Characteristics Of Twin Souls

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Characteristics Of Twin Souls


“In a recent article you spoke of knowing when you’ve met your soulmate. Please can you tell me about twin soul relationships? From what I know this is a different kind of soul relationship. I believe that I have met my twin soul. Although the feelings are similar, there are distinct differences.”


Psychic Advice:

There is a difference between soul mates and twin flames / twin souls. A twin soul is a type of soulmate, but there are characteristics of twin souls that are much deeper and more intense than a typical soulmate relationship.

Soul mates are part of your soul group or your soul family, and there can be many of them incarnate on Earth at the same time. Just as in a typical family, some members of your soul group are closer and more familiar to you than other members. You may have chosen to incarnate many times with certain members of your soul group, therefore it is easier to recognize these soulmates from past lives, and you will be naturally drawn to them.

Within the phenomenon of soul mates exist those known as twin flame soulmates, or twin souls. When you emerged from Source to individuate yourself, you were still whole. Each soul consisted of a male and female counterpart that formed a perfect union of light, hence the term “twin flame”. When souls sought to experience separation from Source in order to consciously know themselves as individuals, many souls also chose to split so they could have exponentially vaster and more challenging experiences. The other half of your soul is your twin flame or twin soul, and there is only one in the entire Universe, which may or may not choose to incarnate on Earth at the same time as you. You each left a little piece of yourself within the other, like the Yin/Yang symbol, and this is how you find each other.

Once your soul individuated, it sought to have a variety of experiences in different forms and dimensions, and your twin soul also had individual choice as to whether to share these experiences or not. Along the sacred journey of soul mates, you have chosen to have incarnational experiences with many other souls, some of whom have been part of your soul group, or family of soul mates. Throughout eternity, you have sought to join together with your twin soul in order to be whole once again, but these reunions have ebbed and flowed through time and space.

When your soul mate arrives, the physical feeling of twin souls is that of being magnetically drawn to one another. There is a sense of being intertwined, and of not wanting to be apart from each other. There is a sense that time together is precious and perhaps fleeting, so there is a desire to spend as much time as possible in each other’s presence.

There is often a feeling of peace and joy accompanied by a deep sorrow and longing to make up for separation in times past and times to come. In essence, there is a desire to drink each other in, and to bask in each other’s energy.

Spiritual twin flame souls have a natural spark of attraction for each other, but it may or may not be physically passionate. Twin souls desire to connect with each other physically in order to merge energy, so they desire to be physically close to one another. They long to hold and touch each other, and do not necessarily need more than that. Once they find each other, they desire to walk through a lifetime together hand-in-hand for as long as possible.

When it comes to soul mate compatibility, there can be some challenges with twin flame soulmates. This is because they are so much alike that they can either get along perfectly and telepathically, or they can get on each other’s nerves. They know each other intimately because they are indeed one, so if they get mad at each other, they know exactly how to hurt each other profoundly and with precision. Not only can this damage the relationship and the level of trust and intimacy between them, but twins often feel each other’s pain, so to hurt the other is to hurt oneself. Therefore it is even more important to approach any disagreements with patience and with love and compassion. (In all our relationships, we must remember that separation is simply an illusion that is designed to develop awareness and consciousness that transcends the concept of “otherness” in order to experience true oneness with oneself and with All That Is.)

The greatest challenge with a twin soul or twin flame is finding them, which is like looking for needle in a haystack. You can call forth your twin soul/twin flame by envisioning your light shining brightly into the cosmos. Affirm that you choose to be whole, complete and intact, and that you call forth all parts, aspects and fragments of yourself that exist throughout all dimensions in the Universe to be drawn to you in the here and now. Imagine a light like yours being irresistibly drawn to become one with you.

Keep in mind that there can be certain characteristics of twin souls that may be somewhat problematic when it comes to intimate relationships.

First, you must remember that your twin soul has chosen to experience individual incarnations that have their own purpose. Therefore, your twin soul may have a mission and agenda that does not coincide with yours, and may not be on the same plane or dimension of time or space. Even if you do incarnate on Earth at the same time, you may not be compatible soul mates for reasons of gender, race, age, religion, location, etc. Your twin soul could incarnate as your child, your sister, your father, etc.; or there could be interfering or impossible circumstances where you are like Romeo and Juliet.

Being able to have an intimate relationship in this lifetime with your twin soul involves hitting the center of the bullseye of incarnational target practice. Members of your soul group form the outer rings of the target surrounding the bullseye, with each ring representing a different level of soul mate compatibility and familiarity from past life soul mate connections. Encountering karmic soulmates is much easier, because there are many more of them. Seeking your twin flame involves looking for characteristics of twin souls that mirror and reflect your own, for you are one and the same.

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Thiru Pillay July 28, 2013 at 5:26 pm

I am currently experiencincing the twin soul separation. When he left I was shocked, devastated and lost. He literally shut down and refused any communication. I got ill and was hospitalised and he did not come. I got out and had to attend a work conference, whilst I was away he came in and took his things and moved out without an explanation. On confrontation he shut down again. I battled to undestand what was happening. I had a vision of a woman who turned out to be the Mother of the Brahma Kumaires and was guided to a 2 week meditation course. From then on I got some peace but grew spiritually with being guided by intuition and dreams. Currently we communicate and he fetches my dog. Every. Weekday at 6am and drops her in the afternoons. It comforts us with this contact and it has been going on for 18 months and slowly we seem to be in a calm place. I had 2 friends dream that we had reunited. I have read many artles and books and am a whole person again. If this is what the journey was about I still await the reunion would be a welcome final destination of meeting on a soul level. I have never communicated any of this with him as I believe he hhas to go on his own journey. On a soul level I know that we are twin souls and the journey was painful, it changed my life my health and it was like starting from afresh. The love we shared was perfect and when he went there were signs which I did not know was happening, like when he told me how much he loved me but it was like he was in pain and he looked shaken. It was like he was dragging this out from somewhere deep in himself. When he left a month lated I cannot describe how devasted I was. A week later I did not awake and they thought I overdosed but it was just this overwhelming feeling of the loss. The hospital kept me for observation and could not find anything wroing with me. I refused to discuss my personal issue with them. I have prayed meditated read a lot and am a much stronger person today. I have confronted my fears healed my aching heart and am whole again. I now own my own company and am progessingonce again in my professional capacity. My energy is on a very high level and I can intuitively sense and feel things. I know we will reunitE but will wait for however long it takes him without pushing or chasing him. This is unconditional love whatever is meant to be will be whenever. I always toldhim I will love him forever, in this lifetime and in the next and I would also be waiting for him. I never knew how prophetic my words would be. If you are in a similar situation you can contact me


Vikki Leigh Macdonald March 20, 2015 at 9:01 am

I’m going through a very similar situation my self. The experience is sureal and I am grateful I met him and know he is still with me guiding me. X


ALICIA July 18, 2015 at 12:31 pm



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