Why Do Twin Flames Not Come Together Until Later In Their Years?

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Why Do Twin Flames Not Come Together Until Later In Their Years?


Right now, your life is exactly where it should be. Living  and loving, and how wonderful that you have a soul mate to share it with. At your age your needs are to be centered on you and your mate and your growing family. If you build your relationship and family filled with love  you can create a family structure that is a safe place–a divine refuge where spiritual growth for all concerned can flourish.

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It is fun, but it is not easy for a women to move into the fullness of her maturity–continue to develop her masculine aspect–to be self-reliant and exercise her self-sovereignty while at the same time taking care of children and family–and often in our US economy holding down a job.

For the masculine mate, having to provide for a family and still have time to work on spiritual goals–balancing the feminine aspect within himself–is also a challenge. It is difficult to keep all those balls in the air, and to do so, you and your husband’s focus should be on your personal goals and your growing family.

So it is from the view point of a 63-year-old woman, having lived a full life with husband, children, job and family, and now being brought together with my twin that I can better see the over all “picture” with the advantage of wisdom from life practice.

Twin Souls are brought together in their last life and in their later years to serve others. This is a time when their families are grown and their responsibilities to them have diminished. The Twin Soul union is not about themselves as a couple.

This is not to say that there is not love between them—there is, and it is passionate and wonderful. It can be as romantic and beautiful as all the things you have read about the “perfect love,” however, this is not the purpose. The union of a Twin Soul in this time is not for having family and learning and growing together through that experience. By the time of a Twin Soul’s joining their maturity and masculine/feminine aspect balance has already been achieved.

The fusion with your Twin Soul other half on this side is a power vested to those who are ready to use their unconditional love and undistracted energies to serve others in whatever capacity they have been directed.

But the Twin Soul is not the only twin reunion. On this website we have tried to make known the importance of the Near Twin relationship. It is a mistake to believe that the Near Twin is less than a Twin Soul relationship. It is a Twin Soul union.

I suggest all who read this might also do a search on Near Twins with the search engine on this site using the “exact match” function that will give you more information on this subject than you will find in this article.

Let me give you an instance where a Near Twin reunion would be more likely and just as rewarding.

What about a spiritually mature person who’s Twin Soul is on the Otherside? Can you see where a wonderful relationship with another soul sibling (Near Twin) would be the perfect companion – possibly the love of that lifetime? Of course! The Near Twin, Soul Mate relationship has all the same synchronicities as is expected with a Twin Soul with often the added connection of past live intimacy–which is why it is so often mistaken for a Twin Soul reunion.

Why is this when we have been told by others that the Twin Soul is the other half of our being?  This is true. Our Twin Soul is our exact matching vibration or Soul Signature.  On the other hand,  very close Near Twins have often had a rich past life histories—having been  past life lovers or husbands or wives. They will often have glimpses of those lives and remember the passion they shared and will share again.

These kinds of past life relationships–lovers, wives and husbands are not engaged in by Twin Souls.  

In fact, in the early stages of our development the Twin Soul halves actually repel each other. (See — Twin Soul Development: Age vs. Maturity)

Twin Souls often plan to be close to one another —meaning that they incarnate at the same time, and sometimes will be a sibling or other close family member, possibly friends. But it is usually a Near Twin or a Companion Mate who will play these other intimate roles. The Near Twin relationship is not usually a relationship that focuses on spiritual growth through the struggles of the relationship, for it has all the markings of the “perfect love.”  The spiritual growth in these lives comes to them in other ways.

I am not saying that you and your husband are not Twin Souls—it is possible, but it is my guess that if he is, your spiritual mission will be toward your later years together. It is also possible that he is your Near Twin. Does it really matter?

Not one bit!

Love with all your heart and if you are happy, than that is all that counts, isn’t it?

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You wanted to know why… let’s see what Zeb and Zarna in recent messages had to say on the subject of Twin Souls. Here is a section from Message # 93 from  Zeb…

1.Zeb:> It is good to be with you again in this way. I am asked to explain or remind you of a few things about the coming together of our Spiritual Family. You mentioned that what strikes you the most is that these twins who approach you are mostly in their latter years—Earth age of 43 to 53.  There is some significance to this. As you already know, true Twin Souls are brought together (if they are to be brought together at all in physicality) in the later years of their life. This does not begin at your age (60s) Dear One. But would include those who are as young as in their early 40’s, even fewer in their 30’s, and hardly any within their 20’s.

2. While this relates to one’s Soul Development it also directly corresponds to ones physical age in that with each decade of physical age your maturity and life focus changes. In this, you, Melvyn Caryl, are in your prime. Not dotage.

3. Now among those who have come to you are many who only think they have found their Twin Soul (you already know this) for at this age (Middle age) many relationships have withered and died but responsibilities hold the two married spouses together—responsibilities and reluctance to change path after 20 plus years. There are those who can’t grasp the Twin Soul relationship as anything other then a ‘perfect marriage’ relationship. They are so confounded by the lure of this “perfect relationship” that they completely miss the whole purpose of the Twin Soul relationship.

4. This is to be expected. … all are not so intuitive as to know the greater scheme of things.

5. There are those who truly have met their Twin Soul yet have charted a life path [in their early years] of difficulty with an established relationship and must discover a way to work through or around it.  It is one of the many tests they have set for themselves.

7. Practical Solutions! Little one how you “test” the Gods! First of all, it is an individual challenge how each deals with their earthly marriage mates. Some… have earthly joinings that are on their “last legs,” and the Twin Soul or Near Twin meeting is an issue that provides the  impetus that pushes them over—this is as it was intended by them, charted before. It is neither “good” or  “bad.” It just is.

8. What is good is the attempt of the spiritually mature one to deal with this in a responsible manner.

9. Earthly Marriages and Spiritual Marriages exist in two separate realms for two different purposes and for different degrees of longevity. They do not have to conflict unless the temporal tried to overrule the immortal. When both achieve balance and acceptance you have created the “Outer like the Inner” and “that which is Below, like that which is Above.”

11. Do not concern yourself over whether the one they identify is their true Twin or not. There are people who want the reality of love and the Twin Soul concept. They want it so much that they have created and believe their own harmless illusion.

From Message 117- Part 2

117: 22. …Without Our help, none of you have the ability to tell who is and who isn’t a Near Twin or who is their Twin Soul. Love can cloud the eyes and heart to where “that special one” who shares so many synchronicities just has to be one’s Twin Soul. It isn’t always so. One who isn’t even from your own Soul Group can make you feel this way. That is one of the purposes of our Mission –to clear up the misunderstandings about “The Twin Soul Myth.”

There are many places in the ZZ Messages where we find similar instruction about the role of the reunited Twin Soul. There are many variables, and it is difficult to isolate the exact soul relationship of a couple. It is not my place to say one way or another or to determine for anyone if they are or are not with their Twin Soul, but rather to give to you what we are told by Zeb and Zarna so you can decide for yourself.

I can share with you my personal ideas about Twin Soul union in the future.  Now, in this transitional time on our planet, it is reasonable that Twin Soul union would be dedicated to spiritual service. The circumstances in the past were different, as I am sure they will be in the future. I have no doubt that  one day  younger  spiritually mature Twin Souls will unite in their youth and aid our society by bringing forth children in an enlightened environment. This on my part is just a guess.  Zeb and Zarna have not given information on this.

In any case all relationships have their purpose and it is up to us to make the best of the opportunities presented in each one.

(Article source: zebandzarna.com/Q&A/Q&A_a17.html)

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beverly moore June 16, 2015 at 1:26 am

i met my twin soul last year at age 59 he was 66 years old ! we were born same month same day, he is jamacian im american we plan to meet next month in july we met on the internet.i know he and i are indeed twin souls both our sprits have agreed to this fact my sprit guild have informed me that we have a wonderful destiny together. we were not looking for this we are blessed beyond measure to be apart of this beautiful connection.Lets remember blessing are for all age is not a determining factor.

wishing you love health and prosperity


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