Twin Flame Video #3 – Twin Flame Prayer & Meditation

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Twin Flame Video #3 – Twin Flame Prayer & Meditation

PLEASE, don’t confuse a soul mate with a Twin Flame. People get so obsessed with their so called “twin flame” when its not their “twin flame” at all! There are lots of soul mates to meet in this life – and your joy is just around the corner. It is better to have a good soul mate relationship than a bad twin flame human relationship. Your soul mate might have Twin Flame qualities but it is not your true One and Only Twin Flame. There is only One Twin Flame from the Beginning of Time, our Divine Counterpart and Beloved. This is a very special spiritual reunion at a higher self and soul level. The perfection of your relationship with your Beloved is at a Soul Level as your soul is perfect and not involved with humaness.

It is said that 95% of karma needs to be complete for each Twin Flame counterpart, to be together happily in human form.
That makes sense as most stories seem to be painful, especially if one or both are not willing to grow and work through their old programmes and negative stories! It is possible however, to have a happy twin flame union in human form, yet its very rare it seems.

For most of us we are looking for that special person to share our lives with. For most there will be a yearning in the heart to make our lives more complete with a romantic partner. I believe that we are yearning often unconsciously, for our twin flame yet we so rarely find that perfect partner. If we are in a relationship we are constantly looking for our twin flame in our partner, again unconsciously. Then when our expectations are not met we are so often disappointed.

The true perfection is in the meeting at a soul level of our Twin Flame. Our true Twin Flame completes us perfectly. Our Twin Flame is the other half of our Soul and our Divine Counterpart. Whoever your partner is in life, whether that be a soul mate, twin soul, or twin flame, I believe no relationship will ever be absolutely perfect, as we are human and have lessons and karma, but a Twin Flame in soul is Mastered in Divine Love. We are all trying to find this original Divine Love of our soul whether we are aware of it or not!


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