Love Of A Twin Flame

The love of a Twin Flame is much more than a love of a Soul-mate.

Twin Flames are rare and when united, it is much more than bliss. It is a sense of love, healing and its Peaceful. This kind of union is stronger than the union of Soul-mates.

Twin Flames are union from the core of the soul. One so unique you cannot mistake it for anything other than an overwhelming feeling of an outburst within your soul. You only want to have pure intentions with this person. You feel that respect, clarity, honesty and most importantly integrity in your relationship. This is what you will feel to be the most important thing you want within your relationship.

A reunion of these flames is a feeling that you cannot bare, one so powerful that the intensity of the love is a little over baring but one that you want to continue to feel over and over again.
This is a feeling that you can distinct from all of your past relationships.

Things you desire from your twin flame are things you have never desired before. You will have a restless feeling within yourself about the desires you are wanting from your twin flame. You will ask yourself ,”How it is possible that you have all these desires and want it badly from your twin flame”. It will become an addiction but a healthy one. This addiction you will both feel. You will both feel no limits to your love. You will be pure with NO jealousy, Lots of patience, and a peaceful journey of your new venture.

Twins have similarities. Everything just feels so right. You feel that anything and everything is possible. You will be in eternal bliss.

You will not be forced into loving but it will come naturally. You will love the past errors of your twin flame. You may have come into contact with people that had past errors in their life that you would never want to involve yourself with. Things that you would not want into your existence, however if your twin flame had the same circumstances and instances as those that you had frowned upon, you would not care. You would appreciate and love their trials and errors because you want to learn from their past mistakes..

Example- If you see someone eat a rotten cheesecake. That person asks you if you want to try a piece. You answer “No”. But if your twin flame ate a rotten piece of cheesecake and they offer you some to acquire the taste, you will naturally say “Yes”. Then you will start to think and realize that you would never have done such acts with anyone else or you find yourself denying what was offered from someone in the past and you accepting from your twin. You would want to experience what your twin is experiencing so that you can learn and grow together. You will surprise yourself how natural and accepting things will come to you as it would not with anyone else. It feels right and it all falls into place. This is what a love of Twin Flame feels and how it needs to be! The Universe will have everything come together and everything WILL be perfect.

Twin flames are two souls that once placed together and become as one, it is an outburst of energy. The energy is so strong that you can manifest anything and everything without anything being impossible. You are a strong force. Once united it will be extremely difficult to separate as they were destined to be together.

You will feel no doubt, you will know they are the one. However depending on what your past relationships were, you might feel frightened if united a little earlier than expected. You will feel an energy that you will like. One that will bring you together regardless. You may feel very confused as you are not healed from your past broken hearts (Aka Love) relationships. Confusion will come into play. However you will still feel an energy pull towards your twin flame and you will not know why. Also keep in mind that it may not be a physical attraction either but rather a spiritual attraction. You will want to stay in contact with your twin flame. You then will acquire an attraction. Once you establish the attraction and see that everything just feels “Right”, things will excel pretty quick. It will happen and everything will just fall into place. It will feel right.

If you have past relationship issues you must work on these issues as you might pro-long the reunion of your twin flame. Although you will stay in communication or might shy away your twin flame, you will have the soul connection and they will stay around or linger in your life. The connection will come at one point, but you MUST heal all past love emotions as you do not want to exhaust your twin flame and defeat the purpose of what you agreed to learn or simply exhaust one more than the other.

Twin flames are rare, but are coming together more in this era than prior.

Experiencing a love this great is one so beautiful and powerful that the experience is intense and worth living.

~Twin Flames are more intense than a Soul mate reunion~

May the flames keep living and lighting the way!

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