Twin Flame Reunion On Earth – What Is The Purpose?

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Twin Flame Reunion

Twin Flame Reunion On Earth – What Is The Purpose?


What is the purpose of twin flames meeting each other in physical world if the relationship need not always be a romantic one?

I thought the response provided by Master Jesus and Lady Nada was very insightful. Here’s the gist of what they advised.

Twin flames who volunteered to part-take in the awakening of Earth people then descended on Earth as members of the Lemurian race. ‘When in Rome, Do What the Romans Do’. In the same way, throughout their earthly incarnations, the twin flames (and all star beings who incarnated too) had to learn and experience the false reality of separation like the humans, only to eventually transcend this fear and return to a state of LOVE and ONENESS with God. This is their mission: to awaken themselves to Light and Love, so they may teach and lead the people of Earth to do the same.

To experience the illusion of separation as the humans did, twin flames chose to be embodied in separate bodies. Through their incarnations on the Earth plane, they became increasingly entrained with the 3rd dimensional reality of separation and fear. The twins started to create negative (fear-based) karma with each other, as well as with other incarnates. Over time, the perfect balance once held by and between them was destroyed, they lost their synchronicity between each other and as a result, they ‘bumped into each other’ less and less in their subsequent incarnations.

During this time of massive karmic clearing on Earth and in the human consciousness, more twin flames are ready to be reunited physically, especially those who have rebalanced most of their karma by now. Such a reunion could manifest as different forms of important and intimate relationships, depending on the sacred contract between them. Once they’ve found each other and if they are able to maintain UNCONDITIONAL LOVE between themselves, their combined Light would serve as a perfect expression of Balanced Polarity on the Earth plane – a force which will propel Earth and her people towards manifestation of Heaven (Unity and Love Consciousness) on a 5th Dimensional Earth.

If it is aligned with your highest purpose, may you be re-joined with your twin flame in this incarnation to re-experience.



twin flame reunion

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