can begin. This is where the energy connecting their central nervous system and five major organs (heart, spleen, lungs, liver, and kidneys) will be linked up. Once the central nervous system and organs are linked up, specific spiritual abilities will manifest, such as sensing each others thoughts telepathically and each others kundalini naturally. Upon the completion of the spiritual marriage via their central nervous system and five organs, the spiritual awakening can begin.

Contrary to what most people may think, the matrix twin will generally be more powerful than the spiritual twin. This is due to their natural gift of shifting/evolving connected to their ability to be natural alchemist. Natural alchemists evolve at a much faster rate than the average person due to their ability to absorb energy into their DNA while shifting their whole aura and consciousness. This will allow the matrix to ‘catch up’ to their spiritual twin’s psychic abilities while absorbing spiritual wisdom faster than the average person. Meanwhile, the spiritual twin will feel more grounded in the matrix realm by accessing the matrix’s twin’s physical connection. This grounding effect, will allow the spiritual twin, to feel more connected of the matrix and society as a whole. Meanwhile, both twins’ natural psychic gifts that were originally dormatted will be accessed. Their DNA will reactivate and their spiritual gifts and their powers will be then granted. Both twins will have their own sets of psychic abilities that can be used alone and/or used together which will enhance both abilities. For an example, let’s say one twin may have the possibility to see all futures, while the other twin only foresees ending possibilities. Obviously, both gifts are special separately; however, when both twins work together, they can access all possibilities while seeing the most plausible future at once. This mechanism was designed by the cosmos to guarantee both twins will work together and should not be separated by people who were not granted this power. Therefore, it is apparent that twins were designed for a spiritual mission and incarnated to work and be together with a purpose.

I have heard some spiritual channellers stating that twins flames are not intended to do ‘spiritual work’. Some say you can be an average person working in a flower shop while living a regular life. My advice to anyone who is contemplating seeing a spiritual counselor, who would state such a thing, is to ask yourself this question: ‘why would I need to see a spiritual counselor, if the twin connection is not designed for a spiritual mission?’ ‘Is it possible that the channeller is abusing their power to gain money from my ignorance of the union?’ Contrary to these channellers/advisors advice, I disagree. Twins have incarnated for a special reason and that’s to help others as spiritual teachers, healers, and advisors. Why else would twin incarnate?

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