Twin Flame Counterfeit Signs – Signs & Symptoms of a Fool’s Gold Union

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Twin Flame Counterfeit Signs – Signs & Symptoms of a Fool’s Gold Union


So, you met the most amazing love stud, or potential partner, and you’re smitten. You are sure he’s your Twin Flame because everything is so magical and synchronistic. You’ve never experienced a love like this. Things progress and you feel so in love, you’re jumping for joy and it truly feels like he/she must be the one, your one true Twin Flame.

Then, wham, something sneaky happens and it pulls your world apart, and it pulls you two apart…but mainly, it pulls YOU apart! Maybe it turns out that he’s not ready, he can’t commit, he’s got another relationship or has a wife and kids he won’t leave. You feel stuck, like you’re struggling to stay afloat, because you’ve never loved like this before – it makes you feel like you are going crazy! At some point, he’s no longer in the picture. Something is keeping you two apart… What is this crazy cosmic fate? Do you still have a chance, will he come back? Perhaps this could be a test from the universe? Like, he really could be your Twin and this is just some obstacle to overcome…

You likely already know that Twin Flames are simply a representation or reflection of ourselves, of own self-love. So, perhaps you can heal or fix something within yourself so he’ll come running back. Right?


He (or she) is your Twin Flame if:

1) He’s still in the picture and you’ve seen each other’s glory and you’ve seen each other’s $h*t!

2) You’re willing to let him go, even if he is amazing, if he doesn’t treat you like the goddess you truly are

3) Your inner child is healed and has cleared abandonment and abuse traumas

4) You can surrender to the moment, and being apart doesn’t make you crazy, it feels like a lightness even though you may miss him

5) All (or at least most) of your love addictions are cleared and resolved

6) The love between you both is balanced, where both partners love each other equally, perhaps in different ways

7) Both partners are emotionally available, with the man and woman available to express fears, joys, sadness, etc

8) Both parties are on an Ascension Path and are focused on self-discovery, soul evolution, spiritual connection, and service

9) Neither partner is involved in a marriage or past relationship that is unresolved, which would leak sexual energy from the Twin Flame counterpart

10) Both members are energetically clear and take care of their own healing in body, mind and spirit. This may look different for each member (one may be a raw vegan and the other a meat eating body builder!) but both people have brought a lot of light into their bodies

11) Your partner aligns you to be in service, step further into self-love, self-empowerment, and the Sacred Union supports your growth


Signs of the Twin Flame Counterfeit:

1) Constant mulling over in your mind, “Is he my Twin Flame?”

2) Constant checking in with psychics and energy healers to make him want you back or being hopeful he’ll want you back if he has gone away

3) VERY likely he’s a TFC if he’s involved with another woman and hasn’t showed up for the relationship fully

4) Emotional unavailability on his part

5) Emotional over-availability on your part

6) Feeling insecure or unsafe around your partner but proceeding anyway

7) Jumping in quickly into the relationship without feeling safe within your self, your sacred sexuality, your finances, and your own power

8) Jumping into the relationship to avoid taking action and power over your own life

9) Using the relationship as a distraction that focuses your attention away from your career, spiritual mission, and being of service

10) You feel like your whole world would be turned upside-down if he decides to leave you/doesn’t come back

11) You don’t fully love yourself unless he loves you back (conditional self-love vs. unconditional self-love)

If reading the above list feels intense, deep breath, it’s all good! It’s better to face the energy now, work on it, heal it, and step into self love sooner than later. The longer you prolong your self-healing, the worse it gets. Everything can be healed. You have support, you are lovable, even if one specific human you though might be your Twin Flame might not be. Don’t beat yourself up, love yourself! I know I beat myself up a lot when I went through my own Dark Night of the Soul with my Twin Flame Counterpart, so it’s not easy. However, deep healing came through unconditional self-love and learning to be compassionate. And each of us has certain karmas and possibly past life experiences to clear and heal. There’s a reason for everything.

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Non expert on TFs March 28, 2013 at 1:51 pm

So, for TFs to come together both have to be perfect. Flawless. Sorted all their shit out, etc. glad to know there are other options out there. Otherwise we’d all be single and never able to experience any.ove waiting for this perfection which most of us flawed individuals never are never will be and are never meant to be. Whe one person is ready to communicate directly and honestly, not to begin an affair or cheat but to sort out I odder to move forward and one is not. I guess the person who is right is the person who does not want to do communicate right now. Thta why he write endless logs about runners, sprinters, and how I portent it is to wait. Irony considering he keeps saying he cannt wait for some one who is so far behi d, nor vcan he wait without making love to every woman he sees, nor could he wait for a few months, to talk to her before getting married to the right person. Because we all no nothing is ever a mistake. Just a lesson. So the why not go back and relearn the lesson. After all it’s beautiful, needs no cauterization, weight loss, colour changes, waxing, or any other home improvements. Le me tell you all all these viewpoints on TFs are written by one person under infinite psuedonyms. There fore the opinions are very very biased, one sided, and not al all accurate. The are the opinion of one who thinks he has the right to tell the person who may very well be TF than she is always wrong. She needs to wait, she needs to wear black underwear, get designer shoes and a non cheap watch, she alison needs to wear the right bra size and change her skin colour to white. He also thinks she is stupid retarded, and a dingbat. All conveyed via telepathy. Se taunts her via telepathy with insults and dangling carrots. Only to say he’s to ready. She’s told him she understands if he is not ready. If he’s not he needs to leave her to live her life withoutnbeing a psychic and a stalker, and move on with hhis life. She will not cling to hi. Nor hold his speedy life back, she believes in communicating in order to sort out and heal so all parties can decide which way to go. Leaving past hurts behind. He jut nts to have his cake and est it too. Not to mention. Eat and service, anyone (who looks like the top 100 most beautiful white women with a few token ethnic faces thrown in for a splash of colour ) in the name of rising the vibration of the planet. I bet when ever he is around the vibrations and she motions not to mention bed rocking and thrusting inc readies exponenentislly, after all what raises the vibration to the planet more than sacred sex? Hieros gamos? Hunger games? If you’ve got the hunger and you look like anything in the top 100 list nd re a perfect package and are perfect. Then call the expert in TFs. Because to him you we are all one. Relationships are not nment to be one on one but 100 to one. As long as the 100 are women.


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