Twin Flame Rejection – Experiencing Distance and Pain with Your Twin Flame

by richee on January 3, 2013 · 21 comments

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Twin Flame Rejection – Experiencing Distance and Pain with Your Twin Flame



I’ve been told twice now that the man I care very much for and I are twin flames. I’d like to find some divine answers as to why we have such a hard time coming together.

Hello, this is the Archangel Michael. I am stepping forward as a representative of your own heart and the team of light beings who work with you and your beloved.

Yes, my dear, the man you think of is your twin flame, as you know without needing me to say. You ask about the difficulties. I want you to know that because of the nature of your connection, many energies are activated within you when you interact with him. Please know, that you requested to work through many heavy energies through knowing this person. As you focus on clearing those energies which are within you, the obstacles in your path will clear as well. This will also happen as he clears the energies within himself.

This is a beautiful opportunity for you two to heal yourselves. When you finally come together, it will be a beautiful moment. Much healing energy will flow from the moment you come together, physically, and flow to all the world, blessing the Earth and everyone present on her, ever.

This is truly a gift for your life and we are working with you to make the transition to life with this person as smooth as possible. Know that we can only help you as much as you allow us to. We want to bring you many energies, in your sleep and as you go through your day and your experiences of life, to help you smooth your life experience into more and more joyful, more and more pleasant ways of living.

May we help you in this way?

If you say “yes” in your heart or outloud, we will instantly flow you all the energies that have been waiting to come to you, and we will also continue to support you in accepting this flow of energy over the next few months as you prepare to meet your twin flame in your life in the most perfect way that you have dreamed. This will cause you much personal healing, as well as those around you, as it will also heal him.

Feel free to ask for me, Michael, or any other Being who you feel a connection to. We are all available for you to support you.

With Love,


Our questioner went on after this response to ask more questions. She shared that she feels quite connected to her twin flame, totally in love with him. While he clearly feels similarly for her, he maintains a distance from her and she experiences much pain. She longs to be with him, more than he allows her to be. Yet she can’t seem to let go of him, her friends wonder if she lost her self love. We’re sharing Marko’s response because we feel that many people experience similar situations. Marko and I have experienced the push away and pull back in close dynamic for several months as well. I understand it can be very painful. I hope our responses help.


Remember, the energies in these messages, even the above message from Archangel Michael, are available to anyone who asks for them. If you resonate with this question, simply talk to Michael, and request that he send you the healing energies he offered in the message.

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Brandy January 8, 2013 at 2:04 pm

My twin n I have been separated for almost a year. He is in a relationship with someone else. I have done a tremendice amount of healing during that time and made peace with not being able to have a relationship withh him. I do however wish to have contact and a friendship with him, but he won’t speek to me at all!! Why has he shunned me?? :(


annette field February 9, 2013 at 4:41 am

i dont know whats happening in my life with this twin flame thingy, mine all started in april 2008 and its just been pain since, and its not getting any better, its a long long weary road that to me is leading to where i really dont know !!!! i feel it is so confussing that it actually makes me very depressed, its too complicated to understand, i long to be normal again and to fit into a normal world ……


admin February 9, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Dear Annette,
It sounds like you are going through a rough road. Yes, it may possibly be a twin flame union like you mentioned but each person we meet are meant to give or teach us a lesson in this life. Hence, you may look from that angle and be bless to know that person. Go with the flow and listen closely to your heart..


annette field February 13, 2013 at 11:29 pm

i do listen to my heart a lot, but i still cant understand whats happening, when i met him, my whole world made sense, i felt unbelievable happiness, we only chatted the one time for about 3 hours, but were on the same ship for a week and just to pass him each day was enough for me, we never had physical contact apart from a quick touch of his arm, but our eyes met and then i found myself thrown into chaos….. the next day we were both wearing sun shades/glasses, so we only made eye contact once during the week.
the 3 hour chat we didnt make eye contact directly, he kept avoiding me, there was 5 of us in the room chatting and he kept avoiding me, but when i looked he looked away, it was a very magical and strange meeting, his presence to me was beautiful and powerful. but on one occasion he had no option but to look me right in the eye and thats when it happened !! i actually felt and heard the roaring of bikes,,,,,,,,, lol


Lexi February 10, 2013 at 11:39 am

I am currently experiencing this with my twin whom lives on the other side of the world from me. He recognised the same oneness I did at the very beginning, our connection is nothing I have ever felt before & he shared the same experience.. I was feeling so complete and yet one day out of the blue he stops speaking to me… it is one of the most painful experiences I have ever had, I can feel his pain and yet we have never physically met..


Susana February 13, 2013 at 6:38 am

Hey, I met my Twin 4 years ago and a lot of cyncronistic events had happened every since we met at the point that we are now living in the same neighborhood he was married when I met him now he is separated but he recently told me it wasn’t convinient for me to be that close to him, and that he have never respond anything to me , he knows I love him as I wrotte him 2 letters and every since we met he has been in my dreams and he had said me he is in love with me and he loves me there the dreams are so real that I have to writte them down otherwise I feel Im going nuts, but he doesn’t want me around I don’t get it???


richee February 15, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Hi Susana,
If he is really your possible twin flame, you may just ask him your question and let him know your feelings. There is no ego between twin flame and twin flame is a reflection of one another..


PorscheLeigh February 17, 2013 at 9:52 am

My experience with a very real twin flame hasn’t been one of any sort of romance/relationship for the future; quite the contrary, for me, it’s been learning about myself and getting some unusual help. As it turns out, I don’t even like this guy. It appears that he hasn’t grown but instead, declined steadily. I can see the benefit of a twin being a “mirror” to an extend or to whatever extend I need. “We” as a collective, that’s all twinflames, help each other to ‘grow to self’ and its a higher power/5th dimension that we’re heading towards.
I’m done here with mine, and I’m glad it’s over. My journey was rough… but as cliche’ as it sounds, the peace I’ve found is incredible. A wholeness, peaceful being. :) And that’s alright.
Love and light to all. Porscheleigh


Lost twin soul February 20, 2013 at 11:42 pm

I can relate to everyone here and what you’re going through. I’m married 20 plus years and a busy mom. I wasn’t looking for love and was blindsided to find my tf especially being 16 years younger. Why did he have any interest in me? I thought I was going through a midlife crisis or something. I was being way to logical overthinking it all. The attention was nice but he’s the only person my entire life who understood me, I could truly be myself and knew he loved me as is and didn’t judge me. He’s the greatest person I’ve ever met and no question that he’s my twin. He didnt want to cause me marital problems. Im no cheater but the magnetism was so strong and it scared me! so he disappeared. He’s been running over a year. I thought he was just playing me being younger but in my heart knew it was more. He’s definitely my mirror. I see things in him and realized I’m the same. i dont judge or blame him. Im just so overwhelmed and confused!!! I don’t want a romantic relationship but wish we could talk. Im not leaving my husband and ruining my kids lives when I know it wouldnt work out. Even if I was single hes 16 yrs younger. I want him to get married and experience kids. I know Im supposed to work on self and the separation is to make us stronger. It’s hard for me to accept this is what God wanted to happen to me. I didn’t go looking for all this. Every day I try to find answers but feel so alone. My tf won’t speak or answer texts but reminders make me crazy every damn day!!! Can’t really discuss with my husband who thinks i was crazy to trust that some younger guy wanted to be friends. My tf wasnt my dirty secret and he knew we were close friends. I just feel this relationship is doomed to happen. I guess our souls aren’t ready?? So I try to be happy but I can’t stop thinking about him. And I feel everything I do isn’t making things better. Ironically when he was in my life I felt stronger and complete. We were making each other better people and making the world a better place. I’m miserable but wouldn’t change the few months having him in my life. I get some comfort knowing I’m not crazy and others are struggling too. I am more spiritual now and just have to have faith God will help me find my way.


Maria March 7, 2013 at 6:12 pm

Reading this has reduced me again to sobbing – I’m not sure i can bear the pain of the rejection/separation -


richee March 17, 2013 at 3:12 pm

Yes, it is not an easy journey but keep in mind for growing spiritually, the time will come if it is meant to be..


matthew boyer March 8, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Archangel Michael,

I feel the same as many do who have commented…please help me grow spiritually so I can once again reunite with my twin flame…she has also got in to another relationship and i feel i have lost her…what can i do?


matthew boyer March 8, 2013 at 6:30 pm

lost twin soul: re

I am going through similar things with the knowing that we were stronger when we were together…she never judged me, nit even once!! That has never happened in a relationship I have ever had…i do know one thing, though…i am glad i do we are here to show each other and every living thing unconditional’s a hard road…i am at peace, but my emotional body still tries to take control, we must remember that this is only the beginning my dear light beings…we are here to help with our twin flames to change the world of how love and romance is viewed…WE..have been chosen…i know that now, and if i can help anyone or support any of you in this endeavor…i am here!..Me finding this website when i did…was no accident…EVERYTHING happens for a reason…nothing is chance!!

love and light to all who read this
Matthew Boyer
seperated twin flame


beth July 19, 2013 at 5:06 am

Matthew, Your story is very truthful and just wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration you give . my twin still allows me on their facebook but nothing else . Since our breakup in 2011 something so wild was seeing series of numbers like 111,11:11,222,and so forth. this happened to me in November 2011, 2 months after breaking up and since then . I can only be hopeful that what is meant to be will be one day soon . thanks Hollywoodrags


Palamani July 8, 2013 at 5:54 pm

I met my twin soul almost two and a half years ago. I was married with 3kids and was going through a marriage with nothing much to talk about. By the time, I met my twin soul, my life was just a piece of blank paper with responsibilities towards with kids, meditations and prayers. I got to know my twin soul through very unusual circumstances. He lives in another continent and married. And I only get to see him once a year for a couple of days of weeks. I truly felt a strong loving emotion from him and I also suddenly developed very strong loving emotions for him. However, being business partners, the 2 and a half years, we went through so much of severe conflicts, distrust and what not. But, all these only made the love within us grew stronger. Both of us know that we are twin souls, but, something is holding us back from being united. I ended my miserable marriage and he is now on his running dynamism. I guess that he cannot accept the fact that he is seeing his mirror, his true love and his perfect match. Maybe, fear that it wont last long. I don’t know. It is sometime very painful to know that your twin soul is running away from you. It hurts deeper than anything else. Sometime, I can feel that the world should end at the moment and there be no tomorrow and I can burst out in tears. I just want to be with him. I don’t want him to change anything about him, his life or his family for me. Just be with me being himself. That is what I fell in love for. Didn’t I?

I just continue with my life meditating and putting my faith in GOD hoping that one day he will stop running and come looking for me. Sometime, I am scared that when he come looking for me, he may not be able to find me or I may not be around anymore.


Chaser Twin Soul November 14, 2013 at 5:55 am

I am so glad I found this site. I feel like I’m going crazy & nobody understands what I’m feeling. I’ve been married 10 years, together 13 years but recently realized my ex is my twin flame. I met my TF about 15 years ago. I love my husband but not on the level I love my TF. We met first and almost from the beginning I said he was my future husband. Both of us had a lot of issues from life. We never really broke up, I was having family issues and moved to another state, but it was only 2.5 hours away. I left without telling him goodbye, and that hurt him. But, my thought process was that he was working, couldn’t take calls at work, and really it wasn’t anything he could do b/c he still lived at home too. Looking back on it, we both worked so if we wanted we could’ve moved together, but I guess we both ran. I left, he got back with an ex, who at one point very early on in our relationship he told me was confused b/c he loved us both. I told him to be with her and cut off contact. A few days later, he came back but in the back of my mind I didn’t trust him. It didn’t cause problems and we still worked at being together. Then I left and he got back with her. He was honest about it though and it hurt me and I cursed him out, cut off contact again. Couple months later, I got in a bind and reached out to him b/c I knew he would be there, and he was. We didn’t get in a relationship b/c I felt he was full of $h.t and didn’t want to take that road again. We talked occasionally, he visited me several times, etc. We did still have a sexual relationship when we would see each other. He would tell me he loved me but I was like no you don’t. I guess I was the runner then, in hindsight. I met hubby & he was instantly & intensely drawn to me. The feeling wasn’t really mutual. He is 7 years older than me, & the TF is the same age as me (5 months younger than me.). Hubby became like a good friend the one I could run to for comfort after someone else hurts me. He was mostly always right there with open arms. He had some issues, but I overlooked them. He wanted to marry me within the first year, but I was not receptive. I still would have contact with TF also. But, me & hubby moved in & I stopped all contact with TF. 2 years later, I decide to marry him. It was a rash, quick decision. One day I was like you want to get married so let’s get married on this V-Day, which is the day we actually first met. That was like a week before V-Day. We got married and I still had no contact with TF. My hubby’s issues came up again and I thought about leaving him. Who did I run to but TF. He was still with the same chick and they had 2 children. I had email contact with him about 2 years after I was married. He was salty that I got married even though he didn’t say it. He told me I just got married to be doing something & just because someone asked me. I told him off and made a remark about him having more babies. He had daughter by his ex-wife (not same female I’ve been talking about) when we were together. That was cool, he used to bring me around her & her to my house so it wasn’t any drama there. I also should add that when we first got together, he wanted me to have his child. I didn’t want that & told him I wasn’t going to be his baby mom but would when we got married. He was still married & I always asked when he planned on getting a divorce b/c he needed to. He said he couldn’t afford it & I told him I’d help him pay for it. (Crazy, right…we were only 21). He had got married b/c of the baby & had a hatred towards his ex-wife. It wasn’t anything there b/c he used to take me with him to pick his daughter up or drop her many times. It was never any problems with her. So, when we were going back & forth about me getting married and him having more babies, he was like don’t be mad b/c you wanted to have my baby. I told him he was stupid & why would I want to be another baby mom to him? For what reason & furthermore, he was the one wanting me to have his child not the other way around. We ceased contact. Once my hubby was acting out again, I would call him. Once, he hurt me b/c she was with him & he said they were getting married & he would invite me to the wedding. I was beyond pissed but played it cool as a fan, offering congrats. My heart was so hurt. I stopped contacting him, and me & hubby worked thru his probs. A year later, hubby issues resurface…I run back to TF. He is now single. We talk, I tell him I’ve always loved him, he said the same. I make plans to eventually be with him but hubby has other plans. I actually told hubby I was leaving & that me & TF were getting back together. Hubby always knew about TF from when we first met. I eventually would tell him when we met or talked. Hubby took my phone one night & called TF confronting him, asking wtf he was calling his wife, he would beat his a$$, & to leave me alone. I apologized & TF said he couldn’t take the emotions I put him thru. I stayed with hubby, working it out. Me & TF had very minimal contact. We are FB friends…I found him. Every year or two, I would say hello, make small talk. By now, he is living with someone else in another state. Even though I didn’t keep in contact, my mom would still occasionally talk with him. She loved him too & felt he was supposed to be her son-in-law. She paid her respect at both of his grandparents funerals, they raised him. My mom met his new girl, this was about 2 years ago. I called him after his g-mom passed b/c he found her & I knew that was traumatic. He asked why I wasnt there. I told him I didn’t know until that day, which was true. My mom read it in the paper that morning & called me at work. I wanted to be there but couldn’t. He said I always bring up this feelings & he ends up hurt in the end. His g-dad passed 2 years ago. I didn’t go b /c I knew he had a girl & didn’t want to be disrespectful. I inboxed him my condolences. Fast forward, 2 years later…the present. Out of nowhere, I started thinking about him. It was like wow, I still love him after all these years, all life events…BTW, he has another young child with current girl. So that’s 4 kids, 3 baby moms. Something, I ordinarily would run from. Me & hubby have no children. I miscarried 3 years ago & have a difficulty getting pregnant. My mind stayed on him like I was obsessed or something & I felt I needed to tell him how I felt. I started chatting on FB, but really wanted to call him. I was scared b/c I am a married woman & don’t want to hurt hubby. We chatted just as if no time had passed. I told him I wanted to hear from him, gave him my # and told him to call. He asked if I had his, and gave it to me, but I already had it from before. Couple days pass & I was overly anxious to hear his voice so I called him. He didn’t answer, but sent a text. Like, ooh so you called me. He said he was in a meeting. I was like no prob & that was that. I thought he would call back but he didn’t. I was pissed. I told myself to let it go, but couldn’t so the next day I messages him like I’m not worthy of a return call. He said he won’t randomly gonna call me b/c I had a boo at home. I was like you do too so no excuse. He told me, he don’t know where I got my info from, but nobody wants him. I was like so are you single? He said he might be. I was like whatever, you’re a trip!! So, he don’t say anything & me bring me was like so I guess I’ll wait forever to get that all hunh. He asked when I wanted him to call& I was like don’t worry about it since it seems not to be important. He was like ok, which pissed me off. Of course, I exploded on him like oh so I thought we were cool…am I wrong? He got mad & said I was tripping about a phone call, I don’t know how busy he is, etc. He said he asked me when to call, but that won’t good enough for me so whatever. I apologized b/c I can be a piece of work sometimes, lol. I was like let’s start over, call me now. He had a meeting but was like I’ll see if you free afterwards. I told him to just call b /c I would be. I’m waiting on the call & it didn’t come. I get on FB and he had messages me, so I messages him back. He said he called me & to call him back. He didn’t call b/c I was eagerly waiting…lol. I told him he play to much, but called him. Sorry for this long spill, but I have to get it out!! This is where I’m now feeling really crazy. So, in my mind I realize we are soul mates and are destined to be together. I’m scared b/c 2 other people are involved & I don’t want anyone to get hurt. But, that seems unrealistic…b/c in the end somebody is gonna be hurt. But it was a strong urging telling me I needed to tell him how I feel. So when I called, we talked about general stuff. I was very quiet, which is not like me & he even said something, I had told him on FB that there was so much I wanted to say but some things are better unsaid. I said the same thing & he was like you got me curious now, what is it. I was like I’m not saying it. He joked so we have a love child or something? Is that it? I told him to read in between the lines b/c he is very intelligent. He joked he was dumb & you had to clearly spell things out to him for him to understand. He really is highly intelligent!! That’s one of the things I love about him. I blurted out, I still think of him often & I still gave feelings for him. He told me he knew. That blew me away. I was like ok Mr. Conceited, you know. He said he just did & I told him it was a relief b/c I’ve been feeling strange about it. He asked was it guilt b/c I’m married, I shouldn’t feel like that about another man. I told him I don’t feel guilty (I really don’t), that my & hubby been together for a long time so of course I love him but I love you more & miss you. He got real quiet and was like he was gonna get under his covers and drop some tears for about 5 minutes. I was like why, don’t do that & he said it was too late. I could tell he was crying. OMG, my heart was pounding. I was like why, he said b/c I said I miss him & it was so deep. I asked him how he felt. He said he couldn’t tell me right now. I respected that. He always teases me & calls me crazy so I said I guess you really think I’m crazy now, do I look like a fool? He was like naw, this is actually the most sanest thing you’ve said. I don’t think you a fool for telling me your true feelings, it’s good to let people know. I asked did he believe me or think I was lying. He said man, I don’t think you’d lie about something like that. Why would I think that? We talked a lil more, I was relieved to get it out. He was shocked to hear I was a housewife (7 months) & said hubby gets mad props for domesticating me. He was shocked I’m a homebody who cooks & cleans. He said I never cooked for him. Anyways, by the end I asked him how he felt about what I said. He was like it is what it is & I better stay in the house. He said b/c you going to keep chasing me, which I interrupted him b/c I also told him I won’t gonna force it. I felt it was going to happen naturally. He said again, you’re going to keep chasing me, I was like no you want me to chase you but if I did what’s gonna happen? Am I gonna catch you? He said unh huh and everyone is gonna be in trouble. I then asked him when he was coming to my state b/c he travels a lot for work. He said he wasn’t but if it was a reason for him to come he would. He kept saying it & I told him maybe it was a reason to come. I told him I do want to see him but I don’t know, it may be too much emotion. He was like its on me, let him know he could come next month. He told me don’t be a stranger. Ok, I still couldn’t get him out of my mind b/c this is something I never experienced nor thought about. My mind starts playing tricks on me like am I stupid for revealing myself & why didn’t he respond. I’m the type to always over analyze things! My heart knows how he feels & that’s the same way, but my mind tells me he doesn’t. So I get drunk, Sat. & start posting all these songs on FB. They were all to him but could’ve been to hubby too. But I knew he knew they were for him. Monday, I inboxed him a song….we belong together. He didn’t reply so of course I’m a lil hurt but don’t say anything. A few hours pass and I’m mad by now. I message him like I’ve put my feelings out there & feel like a fool b /c I don’t know how you feel. He hadn’t said much & that’s not like him bit to be blunt about things. He’s a true Sagittarius & I’m a true Cancer. Astrologically, our relationship is doomed (Fire & Water), but I know we meant to be one. I was like I have to know what I feel is real & I’m not living in a fantasy world. He didn’t reply. I’m so hurt by it and have been emotionally unavailable from my hubby. He thinks it’s him. I should add hubby hates TF b/c he says TF still wants me, I think he knows I want him too but scared to admit it. His biggest fear is that I’m going to leave him for TF b/c when we used to argue in the beg of marriage when he was taking me thru stupid stuff I would always say why can’t you be like TF. Or say TF always did this or just always bring him up, when he said he hates him, I’m like you don’t know him. Why would you hate him, we will always be friends. I really wanna tell hubby how I feel & I’ve been kinda preparing him for what I know eventually will happen……which is me & him are going to separate, he doesn’t want that. He kinda feels it though b/c I try to be very honest but don’t want to tell him everything b/c he can’t handle it. Eventually, I will since this site kinda makes sense of what I’m feeling. I probably will show him a couple articles to let him know it’s not him, it’s just too deep to explain. I think my hubby had to help me let go of all my past hurt & issues, which were a lot. I don’t think TF could’ve did that. The only issue I’m holding onto now is TF & hubby can’t help me with that. I wish I could tell him but he would fall apart so I’m trying to see how I can lessen the blow. I tried talking with my mom, who really isn’t that supportive but more needy about it. She knew I’ve always lived TF & am crazy about him but said I’m married. I need to respect my vows. I need to stay with my hubby. She said in a bored housewife. My cousin said I need to cut off communication with TF & me & hubby get counseling. Hubby is a great provider & has good qualities but I feel like I’m living a lie now. Even, if TF doesn’t leave his girl, I still feel as my marriage is done. I have to let hubby down very gently or he will spiral out of control again & self destruct & I don’t want that. I do care about him. I’m confused b/c when TF didn’t reply, my mind was like see he don’t care about you. He knows how it’s making you feel, you told him & now he don’t have anything to say…not even leave me alone if that’s what he wants. I’m in an emotional crisis and no one seems to understand. I try to explain it hubby to a certain extent but emotionally he just has never been there for me. He & I are both cancers. Our b-days are 5 days apart, but we are really different cancers. He goes into his shell instead of talking about emotions whereas I have to get mine out. Hubby is a great comforter, but sucks emotionally, which I tell him. He said he don’t know what to say & he’s never had to talk about his feelings before so he don’t know how. Hubby has tried to comfort me since I’ve been in an emotional crisis but he can’t. I keep thinking of TF. It’s been killing he not to say anything to him. I know I can push his buttons because before I told him how I felt, I knew what to say to get a reaction from him. When I apologized & said I didn’t want to make him mad, he was like yes you did. So, I know I can make him respond but i don’t want that, I want him to come to me. Also, I posted all these veiled messages on FB Yesterday talking about true love & also about not chasing behind people. I know he knows they’re for him. I’m headstrong with a big ego!! But, I find myself breaking with him b/c I don’t want us mad or not feeling content with each other. Last night, I fell asleep asking God to ease my mind & help me get over these feelings.mi woke up with a lil more peace of mind today and his & my soul communicated last night. I dreamed me & hubby were riding with him & his brother. (That’s crazy b/c that’ll never happen…hubby wants to fight him…lol) I was laying in hubby’s lap but he was staring in my eyes and they were rapping about being married to someone but in love to someone else. And, I was mouthing what are you doing, don’t say that he can read in between the lines. He then looked me in my eyes & was like man, you know I love you. Why you being stupid, you know I have always loved you. It was so real!! Later, we were in a store, hubby had stormed out & I was like why you do that now I gotta hear all this ish from him about this, not you. Then I looked him in his eyes & asked what you said in the car, was that true? He was like yes, I meant every word of it. Then I woke up with my heart pounding like it really happened. I started searching stuff & ran across here. It’s becoming clearer & clearer. I also had a strong urge to apologize for being selfish & trying to back him in a corner about him telling me. I did tell him in that last message though that my heart knows he loves me but my mind needs to know. And, in my heart I truly do believe he feels the same way. I think he’s scared. He still has issues to sort out just as well as me but I think we can sort these minor ones out together. I think he’s running though. I was in awe when reading about the chaser b/c he kept mentioning you gonna keep chasing me & everyone’s gonna be in trouble. So, I’m like damn has he read this site?? And I do want to meet him, but I don’t want to have sex with him. I wouldn’t cheat on hubby even though, an emotional connection is worse IMO. Also, I don’t want to be with TF sexually until we are back as one. I just want to lay in his arms & talk about how weird these feelings are & see how we can handle this with the less amount of hurt & pain, if that’s even possible. I’m already mentally preparing to leave hubby but am very scared about it all. Thanks for letting me vent. I feel a lot better to get it out & not be looked at like in crazy. Yes I’d be willing to give it all up to be with a man with. 4 children, 3 baby mothers and take my step parent role on. He’s not in the middle two life like that. He told me the BM acts stupid & he don’t get to see them. I feel we can work it out though. In my mind, we come together as one, we repair his relationship with his kids, & live happily ever after. Also, I have a strong urge that when we get together, were gonna have a child together. So, he’ll have 5. Smh….it just all realistically seems so crazy. But, I know we’re destined bad one day will be one!! Sorry again for the book, but I needed this. I welcome all comments too!


Jennifer December 26, 2013 at 9:38 am

I met my twin soulmate on line for a second time but did not realize any of this until later.I knew immediately something was different about looking into his eyes…something spiritual…We had a physical encounter, but I held back from going to far….One night after this he came to me in like an out of body experience, I woke up and could not see him but felt his strong presence…I tried to fight the feelings of deep love that I had for him because nothing made logical sense…It all seemed so crazy…I never told him that I remembered him from the beach about 25 years ago when he gave me a ride on his Ninja…I walked up to him and asked him why he was staring at me so intently…I could not believe this person was looking at me and through me…all in all at that time he said to me,”I think you are pretty and I like your bathing suit” He also said, “If I didn’t already have a girlfriend, I would never let you off the back of this bike.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “What a lucky girl she is…” I walked away into a bathing suit shop on the strip feeling happy to have met him and knowing that some day we would meet again. Then again before the internet site I saw him again at the same beach in the club…I did not know it was him, I found myself watching him and his interactions with people…My soul noticed him, but my mind hadn’t caught up with it, because I had no thoughts of him physically or connection wise at all…I just was watching him. Only later did I remember, Oh ya, that was him that day in the club…When he got a definite confirmation that I was interested in him, he totally backed off. I got all weird on him, and txing him, then upset when he did not respond as I did…I was also upset he was seeing a married woman and how immoral that was…His affections for her tore me apart and I could not express that to him, also I could not understand how someone I hardly know could impact me in such a way. I know now to just stop and soon when I repair myself, he will c me again and forgive my weirdness. I will forgive his trespassings and silent treatment…maybe he will be ready or maybe not…maybe he will have insight to who I am through research just as I did…He has my love for better or worse for all he is and is not..I pray for him always and wish him love and peace. I trust that GOD has his plan for us and I know now it is right to be grateful to have been in his presence even for a short while…I have been blessed by GOD to have been able to look into his eyes…truly it is a special gift and I am grateful…Praise GOD!!


Bill December 29, 2013 at 4:41 am

I met my twin fame on November 9th of 2013 around 3ish in the afternoon. Just out of the blue we started texting, I can feel her energy, thoughts-good and bad, emotions, and I have her scent all through me. Right after thanksgiving, she became distant. Living 2 hours away, I drove to see her. We spent most of the time talking, and she said yes to marrying me. Christmas day had come and she was distant again. She told me what she has felt in her heart clouded her mind…yesterday she ended it. I feel the very tearing of my soul…not to mention the hurt I feel in my heart. What do I do? All I could muster was an ok..I wont bother you. I am a rugged North woods Maine guy, but I have done nothing but cry for the last 36 hours. I feel myself literally splitting into 2 pieces.


Katy February 23, 2015 at 1:27 am

Knowing this pain that is described here so very well, I wrote a poem a few days ago to help me heal. Maybe it can do the same for you:

I let you go
to follow your own path, to live your own life.
I let you go
to heal the both of us.
I let you go
to dry our tears.
I let you go
for I trust in our love.
I let you go
and can still feel our deep connection.
I let you go
to give room to our love to unfold.
I let you go
and wish you joy, love and light for everything that you do
everywhere that you are.
I let you go
and trust that someday we will be back together.

Be sure of my love. I am and will always be there for you. I heal my pain and by doing so help you healing yours. Our souls are forever connected. You’re my twin soul and I’m yours. I love you!


Tammie Whited March 8, 2015 at 10:15 pm

I’m writing to you because of this woman for 20 years I have known from day I saw her met her we have both had a connection..I want to say when we met we both were in relationships with other people..We dated about 3 to 5 months and then we discontinued our relationship..Yes she is my first love.. We both have love for each other along with a soul connection..We both have accepted this..We’ve been best friends in the physical but in our souls we know are very connected to one another..We are both in other relationships but still this connection keeps our souls in tuned to what’s going on emotionally physically mentally with one another..
Our birthdays are Mine Oct 12 64 born 608 am hers is Oct 3 1975 1pm.
We both have been in and out of each others life since Oct 15 1995 the day we met..Neither of forgot nor disconnected soulfully.. Still to this day we accept we love each other we have a soul connection and been in many lives together..We both are empaths. How is it I know we are twin flames but we are not together..When we met we still have the connection only stronger..Neither had ever experienced this before.. If you could guide me with this because I know we will be together we both do just not time…Thank you


Lori C April 8, 2015 at 9:52 pm

I thought I was losing my mind. I was married to my TF for 13 years, after meeting and marrying after a month of knowing one another. It was like I had known him forever, we weren’t scared because deep down it felt natural and right. I can’t even begin to explain the love we had for one another, except volcanic, in the sense it was burning hot and erupting. It was scary and so intense, he got scared thinking that he didn’t deserve what he had and left with no warning. It left me in a deep depression, I didn’t understand what happened. I felt crazy, out of my mind and at times suicidal. He has been gone a year, has started a new relationship, but he can’t let go of me or get me out of his head and vice versa. But as he starts to get close, he gets scared in thinking it’s a trick and I will be taken away, so he pushes me away.
After finding articles about TF runners and chasers, I felt like someone had been writing our love story. It’s so accurate that it is scary. But knowing that he will stop running when I give him the chance to work thru his karmas, has given me a bit of peace that I haven’t had.


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