Twin Flame Soul – The Key to True Twin Flame Reunion

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Twin Flame Soul – The Key to True Twin Flame Reunion


Collapse duality within and change the hologram

We live in a holographic universe. What is within is without.

What does this really mean?

The journey begins before we incarnate. We choose our specific parents, that have the specific frequency, designed to take us on the soul journey of the chosen lesson for the lifetime.

That frequency is embedded into the individual unique core wound. The core wound is created to make sure we are entrained into the 3d consciousness. The core wound is also aligned with our astrological chart, as well as being connected to our specific blueprint.

Understanding we are vibrational beings. We are pure energy above and beyond any mental concepts. Of course that may be challenging to understand because the 3d paradigm is designed for us to believe we are our minds, therefore believing everything is learnt, understood and discovered via mental concepts. That belief in itself manages to keep us stuck in a limited perspective.

The 3d paradigm is simply a frequency, a vibration, a consciousness, based upon a rigid belief system and thought forms creating the vibrational frequency of who we ARE at the core of our beings. This frequency is made up of the particular programmes running us at the core level of the sub-consciusness mind. That is why every human being consciously desires loving relationships and monetary abundance outside of themselves, however because of the unconscious embedded vibrational frequency of the belief system most people experience the opposite i.e broken relationships full of heartache and a constant battle to gain some form of abundance and wealth regarding money.

So why is that?

It is purely the perpetual “merry-go-round” manifestion of the collective consciousness of the 3 d paradigm based on a vibrational belief system of fear and lack and powerlessness. So until you can shift the “belief vibration” energetically within you, at the deepest core level, you will still experience the holographic external paradigm from within. It is simply the inevitable outcome when you understand how vibrational entrainment occurs.

Therefore behind this belief system is the experience of duality. The constant judgement reflecting the rigid rules of this programming. We believe as well (once again due to the vibrational entrainment of the consciousness frequency) that the duality is outside of ourselves, however it is merely the outer reflection of the duality within us.

To make sure we are embedded into the 3d consciousness the core wound is established. And that core wound also is polarised which holds the key to the soul’s individual frequency signature and ****Your Twin Flame.**** (see below for details)

The core wound becomes polarised at the time of the destined activation and the specific belief is established, which then becomes a polarised energetic push/pull dynamic believing, unconsciously, this pushing and pulling with our energy keeps us safe and in control (sub-conscious belief from the wound activation). Now from the mental 3d perspective many would believe the core wound is established via detailed circumstances, however, it is vibrationally and energetically absorbed from the issued parent’s polarised shadow. Such is the perfect Divine Plan for the individual’s Soul Journey.

Now we are aware that the wound, once activated, takes on a polarised energetic push pull pattern.

How does that create the duality within?

One either is polarised to push their energy forward to feel safe and empowered. Or to pull their energy back to feel safe and empowered. Of course all of this is designed to be, and is sub-conscious, taking us on our Destiny Path, learning through contrast and duality, being fully entrained in the 3d mass consciousness. The duality within is a result of the extreme polarisation of the energetic push /pull pattern. The reason for that is one polarity becomes the denied shadow, establishing the inner duality. Therefore the polarity within is the two polarised dynamics of the energetic core. Both are sub-conscious and one is the deeply denied shadow that holds the trauma felt at the time of the core wound activation. That is what makes it become unconscious initially, so as to not to be felt again, of course, part of the perfect design in the 3d paradigm. However, as a result of this, creating the shadow , it drives us vibrationally to our perfect soul destiny because it holds the strongest vibrational frequency for magnetising the soul’s path. The shadow has to be denied because we do not want to feel the core wound trauma pain behind it.(unconscious belief). Once again, all perfect to create the experience of the 3d incarnated experience. Observing now how everything is created via pure energy and frequency far beyond mental concepts.

The realisation of the shadow explains why we project it outwards into our reality as well. The denial is fuelled by the vibration of powerlessness, blame, punishment and judgement which makes up the vibration of the embedded belief system of the 3d paradigm. All perfect for expansion and evolution via the dualistic experience of confusion and emotional pain designed for the opportunity to awaken to Oneness to know who we truly are i.e. a soul having a human experience, realising the Divinity within, of who we truly are.

When a spiritual awakening is experienced, some beings believe they have reached a nirvana, and of course they have on a level, however, the journey of expansion may still continue, and has the potentiality for TRUE completion in the Divine Plan. The reunion with your Twin Flame, in the physical reality, is that completion. However before that is Divinely possible you must be embodying a certain frequency. The frequency of the activated “Twin Flame Heart” or “The Sacred Self Reunion.” When you embody this vibration you are detached from the energetic entrainment of the 3d paradigm and experiencing a life of collapsed duality within, meaning you have a deep sense of contentment, fulfilment and wholeness, in a knowingness that nothing outside of yourself is required for any human gratification on any level. Which simply means you ‘energetically’ no longer require the experience of duality for contrast manifestation. And then, of course, the 3d vibrational programming is no longer embedded in your energetic field.

The KEY to the ****Twin Flames **** is that they are Tonal mates. The exact equal and opposite frequency intonation.

What exactly does that mean relating to the above?

The Twin Flames match harmonically because they have the exact same core wound frequency. It is the energetic core wound frequency that carries the destiny path and that frequency magnetises the Twin Flames. The Twin Flames are tonal mates because they have the exact frequency with the same ‘energetic’ core wound and the opposite frequency because they each have the exact polarised opposite push/pull patterning at the energetic core vibration as described above.

Therefore the KEY to magnetising your True Twin Flame is to collapse the duality within you ‘vibrationally’, beyond any mental concepts, via the understanding and the teachings of the ‘energetic’ core wound, enabling you to hold the Twin Flame frequency. With this vibrational embodiment, it creates a strong potentiality for magnetising your True Twin Flame into your physical reality

When the True Twin Flame Reunion occurs, because both are the exact polarised energetic pattern from the core wound, they are collapsing duality on the earth plane in the Sacred Divine Reunion. When the two exact matched frequencies join together in Sacred Sexual Reunion, this integration of the ‘energetic’ polarities, creates a Unified Field of Oneness. The potency of this vibration will entrain thousands and thousands of human beings out of the 3d paradigm.

Now is the time to bring forth this new Era of Divine Love and Oneness.


What is within is without.

Hence the teachings are now available to assist in that potentiality at this time of transitioning into a new Golden Era. Even if you do not have a desire to reunion with your Twin Flame, the desire to collapse the inner duality, may be very strong for you, so these teachings are for everyone whose Higher Self is guided towards this Light.

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