Twin Flame Runner And Chaser

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Twin Flame Runner And Chaser


The Twin Flame Runner and the Chaser are the roles that twinflames take after the previous part of this phase of the twin flame signs and relationship .

The Arguments and Fights cause a lot of confusion between twinflames as they are usually not spiritually enlightened and don’t consciously know what is happening.

These arguments, in reality, have a deep meaning and benefit both partners… As explained..

But now the conscious mind doesn’t understand all this… and so, The running and the chasing begins…

One of the Twinflames, usually the man, becomes ‘The Twin Flame Runner’.

The Runner tries to escape all the confusion by running away from the twinflame relationship…

He does that because he feels that he  ”just can’t take it”.

If you ask the runner, he won’t have any specific reason for running. He just doesnt know whats happening, feels like he’s losing control of himself and just feels kind of irritated for no reason. He hasn’t been through anything similar ever before and doesnt know what to do.
So, as a sort of a natural defence mechanism, the mind tells him to run. And so he does.
He tries to avoid the twinflame, and might sunndenly end the relationship in a very abrupt manner.

The other twinflame, usually the woman, now takes the rôle of ‘The Chaser’

She gets deeply hurt and shocked by the unexpected behaviour of the Runner, and tries to ‘get him back’

The Chaser is driven by the inner knowing that everything will be all right at some point.
She tries to get the runner to resolve the issues and does all that she possibly can.
The twin flame Chaser also gets very confused and might act in a way that seems almost ‘crazy’…

She fears losing him ( because she already has in many previous lives ), is deeply hurt already, and she’s also feeling the twinflame love which is as deep as love can get, really…
This creates an emotional chaos which gets very overwhelming for the Chaser.
She also has no idea what is happening and all she wants is to get the runner back. So she starts chasing him…

This chasing only makes the runner run more…
The Chaser then comes to an extremely painful point where she shatters completely and has no idea where to go.
That’s when the Spiritual truth begins to unfold..

The Chaser starts looking for information about what has happened because she knows its not something that can be considered ‘normal’.
And that ultimately leads to enlightenment.

The comes the waiting period for the Chaser. Thats when the Runner is still running and the Chaser has realized the reality of this Sacred relationship.
The Chaser has to wait for the runner to come back.
That, considering the emotional state of the Chaser at this point and the depth of Love that she feels, Is very hard to do.

The Chaser might try to make the runner realize whats happening now, or might just wait for him to realize it on his own (that’s if they are completely out of touch or if the runner is not willing to talk or listen)

The runner keeps running and tries to move on in life (which can, sadly, go on for years)… but ultimately realizes that the twinflame IS his life :)

The runners enlightenment happens when he receives a ‘soul-shock’ when the Chaser finally gives up and, in a way, walks out of his life.
[ OR it can happen naturally over time ]

That’s when both of them Reunite after having realized the Spiritual reality and that’s where their ‘Happily ever After’ begins…


twin flame runner and chaser


twin flame runner


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Patricia August 13, 2012 at 1:16 am

Hello , I think this Twin Flame thing is happening to me. It started after the death of my Uncle. I am a female and the male I have been in contact with for over five years. I didn’t know it at first. I started having these feelings that I can’t describe. A very strong love. Also to protect. He shows up without knowing I am going to be there. Is this coincidence or something else? It’s a wonderful feeling. I just don’t know if he feels the same way. I need help. I am scared to talk to him. He must think it is odd how we run in to one another. Anonymous……


K January 30, 2013 at 3:57 pm

I am experiencing this right now.. My boyfriend and I started dating online in october (it was by accident, we started as friends but eventually grew into lovers ), We met face to face in late November. I felt this unrealistic incomprehensible feeling, being with him. We spent a week together. I Honestly felt like nothing else in the world ever mattered. All the putrid hate and negativity I once felt had dissipated upon him grabbing my hand. I felt one with him.
After I had to leave back home, He began very distant for no reason, he couldn’t explain why. He then told me he felt empty once I left. a little while after, he “cheated” on me, and he couldn’t overcome the guilt he felt, he broke up with me because he couldn’t handle hurting me again if it ever happened again. We agreed to stay friends because hes had such a positive influence in my life. But a little while after that, he tells me we wont ever work. we can’t even talk. or be friends anymore. He refused to give me a reason why. He didn’t even know why.
After reading all these articles on “twin souls” And this one of the runner & chaser. It makes so much sense to me. Every time I try to give up on him the universe refuses to let me. I have stopped “Chasing” him. Its become obvious to me that he doesn’t know what to do. Because he keeps running further and further when I try to maintain or fix our relationship. I hope some day soon he feels this “Soul shock”

Thank you for all your inspiring, encouraging articles.


admin February 9, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Hi K,
If your boyfriend and you are meant to be together, the universe will arrange more coincidences for you two. Perhaps awareness is important. Each relationship we had are there to teach us some lessons and we have free will to decide on things. Listen more to your heart to move forward alright..


Susana February 20, 2013 at 7:53 am

Hey I am going trough this phase with my twin right now , started 4 weeks ago when I tried to gave him a letter and he just told me no and argue” me that i was living way to close to him and he din’t considered that fine, now I understand the nature of the phase but every since, I have been experincing physicall illness diarrhea and I have lost weight is that normal? please respond Im affraid


richee February 23, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Hi Susana,
I hear that you are going through a tough time. Keep in mind that physical illness could be due to many reasons and you may want to carry on to do the things which you enjoy. If the guy you mentioned is your twin flame, it means he is a mirror of your soul. It is always mentioned that one need to feel complete before the twin flame union can happen. Namaste.


Jerry March 1, 2013 at 4:08 am

I would like to leave some advice for the chaser. I am the runner in a twin flame relationship, and I decided a long time ago to stop running and searched for my twin everywhere. The internet searches are some help but when a chaser marries and changes names, sometimes many times, finding your lost flame can be very difficult. If you are the chaser and your flame has run on you, know the he wants to reunite with you, when he’s ready, so please, as a runner, leave the poor man some bread crumbs to find you. He probably only knows your maiden name so use your maiden name or a name he knows in social media websites or places he can find you when it’s time. It took me thirty years to find my flame again and we have not reunited yet because I am still married, but we have connected, and the love is real, and soon we will be one again.


richee March 1, 2013 at 10:53 am

It is story like yours which give inspiration to others. Thank you so much for sharing and many blessings for you to reunite with your TF when the time approaches..


Jcxus March 3, 2013 at 3:01 pm

These games are forthright in evolved. Ie people no err not spiritually advanced turtles, tortes,snails etc. if someone wants to run, let them. God will never forsake you you will find someone who runs to you. Don’t waste your time playing these games. Pele never change no matter how much youwishthey would. An none can ever make another change nor should they. W should all be free tobe. If runner wants to run, wish them well, nd send them off with compassion. When one door closes a million will open. It’s a cosmic law. No one should be a martyr. That’s not what love is all about.


LC March 19, 2013 at 9:02 am

I found my TF or should I say he found me, we work for the same company he for 20 years and me for 11 but we never recognised each other until my marraige ended and lets just say my world turned upside down and I fell apart. I lost my faith in everyone and everthing. Then one day this person walks by, we look at each other and Boom! my world has never been the same again, I got such a shock, a shiver right through me, I felt him look right into my soul, could feel and see everything I was feeling, it felt like minutes before I inhaled a breath but I geuss it was actually just secounds. The weeks that passed literally everytime I saw him, I would practically jump or vere out of his way everytime I saw him coming to him this must have looked ridiculous. I could never look him in the eye as I was afraid of what he would see in fact we both find it difficult to look into each others eyes. It wasnt long before we struck up a commuication via email however everytime we were in each others company we both could not speak. I laugh at the thought now it was really unusual as we are both very confident individuals and well able to talk in crowds so I couldn’t understand how both us would literally closde up when we saw each other. It wasnt long after our initial coming together that the runner and chaser dymanic kicked in and 18 months later its still the same. However I am now very much on my journey and will continue with this. BTW the parrells of our life is as follows. The company we work for symbol has the ying yang symbol in its TM. He is one of 8 children as am I, on both sides each of us has a parent that suffers with depression, the family from both sides both work within the same industry. Our martial status is the same we are both seperated however he is in another relationship. Although there is a difference of 9 years between us we both started our careers in the company we both work for at the age of 28. In terms of phyicality, I have very distinct slender legs and very skinny ankles, likewise his legs are practically a mirror image of mine, dont ask but I know this from a fancy dress party where he dressed up as a woman and got laughed at cause his legs where so like a womans, this makes me giggle, as he is a big 6ft + man wide and broad shoulder so his legs do not match the rest of his body at all. He has my legs lol. Anyhow, I have encoutered all of the emotions that the chaser experiences and faced lots of fears becuase of it, whilst as the runner he continues in his weird behaviour of wanting to meet and then cancelling at the last minute, replying to my communications and then boom nothing back for ages. I have come to learn that he will come back and always does, I feel for him during these stages as I know he is in pain and doesnt know how to handle what he is feeling or what fear I project onto him. I asked him straight out last week if he wants me to leave him alone, his reply was “Never” with added bit of we have become close friends why on earth would I want you to leave me alone! however his behaviour continues. I have come to the realisation that I am worth it ( it being the pain and suffering that he will endure in order to face his fears ) as I have mine, the fear of loosing something so precious scares the bejasus out of me but less so than the fear of loosing my own self worth. I love him unconditionaly every piece of him, the good and the not so good, I see the beauty and love within his soul, he is beautiful inside and also on the outside but I guess that is true of me also:). The soul shock is coming for him in the not too distant future, I will leave him so that he has to come and find me and then face this connection or face loosing something so precious. Lets see if loosing this is easier than facing his fears. I am willing to go through this pain also as I know I will, but we both have to learn to love ourselves first before we can come together. I guess time will tell if this is to happen in this life or not. Will keep you all posted on how things progress. x


Catz May 12, 2013 at 11:43 pm

I believe I have found my twin flame. Our reunion came at an odd time in our lives. The first time I looked in his eyes I could tell he was special. I was attracted immediately. Had a weird feeling in my stomach from the first moment I met him and it has never gone away – 2 years later. Whenever he thinks of me – I can feel it in my body and once the feeling passes he will call or text. As a child I dreamed of him. I would go to his home, which was very dark and tell him about the new parents that I had. He always assured me that everything would be okay. One night in my dream I brought my parents to meet him and never had the dream again. The strange thing is the first time I did go to his house – It was the house I had dreamed of. I am drawn to him spiritually and can connect to him spiritually and sexually. He feels it ….but hasn’t awaken to why he feels it. He is the runner – bad marriages and possibly not knowing why he is feeling the connection – lil scared. I told him that I know him and one day I will tell him how I know him – He must think I’m crazy. Our sexual connection is out of this world. Our birthday both add up to the number 11… and so do significant dates in our lives ….both of our mothers birthdays add up to 11. We were born the same year – and so were our mothers – so coincidentally they both had us at the age of 36. Raised Catholic – He was born in South America and I was born here in the states. Our likes are very similar. As each day passes I feel our connection getting stronger. Does this sound like I have found my Twin Flame ?


Tonya Schrock August 9, 2013 at 6:24 pm

Im new to this tf idea. And am still trying to make sense of it all. My meditations tell me my twin flame is a well known public figure that I had never heard of or seen before. While in reality ive just gotten out of a relationship that sure seems like tf. He was the runner, now I have never chased anyone in my life. But I do see the correlations. I told him I could no longer see him because he wanted a close relationship, but said he didnt love me. In my way of thinking theres really no point if you dont have feelings for someone. I will probably never trust this person.


mark September 8, 2013 at 2:28 am

I am the chaser in this , and I’m finding it hard , but reading these articles has taken some of the pain away. I’t getting my focus back where it needs to be. Her past has been very hard ,as she was abused in previous relationships and has had a major brain surgery and is in a great recovery ,she’s the runner. I won’t ever give up ,but I’ve now backed off on the chasing and now I’m putting the actions on me and just trying to be there for her without the pressure I was doing. It’s not easy ,but the outcome far out ways what the now is. It’s what is keeping me sane , lol
Thank you for this , I’m so glad I came across this site
Sincerely grateful, Mark


J November 3, 2013 at 5:57 pm

I caused a lot of my relationship upset, but the second I saw it was going to be taken away from me, and I realized just what I was going to be losing, I fought hard to express myself openly and honestly, to my partner. To communicate to him the importance of our connection and the fact that I believed we belonged together. He was willing to consider it, but felt it best that we end our relationship as it was for the time being. I told him I would wait for him to get to the place of peaceful certainty I was in, where I had no doubt as to the fact that we would be fully together again (we retained our physical relationship while he took his time to sort through things), because I knew we were meant for each other. Thankfully, it only took a month for him to get to the place where I have been, waiting for him. I told him I would wait forever for him, if that’s what it took, but I am definitely glad it hasn’t. The night he told me he was ready to give our relationship another shot, before he told me, we made love, and something happened during that. Our connection, which was already pretty mind-blowing, was taken to a whole other level. We both felt like we were completely one, and after, we were both totally drained of energy, out of breath, and unable to move for quite some time. He messages me when I am thinking of him, I ask him a question and already know the answer before he replies. We openly share everything, without fear of judgement, we want to hear everything the other has to say, we talk for hours – or, we just enjoy each other in silence, while maintaining a physical connection. We had an experience where we were physically separate for a night where we were both in meditative states, and when we discussed our separate experiences later (I had written mine down before we got together), there were definite signs we had connected mentally, as well as feeling each other’s presence physically, despite the fact that we were far apart from each other physically.

I am only now reading up on twin flames, though I knew intuitively the level and depth of our connection prior to now. He is the one who has used the term, and caused me to read up on it. As the chaser, I just asked that we keep our physical relationship, if nothing else, while he took the time he needed to figure things out. And I then assured him repeatedly that I was going to wait for him, because it was worth it, and I love him enough to let him know that my love, which is unconditional, could handle whatever he needed to experience in order to find his way back to me, even if it included being with someone else. I also found it easy to work through a lot of my own issues regarding relationships, and share these things with him, which also led to my knowing even more how much our connection means, and how special it is. I am quite lucky that it took him only a month, because I know this process can take people a lot longer, but I think the fact that he’s quite spiritual already, and that we kept talking a lot during this time period, with me sharing my thoughts and insights on his issues that were keeping him on the fence (issues he had only his own thoughts and insights on before sharing them with me, and getting another perspective seemed to help him, gave him food for thought), helped him find his way back a lot faster than he would have if we had completely separated and left each other alone.

There have also been many synchronicities in our experiences together already. I find this whole experience quite interesting, and reading up on it only confirms everything I have felt and believed all along, so I thank you for the article(s) here.


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