Twin Soul Synchronicity – Synchronicities with Twin Flames When They Split

by richee on January 9, 2013 · 5 comments

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Twin Soul Synchronicity – Synchronicities with Twin Flames When They Split


Here is an article I found that speaks directly to how I have been feeling. I have tried and tried and tried some more to forget about H and our relationship. The more I try to forget the more signs I see that relate to him or our relationship. Not anything that could be interpreted as a relationship with someone else but only my relationship with him. Those signs for me include: Someone posted a photo and story about a cat on Facebook. The headline read “My Angel CC”. That is significant because he always called me “My Angel” and he never referred to me as Carolyn but by my initials which happen to be CC. Now what are the chances of that?? Then there are other signs like 11:11 or 888, those were both numerical signs that we shared as in we were both seeing them a lot in our time together and I would figure as I see them still even though we are not presently communicating, it’s possible and very likely he’s seeing them too. Then there are a couple of songs that he sent me the videos of like “Unchained Melody” and a couple of others that I seem to persistently come across. I have read  quotes on other Facebook posts that were exactly word for word something he said to me. Everything I read about Twin Flames brings him to mind and not Rob.


The smell of Jasmine is a constant reminder of my time with him because one night while we were chatting online I caught the scent of something beautiful but I didn’t know where it was coming from. I didn’t have on perfume and there was nothing in the room that would smell like that. I remember him asking me what was wrong as he could see me looking around on webcam. I told him that I could smell something beautiful but I didn’t know what the scent was or where it was coming from. He said “it’s Jasmine” and I looked at him surprised, and asked “how would you know that?” and he said “because I can smell it too”. Twin Flames can do that, experience the same things, even though separated by many many miles upon this earth as he and I are. The Twin Flame connection is extraordinary and is not shared with another.


In my quest to forget him, to ease my pain, I have watched many many TV shows that I have bought the seasons of. I’m not much of a TV watcher normally but when the pain is intense and I need some relief from the thoughts and memories of him then I will lose myself in my latest show. Even that doesn’t always work because in an episode of Charmed that I was watching, a detective tells the girls that he’s investigating witches in San Francisco (where the girls are), Barbados (where H lives) and Newfoundland (where I live). Now I ask you, what are the chances of that???


It is true that you work on yourself as part of all this too. I have learned many new things, some new skills I didn’t know I possessed. My spiritual path has grown and even changed some as I grow spiritually and emotionally. I have discovered new interests. I have read many many books on Twin Flames and the spiritual path I’m following. I have met some great people from all over the world who have Twins and I have made some lasting friendships with some of them. There is so much more but I think you get the idea, lol.


Meeting your Twin Flame forever changes your life. There is no going back and no forgetting what you have learned and experienced. There is no other relationship like it on or off the planet. You only have one Twin and once you have loved and been loved in this relationship, no other relationship will ever do. There will always be a bond, a connection between you. You will always be aware of him or her even after long periods of silence.


All I have to do is close my eyes and focus on him and it’s all right there. If I get nothing else from writing these posts, it has helped me to put my own thoughts and feelings in order. The doubt is gone. H is my true Twin Flame.


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annette field February 13, 2013 at 10:35 pm

yes, i can relate to this, its good and its also not, its painful and its also magical, i dont understand why we all cant just be with the person we want to be with and to just have a nice life !! its not that difficult when you think about it but its almost impossible to achieve,
i am fed up of asking questions all the time about his subject, i feel totally fed up with it all, and each day i see signs and have things happen to make me have this crazy obsession of this person, and if he were really thinking about me, then why doesnt he just contact me and then we can live happily ever after, its mad !!! people actually think i am just mad !! and they just nod their head in agreement when i talk about things like this and i know that deep down they think im loopey……. and maybe they are not far wrong, if 2 people like one another and they think about one another surely, they would make an effort to sort it out, if not, and one of them is thinking of the other then this is obsession and therefore, i have a serious problem !!!! lol
life ………. such as life ………………….


Agony May 16, 2013 at 3:13 am

then I have a serious problem too Annette, and we all need to go to sanatarium,
i do not know but there must be a logical explanation for all of these…


Karisme September 7, 2013 at 7:27 pm

I SO relate to this. I always see many different signs that refer to him and I and after all these months I’m still amazed.
About a month ago I didn’t know that what I’m experiencing is called a TWIN FLAME. But signs and different situations brought me to the article about it and so I found out I’m a Twin Flame and a person I love from the very first moment I saw him is my Twin Flame too. My mirror. MY ALL.
Before that I thought I’m just crazy and need help. A serious help. Like locking myself in a room with no windows and door knobs… ;)
I was crying everyday feeling strange and weird and feeling this pain of unknown source. Frustrated and depressed – this is how I would describe myself then. I was asking myself how can I feel LOVE when I actually don’t know this man. Besides a love like this is forbidden… Totally FORBIDDEN.
I was in pain feeling happy at the same time. I cried and almost howled to the moon at home, especially at nights and felt incredible love while being close to my beloved. For some reason I understood that this is not only my pain and my thoughts. And so I found out about that later that actually this is true and he feels the way I feel and I feel the way he feels. We feel each other. Many times I thought that my thoughts are “not mine” I mean mine but maybe I would never say or think about many things. But he did and this is where they came from.
The worst moments of this relationship are gone I guess, because now I only feel happiness and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I feel that he loves me no matter what. And this is how I love him too.
I stopped looking at this relationship as at something that just gotta have a Walt Disney Happy Ending. I’m not looking forward to be with him in a physical way. I’m looking forward to heal myself and heal him through this uncondtinal love. I’m looking forward to heal the world or at least few people. I want people to see with my eyes and feel with my heart. This is my and his mission. And we are in this together forever.
I feel blessed. I mean like REALLY BLESSED. This is so beautiful, to love uncoditionally :)


shebee February 20, 2015 at 10:55 pm

I agree unconditional love is the love you would have for yourself and when you meet the other,” your twin flame” you will do what ever to give this love to them even if it is walking away because you already know he will love you forever you just know and he knows there will be no other but that doesn’t mean the time is right or circumstances’ don’t interfere and its very hard to walk away from the person who knows and loves you best but because of the love you will do what’s best for one another


Kathleen Moore March 19, 2015 at 1:53 am

My Twin Flame and I have many parallel experiences in our lives too uncanny to be random, as well as many synchronicity’s . Our relationship began on 11:11:11 !
You will find that no one else but your Twin Flame shares as many similarities and lessons in life as you both do. Many of these lessons are quite unique to you both. For instance my Twin Flame grew up on a Lakota Indian Reservation during his grade school years as his adoptive Father was a Preacher. My Father was a Military Officer who was an atheist. I grew up during my grade school years spending one year in Viet Nam with Asians and 4 yrs in Hawaii with Polynesians and Asians. We both were white minorities where we grew up and went to grade school. So you see the parallels as well as oppositions but similar lessons. We are one year apart in age. Another example: We didn’t know each other but we both spent our teenage years living in Washington State and may have even crossed paths at one point or very close to it although we lived in different cities. We have lived in 4 of the same States- Wa. Ca.Az.KS. We both had a teenage sweetheart for 2 years and were broken up due to overwhelming circumstances. His parents moved him to KS and I moved back to Hawaii. We both dreamed of witches chasing us which I believe was our Spirit guide. We both went on stage at the same age with a hypnotist and could not be hypnotized. We both sat in our rooms alone at the age of 12 and 13 and listened to the song ‘ One is the loneliest number” by :Three Dog Night”. We both were hippies, bikers, loved rock and roll music, went through addictions, disabilities , homelessness, rebellion, Christianity, loved the country, related to our ancestry, and many many other similarities. People say we look alike, like brother and sister. We are a perfect fit sexually and physical attraction. We both had adoption in our family and both are estranged from a child. He raised no children and I raised 5. So the list goes on and on. My point is to share the similarities. We are going through the together break up phase as we are on different spiritual levels. I have always leaned to the metaphysical more and he has leaned toward fundamental religion . I believe in his past reincarnation he was a Viking that raided my homeland and killed people like me and my family .I never realized how difficult this Twin Flame relationship is .


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