Should I End My Marriage To Be With My Twin Soul?

Some sources that describe the classic twin soul reunion by saying that the universe will organize everything perfectly for you to be together.

This is not always the case, unfortunately, and obviously one of the most painful decisions we must make is to decide whether or not we should end our marriage to be with the twin soul.

We have read advice of all sorts, one of the popular versions is to continue the marriage but have a relationship with the twin soul with the spouse’s consent. We do not find that option appealing ourselves, because we don’t think that would be fair on anyone concerned. Since the twin soul relationship is a spiritual one, and often the difficult-to-handle -version of it happens to those who are in a spiritually aware, things should be handled as amicably as possible. We know this can be difficult, but you don’t want to stain your twin soul relationship with hostility towards your ex.

From that we can gather, that we do think divorce is the best option, if there are no children involved, it is the only option possible, we think.

The way we see it, marriage is not a real connection, but an agreement – to stay married when we don’t want to is honoring the vows, not your spouse.

We asked God whether or not he blesses marriages, and he said he has not blessed marriages between non-twin souls, because they should not happen in his opinion. To make that clear, he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with premarital sex or even having children outside wedlock, but to wed a person who is not your twin soul is a contract that bargains love by a contract between people who should not vow ever lasting love to each other when in their hearts they know it will be hard work to make it last. There are exceptions however. Some marriages work calmly and without effort between people who love each other as friends primarily, and those marriages have a good reason to exist, (and ideally the only ones that should produce children in addition to twin soul relationships, but sometimes our souls choose different).

This is a partnership that would exist WITHOUT the contract of marriage, so it is not as much an offence as such that ties together two people that should fall apart. His message to you is that you should not feel forced to stay in a marriage out of obligation, you should not work hard to stay together, although, again we must point out an exception. Sometimes twin soul relationships are testier than anything – they are not always smooth sailing, but because you can’t imagine being apart, you work on the hardships that try to tear you apart because you know you need to, not have to stay together.

This is not to say that “it’s just a piece of paper”, because it absolutely is not. This is the exact thing that is the trouble with marriage, it is not just a piece of paper, it is a life long contract on exchange of love, sex and financial support. When you think about it in these terms, you could see why we believe there is really no competition between a twin soul relationship – the most sacred of unions – and marriage, a man-made contract. And the children, should there be any, what do you want to teach them about love?

On marriage in general, there are some good reasons to marry, but marriage should be avoided at all cost. Sworn bachelors got it right! You should never marry unless you’d rather die than not marry, but sometimes we don’t see things the same way when we enter a marriage, and admitting that you made a mistake is just a part of growing up. 😉