Dare to Meet Your Twin Flame or Twin Soul

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Dare to Meet Your Twin Flame or Twin Soul


More powerful than the connection of Soul Mates is the love between Twin Flames. Why are they called ‘Twin Flames’? It’s because they stem from the same divine spark. All Twin Flames are Soul Mates. However, not all Soul Mates are Twin Flames.

If you’re seeking your Twin Flame, you must first work on self-development. When you focus on healing your body, heart and soul, chances are very good that your Twin will find you. Though your introduction to each other may seem coincidental, you will both meet when you are ready to work. However, your first meeting will be absolutely divine!

Twin Flames don’t meet by chance. The only reason that Twin Flames come together in the same lifetime is to fulfill a shared mission. Their abilities, feelings and heightened awareness are all intensified by design. The love, passion and energy levels of each Twin Flame are doubled beyond normal human levels in order to achieve an all-important joint mission. So are their talents, gifts and abilities.

The mission is never small. If you indeed succeed in recognizing who you both are, if you accept, honour and fulfill your mission, it will positively impact the world, and the cosmos.

It’s never simple. To be born on planet Earth means arriving with amnesia so Twin Flames must first figure out why they feel such a strong physical, emotional and spiritual connection. Despite some incredibly strong wake-up calls, twins may get distracted and simply not remember who they really are. Tragically, even when they realize that they are Twin Flames, most fail to achieve their mission because they don’t realize they have one. Happily, on Earth at this time, more Twin Flames are waking-up, realizing who they are and exactly why they’re here!

How will you know? You will know your Twin Flame because you will feel love beyond your wildest imagination. You will likely experience an explosive inner awakening unlike any other, also known as the Kundalini awakening. The Twin Flame connection is not a relationship. It’s a union. It’s a taste of divine one-ness – where no boundaries exist between any two. The intensity of the Twin Flame union is the fuel that you require to complete your joint mission. If the Creator fills the fuel tank but the driver doesn’t plot the course, hit the gas, and drive to the destination, it is a great loss – not just for mankind, but also for the Twins.

Being a Twin Flame is Not for the Faint of Heart. When Twin Flames come together, they often encounter enormous challenges. Though compatable in every regard, they’ll find themselves in drastically different circumstances. Their ages may be 30 years apart or they may come from incompatable cultures or religions. This is because Twin Flames are here to create a new template for all relationships on planet Earth. They unite to tear down the old societal conventions, traditions and belief systems in order to restore the planet to a state of harmony, balance, and unconditional love.

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Diane DiBlasi March 18, 2013 at 11:28 am

My oldest daughter Kiana crossed over in Oct. 2009,since then I have been to several mediums one each year after she passed. Several of these mediums and other intuitive people have told me that Kiana is my twin soul and that I am truly blessed for God had granted that I was able to give birth to my twin soul. I have heard that God does not grant this often. Last year my youngest daughter gave birth to my first grand daughter. While she was pregnant Intuitives told me that Kiana’s soul was re-incarnated into my grandchild. I do feel a close connection with my grand daughter… I do have to tell you that when I gave birth to my daughter Kiana 35 years ago, she had a challanged start in life and we almost lost her twice in the first month of life, well the very first time I saw her face, she literally took my breath away, I thought it was because she was so beautiful, now I think it could be because I was looking at my twin soul and didn’t know it. Is it possible that my twin soul can join me on earth again in my same life time? Love and Blessings, Diane


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