Soul Mate And Twin Flame Relationships – How To Tell The Difference

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Soul Mate And Twin Flame Relationships – How To Tell The Difference


How to recognize a Soul Mate

It is Common to Meet Your Soul Mate in the Physical

  • You may have a life time relationship with your soul mate
  • You know the person from another life
  • Please remember there can be many soul mates
  • You know it is just another episode in personal growth
  • Feel you have met the person before
  • Feel you have lessons together
  • Feel you have met other soul mates
  • Some lessons are challenging and you may need to resolve something
  • Its great at first


How to recognize a Twin Flame

You Rarely meet Your Twin Flame in the Physical

  • Please remember there is only one true Divine Counterpart offering The Holy Reunion or The Holy Marriage that can be in the physical or in soul
  • If karma for the female and also the male is 95% completed on both sides, they have more of a chance to stay together in the physical in this life
  • You know the person from the beginning of time
  • You know you are in completion
  • Feel you know each other inside out and the discovery can go on forever
  • Feel complete yet have some lessons together
  • Never felt this deep before from a soul mate
  • Beyond the challenges together you know the connection is unfathomable
  • You know your soul is connected forever whatever happens in personality
  • Male and Female balance in re-union
  • You can remember the pain of the split at the beginning of time and upon meeting again heal the memory
  • You are supposed to be together to share with the world the perfect union
  • You are destined to be spiritual teachers together to teach the world about twin flame union

The Subtle Grey Areas

For both your Soul Mates and Twin Flame

  • One partner is more evolved than the other
  • It is not easy
  • You are telepathic together
  • You are not supposed to be together for a long period of time

You have to understand human Twin Flames are very rare and it is extremely remote that you will meet him/her in this life. The large majority of intimate relationships are soul mates. Often its best he/she is your soul mate. Please treat all relationships, however deep, as soul mates until you know for sure its a Twin Flame. Whoever he/she is, when there is karma, there are lessons and often painful ones. He/she usually is there to help you on your spiritual path, whether a short relationship or not, it is all planned by you both, at a higher level, for your mutual growth.”

It is said that 95% of karma needs to be complete for each twin flame counterpart, to be together happily in human form. That makes sense as most stories seem to be painful, especially if one or both are not willing to grow and work through their old programmes and negative stories! It is possible however, to have a happy twin flame union in human form, yet its rare it seems. For most of us we are looking for that special person to share our lives with. For most there will be a yearning in the heart to make our lives more complete with a romantic partner. I believe that we are yearning often unconsciously, for our twin flame yet we so rarely find that perfect partner. If we are in a relationship we are constantly looking for our twin flame in our partner, again unconsciously. Then when our expectations are not met we are so often disappointed.

The true perfection is in the meeting at a soul level of our Twin Flame. Our true Twin Flame completes us perfectly. Our Twin Flame is the other half of our Soul and our Divine Counterpart. Whoever your partner is in life, whether that be a soul mate, twin soul, or twin flame, I believe no relationship will ever be absolutely perfect, as we are human and have lessons and karma, but a Twin Flame in soul is Mastered in Divine Love. We are all trying to find this original Divine Love of our soul whether we are aware of it or not! In the beginning we were One with our Twin Flame in Soul in absolute love. There was no male/female and we were one soul. Gradually we decided to separate as male and female and we had a divine marriage. Then we started a cycle of lifetimes separately which was very painful at the time. We would only meet up on occasion in a life time or two. We had lives on earth or other planets. So that is where the yearning comes from at our soul levels, for a complete union. We can regain complete union and memory through meeting our Twin Flame at a Soul Level and thus feel more whole all over again. We do not even have to have a romantic relationship on earth to meet our Twin Flame in Soul.

If you had difficult relationships in this life, lets put them to one side and forgive ourselves. Even if you think you have met your Twin Flame in this life and its not easy for you, put the human side of Twin Flames aside. Remember the human body and personality is a small fragment of our great soul. The human Twin is not the total perfection of Twin Flame you remember from the beginning. Lets put all stories from all lives to one side and start again. We can heal ourselves and all future human relationships, with drawing our mastered, joyful, pure Twin Flame in Soul to our side through meditation and calling Him/Her often. PLEASE, don’t confuse a soul mate with a twin flame. People get so obsessed with their so called twin flame when its not their twin flame at all! There are lots of soul mates to meet in this life….and your joy is just around the corner……


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PorscheLeigh February 17, 2013 at 4:21 am

Thank you very much. This has really been a great help for me… I’m at a place of realizing about my twin; only being a help along my path. I’m now ready to move forward…

Blessings to All. :) Thank you


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