Twin Flame Connection – Helping Our Twin Flames To Awaken

by richee on January 22, 2015 · 1 comment

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There comes a stage in the twin soul connection where one twin may have awakened a little sooner than the other. This is not to say the more awakened one is superior to the other. The twin who believes he/she knows everything there is to know about the connection, that they are somehow more “special” than their twin, or that they know what’s best for their twin because they have awakened sooner, is indeed less awakened than they might think.

Our twin souls have their own karma to fulfil, their own path towards reunion and this may be quite different to our own path. If we believe we need to control their path by demanding they do things the way we do, we are missing the point. We are not then recognising that our own egos are getting in the way of our OWN path by trying to continue to control things.

Yes, we may need to nudge our twins in the right direction – tell them about the connection, about twin flames and tell them the ways in which we awakened, offering advice that may help them to accept this path. But they don’t have to follow our advice. Perhaps they aren’t even supposed to. Perhaps they are meant to find their own way. But a little nudge in the right direction COULD be helpful.

So where is the line between giving them a little nudge when it feels right in our hearts, compared to shoving information down their throats blindly, when we know deep down that the more we push, the more they resist? It comes down to intuition, gut feelings. If you feel you are getting nowhere, or that it’s a bad idea to say anything, then don’t say anything, until the time is right. But now you need to work out if it feels like a bad idea because of your own fears of rejection, or because it would be counterproductive to your twin…

In opening up to your twin about your connection (either through talking, emailing etc) you must be prepared that he/she may very well resist what you say, at least for the time being. You might be faced with an angry opposition to what you say or perhaps you won’t get any feedback. Maybe they might even make out you’re crazy. And maybe they will believe you are…for a while anyway. But the point is, what you have said will stick in their minds. It might be years before they can accept it as truth, or they might not accept it in this lifetime at all. But you need to not take that personally. They have their own path towards reunion and it might involve a lot of resistance. But the universe will have a good reason for that.

But I’ll say it again – FOLLOW YOUR HEART. If you feel that you are meant to tell them something, then tell them. If you came to the end of your life and realised you hadn’t done something, would you regret it? But don’t continually shove this upon someone who clearly isn’t ready to process what you are saying. Say a little bit and then see what reaction you get. If they are open to what you say then you can say more, but if not, wait until it really feels right to say more.

And remember, we don’t always know what is best for our twin souls, even if we think we do. This is something we must always keep in mind.



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