Twin Flame Love – Sacred Sexual Union of Twin Flames

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Twin Flame Love – Sacred Sexual Union of Twin Flames


The love that is shared between Twin Flames is unlike any other you could ever experience.  Whether you know your Twin Flame as human, in another dimension, or both, you will know joy beyond anything in this world.  The true nature of your sexuality will unfold and this higher plane of Christ Consciousness you will know but have a difficult time explaining.  This is what I’ll attempt to do in my current article.

Many see sexuality as showing physical love to one another.  Other people see it as a way of procreation.  There are some who even see it as physical sensations, and when these physical sensations occur they feel as this were love.  Love can be many different things to different people but the sacred union of Twin Souls is one of attaining higher consciousness.

Twin Flames are of like vibrations.  When Twin Flames come together and their love is shared tactically with one another, Kundalini fire ignites.  The passion is a union of souls and sexuality becomes a sacred tool.  The Twin Flame vibrations mirror one another and the sexual union becomes so powerful it is like “Touching Heaven.”

Twin Flames are divine feminine and divine masculine souls.  When these energies blend together, so many levels of magnetic and spiritual harmony simultaneously occur.  Electrical energy flows and mirrors between them.  Universal forces of destiny bring them together.  If they relinquish themselves in this spiritual marriage of the souls, they will find themselves in the Universal Flow of Divine Energy.  This is when one finds themselves in many different states of higher consciousness.   This higher consciousness brings into alignment all of your chakras and the cosmic energy of the universe.

One will feel as if they are in simultaneous dimensions and an inner knowing fills one up completely.  There is a meeting of the minds and of the souls.  One will recognize the soul that is before you and in this deeply blissful feeling will encompass the Twin Flames.  The sacred sexuality of this union is blessed in every possible way imaginable.  One will find the universal truth by accessing sacred knowledge of these simultaneous dimensions.  It is multi-orgasmic for both.  Time and space do not exist when in spiritual bliss, nor does any one reality.  It’s a sacred marriage of Twin Flames.

I describe this as a Sacred Marriage of souls in my human/soul path.  It’s not like the church or law marriage.  Those marriages are more about paper and human love.   It is about the soul’s marriage and the souls can be heterosexual, homosexual, or multidimensional in nature.  Only the one who is in this Twin Flame marriage can see it for themselves.  No one can tell another if this is a real Twin Flame experience or not.  That is up to the individual itself.  With the Twin Flame, experience comes all the synchronicities, the master numbers will present themselves, and you will have an inner knowing that this Twin is your own.

Sharing about Brendan and I has made me aware of just how sacred this sexuality of divine feminine and masculine really are.  This recognition between our souls transcends all space and time.  We reach such spiritual, multidimensional levels and can see our souls beyond any of our physical bodies.  I can see so many things at once inside his soul.

I see the masculine of the man, the father, the brother, the son, and the feminine of the woman, the sister, the mother, and the daughter.  He has described this of me also.  As souls, we have found we may be male and female in our physical bodies but we are ALL in our souls.  Divine masculine and feminine are within each of us.  This takes our breath away just thinking of it.  We have found we are both divine masculine and divine feminine by sharing with each other and completely loving one another unconditionally within our own Sacred Twin Flame Marriage.  Both individual selves blended with universal twin flames make this sacred union.  It’s not just about intercourse.  It’s about experiencing each other’s divinity.

During normal intercourse there is an expenditure of energy that leaves a person feeling drained.  Men tend to fall asleep and women tend to go about their routines afterward.  However, the union between Twin Flames is definitely a complete connection of energy building, Kundalini fire.  Deep prolonged ecstasy occurs and the brain becomes harmonious with both left and right brain functioning to create an experience of an unclouded unlimited perception.  There is equilibrium of mind, body, and spirit.  Ones energy does not feel drained but revitalized.

During the twin Flame union, one is aware of both the conscious and the unconscious.  It is both male and female essence.  Its self-realization and spiritual harmony.  It is a balance of soul and universe with God.  This connection is indescribable in human words but there is an inner awareness of being one with all.  It is a love of inner self, connecting with your mirrored twin soul and an experience many will begin to share as we reach the new age that is arriving.  Many will come to find their twin flames and know what the joy of this sacred union is.




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