What Is The Goal Or Purpose For Twin Flame Union

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What Is The Goal Or Purpose For Twin Flame Union


The goal of Twin Flame union is to reconnect to the NOW MOMENT OF CREATION through the conscious and balanced union of sacred sexuality, and re-qualify the vibration of light of the electron, then deliver this “amped up” love to all creation (including all New Creation brought forth through the Twin Flame union.) It changes, illumines, raises in vibration, everything to which it is delivered!

The Twin Flame dispensation is the most important thing that has happened for humanity since the coming of Jesus and his accomplishment for humankind, for through their union they tap into this all-inclusive Love and generate more Love through the Twin Flame heart. Then as they give forth this Love, which is the substance of what they are, the very essence of life, this Love, will then draw unto them its reflection as abundance, as beauty, as integrity of alignment, as everything that reflects Love and life in the symbols of the world.

Why would you want to do this and how can this possibly serve the whole?

Light equals actively moving love. It is originally transmitted from the higher sources with purity and intensity, but is re-qualified by everything to which it is delivered. One of the greatest services Twin Flames can provide is to draw atoms of light which have been reduced in their vibrational quality (from any condition, person, place or thing) into their Twin Flame heart as it connects to the ONGOING MOMENT OF CREATION, to be “refilled OR recharged,” then amplify them and send them forth to do their work again.

Energy cannot be destroyed. The only thing that can be done with an existing pattern or form is to transmute it into a different form.

This combined with the conscious use among the LightWorkers of the Violet Transmuting Flame, can shatter these old energy forms that no longer serve the consciousness of mankind and literally recycle the energy back into its highest frequency. This eliminates the emotional charge associated with the energy form and therefore the electromagnetic attraction, yet, it still allows for the wisdom garnered from the experience to be retained. The New energy is then ready to be qualified by mankind in a constructive fashion with reverence and honor toward all life – ALL THAT IS.

(Reference: 1mind1heart.blogspot.com)


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Keith Schultz September 2, 2013 at 9:54 pm

I have never thought of the concept “twin flame” connection with a relationship
I have been involved with this woman for three years . Our relationship has bounced up and down for the last year now and after reading some information
on your web site I can now understand why. It has certainly opened my eyes to
our relationship. thanks Keith


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