Twin Flame Runners – Do You Think The Twin Flame Connection Is Easy?

by richee on May 27, 2012 · 3 comments

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Twin Flame Runners – Do You Think The Twin Flame Connection Is Easy?


In a world of confusion, spiritual turmoil and debates, I know many people like to believe every soul and spiritual relationship is treated equal. Although this is a fair perspective, we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that  this world is far from being fair. We have the handicap, starvation, homeless and the sick/diseased. Just as we have people who is born with natural psychic or genius abilities, we also have spiritual unions that are more connected than others. Although these unions seems more romantic, it’s quite the opposite initially. In fact these union is more stressful because the couple have a huge battle together to realign, reconnection, heal and transform each other before they can  heal the planet and/or others.  The connection alone does not mean your ready to teach and heal the world as some would like to believe.  It’s actually the first step to a world of chaos, re balancing, exchanging energy and removing emotional confusion. If you believe your a twin and have a strong pull to someone and your  assumption is NOT CONNECTED TO YOUR EGO, here are some advise  I would suggest.

The first thing and most important advice  is to not seek the advise from those who have not experience this type of union because their ignorance will not be able to understand the complexity and energy of this intense connection. Comparing this union to a regular romance can create more confusion than good. Although many of our friends will have good intentions at heart, they will not understand the reaction or indecisiveness of the romance. What our friend do not comprehend, is that there will be many cross roads for twin flame to pass.

The twin flame runners in the relationship is the person who will be the most confused and be less spiritual for the most part. 

This person will have a difficult task because they will be more connected within the matrix and will been torn between a path of materialism verse a path on enlightenment. This does not mean the more spiritual partner will have an easy path to this relationship. They will also have just as much difficulty just as well.  Because the energies are becoming balanced within the two partners, hidden wounds or pain will need to be addressed , shared without judgement and healed.   This means all skeletons are meant to come out the closet, which is hard for many of us to do.

Remember to always Trust in your inner desires while being truthful to yourself and  your mate and everyone else involved spiritual or not. Also trust in the process that things will eventually work out for the higher good once everything is  healed. The initial meeting and learning of each other is a time to let go and try your best to transform your ego, who usually tries to deny the connection based on fear of opening up. Always learn to accept, love and most importantly HEAL each other  before any important spiritual work can be done. THIS IS ESSENTIAL because we can not heal or transform others unless we have transformed and heal ourselves.



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Shannon September 1, 2012 at 6:21 am

Hi my name is shann on,im 26 years old and i belive iv;e already met my twin soul !!!!!!!!!!! :) )) He’s amazing great funny, and soooo sexy! Thanks for your comments on this subject, iam having some trouble openeing up with him, i always think im the twin runner..iv’e gone away up north trooo visit family a few times and it hurt him alot., i just want himk too kno i love him moire then anyone else in my life really do. its true..and i have done some things i want hoim too know.


Purple September 6, 2012 at 4:37 am

Hi from the first time we’ve met i knew that “he is the one” my forever! Its not what i see but its what i have felt….its so sudden and intense n trustworthy it feels so sacred n its happening i became more n more closer to god alot of signs coming but he seems to run on everything (he is the runner n m the chaser) i commited myself to god when i met him but i never gave up everything i became more n more of myself…it is so powerful n i can feel that everything is possible…n now m beginning to know that love is unconditional…n i cant force myself to stop all of these things that happening now eventhough my family cant really understand why it is so fast i mean on everything u know like dating him n trusting him (like 100%)….wen i looked into his his i felt my soul my spirit my life…when i looked at him i see an angel…I feel forever


Susana May 3, 2013 at 11:50 am

thank you for this information, my Twin it’s now running away from me at a ceartain extend, but he keeps on cominicating with me in the dreamtime every since we met 4 years ago we have gotten that, and honestly this has not been the most romantic experience that i have ever had in this lifetime, but it have made me grown Spiritualy a huge time, my phyquic and telephatic and not to mention clearivoidance abilities have literally increase and I know he does love me with all his heart and at this point I am not able to adress it because he is unwilling to talkk or listen and that it,s the most painfull sensation that I have experienced at least I know i’s somewhat normal in TwinFlame Unions and I don’t feel that lost anymore


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