Twin Flame Energy – The Energy Between My Twinflame And I

by richee on May 8, 2012 · 3 comments

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Twin Flame Energy – The Energy Between My Twinflame And I


Background of me: So If you guys have read my story about how my twinflame came about, you will kinda understand this to. Its weird how God put people here on earth for certain purposes and which familys to put people in to. Basically i know who my twinflame is and I feel him all day long. I have been practicing telepathic and physic stuff with him since i was little, most of the time didnt even knew what i was doing or who it was for.  In my family heritage, we have been really spiritual, my anestors were drewid witches, so i was born with a natural gift of communicating with other spirits and people.

My Twin flame and I:    Its pretty amazing knowing that everything you didn’t understand but it felt right, it all came in to place, like a puzzle. But sometimes you have your days of confusion, and denial or lets say, thoughts that are questioning your belief. Than you have the energy that is so strong between two people that are exactly the same or close enough, and their energy is so strong, you just give up and surrender to each other( not sexual or a romance, but a spiritual level). When you surrender its like an ecstasy you cannot explain, its so wonderful and beautiful when the souls connect, but it also so powerful that you have to be careful not to hurt each other. If you know your twin flame, you have to be patient, caring, and being kind. I guess that is the definition of love. Because twin flames are love, they are each other. I know how my twin flame mostly thinks and feels. Most of the time when he gives me a glare or a stare, i know what he is thinking, he is usually wondering what is this bond that we have. My twin flame doesn’t know about twin flames, but i know that he knows about us, he wants to know what it is that keeps us together( Not a romance, but a bond between the spirit).

We are so much alike, no joke. when we mess up on a martial arts move, we do it at the same time or in the same way. Our Goals are the same, We want to help people as in teaching or counseling, and ect. I know we are here to help people in general. He as his degree in physcology, and im getting mine in a couple years for sociology or to be a nurse. We have the same thoughts, well not exact but very similiar, for example, i name my dog Maddie a year ago, he just got a dog and name her Maddie as well. He didnt know my dog was name Maddie because she lives with my uncle at this time. Stuff like that, simple stuff, we are alot alike in many many ways and most of the time its scares me. I know deep down, we are twinflames, and if we arent meant to be for this life time, thats ok, i will wait for the next. Right now for us, is a huge test, we are going through alot individually. His wife died a year ago, and im trying to get school done even though i really want a family right now. I know im ready to have a family now, but the question for me is, can i be patient enough to wait for him, and i know it will be worth it. But what if he isnt ready in this life time? i know im suppose to have kids in this life time, if its with him or not. So maybe you guys can help me on this. People around me by the way knows we are meant for each other.




twin flame energy

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Jaymes July 20, 2012 at 4:52 am

Wow.. you definitely help put into words what I have been thinking about my twinflame. It felt weird and in the beginning, that things just felt right, like everything fell into place. I got scared and ran because it was too good to be true. The similarities between my “wonder twin” is so amazing. The senses of humor, career, childhood experiences, even down to the names we gave our cars.


saymone September 5, 2012 at 1:41 am

Man, the guy is not your twinflame in my opinion. You would not have been running back to your ex. A lot of people get twin flames confunded, though, with soulmates for example.


Antoinette May 12, 2013 at 6:04 am

I believe I have met my twin flame in January of 2012. He’s is 50 years old now and I’m turning 43 this year. I met him when I was never looking nor searching for a loved one. I am married so to speak. I have a wonderful husband and two shining healthy daughters. I met him when riding along with some friends to a party. I glanced at him for a short time and felt some connection, but could not figure out what I felt at that moment. He’s a very quiet type. Doesn’t speak much. On our way back home after the party, we had a longer conversation in the car all together.
The next day I decided to friend him on facebook. That’s when this journey all started. We started chatting and texting each other every day. There was an instant click that I can’t describe. I felt so attracted to him even though he is far from my type (physically) Almost 11 months after our first encounter at that party we got romantically involved. And that again I can’t put in words. It was like electricity, passionate, deep, natural, fire, etc. etc. It was magic! We secretly met for a couple more times, but that’s when I started to feel guilty towards my husband and children. I ended these encounters and started a period of no contact because I thought it was the right thing to do. He never quite told me how he felt about that but he said he understands. Then he started mirroring my feelings on facebook. It was really weird because I had removed him from my friendslist, then secretly opened a new account and could still follow some of his feeds. He posted quotes like ‘it’s better to travel well then to arrive’, ‘A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well’, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, ‘there is no greater wealth in this world than PEACE OF MIND’ etc. etc. more of these type of quotes. All like lessons learned. The song of seal ‘prayer for the dying’. Although I had never met him before in my life it seemed that he was already there because he knew my brother and his brother went to elementary school with my brother. His god daughter is friends with my niece. And the mother of his god daughter is a cousin of his ex-wife. Yes he was married and has two grown up kids. I noticed in a picture a year earlier (2011) we were at the same pick-nick. We are even in the same picture standing meters apart. I didn’t know him then and hadn’t spoken to him. In his photos on facebook there is a picture from that same pick-nick (have never mentioned it to him) of my husband and my younger daughter. I don’t know why he took that picture. But he saved it to his facebook. I want to be with him, but I can’t and I know I shouldn’t because it’s not right. He knows that too. Yet I’m drawn to him. I want to be with him more than anything I can imagine. And I feel that he wants that too, but he keeps quiet. I feel that he respects me. I had never heard of twin flames before until I contacted a medium because the feelings inside were killing me. This medium mentioned something about a soulmate. That’s when I got curious and started searching for more information and stranded on twin flames. Everything written about twin flames answers my questions on my feelings. I still long for him, but made peace with the fact that we can’t be involved romantically. The medium also said that a relationship between us will never happen but he is in my life for a reason. So now know and let it just take over. I know who he is and I respect him. I love him no matter what. I love him like I love me. And now I feel complete because he can’t leave me ever, spiritually. We keep in touch on a regular base but I never talk about this topic. I want him to awaken by himself and wonder why we’re so drawn to each other. That’s my story!


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