Psychic Reading and Akashic Records Reading – Know The Difference

The following is a comparison of the two modalities showing how they differ if you are desperate or have a burning desire to know what lies ahead for you regarding twin flame and soulmate signs.

This is not a commentary as to one being better than the other, merely how they are different.


The energy source is the third eye that reads the energy around a person, which is mutable and changeable. So what is true today may not be true tomorrow based on the free will choices of the person or persons involved in the situation.


The energy source of the Akasha is the heart (heart chakra) connected to the mind (crown chakra/Source) so we go underneath to the core issues to access what is either causing the behavior/pattern (procrastination, self sabotage, etc.) or causing the block (to abundance & prosperity, healthy loving relationships, conscious spiritual guidance, etc.).  We can also access what the Soul’s intention is for having various challenges or relationship issues.


Typically a psychic reading begins with the psychic telling you “what they’re getting,” which calls for their interpretation based on what the cards, runes or their symbols mean to them.


An Akashic Records consultation is based 100% on the clients questions.  The Akashic Records consultant will tell the client exactly what they see or hear or sometimes feel.  Never interpreting by saying what they think the information means to the client.


Face to face or online psychic readings typically deal with immediate surface questions that are phrased like:  “Will I get more money?  Will I find a new lover?  Should I move to Colorado?”  The answers to these questions again are based on reading the peripheral, changeable energy around the client.  However many clients hang on the outcomes of this information

which in some cases can be very un-empowering and disappointing.


Akashic Record consultations are a different vibration and go deeper to the core issue or Soul’s intention surrounding the situation. During the consultation (and beyond) expanded joy is available while the client is being held in the healing Divine Energy of the Akasha.  The Akashic Records will never tell you what to do, instead they will give you all the information you need to make the appropriate decision.  Suggested Akashic Records questions contain open ended wording or phrasing.  This encourages the client to be open, to go deeper than the surface or immediate outcome and empowers them with information to create change in their life.

Examples of Akashic Records consultation questions are:

“What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining the abundance and prosperity of the Universe?  What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining a healthy loving relationship?  Tell me the positives and negatives of moving to Colorado verses staying here. What is creating these relationship issues?  Please give me insight into the situation of ____. ”

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