Synchronicity with Twin Flames – What You Should Know

I struggled most of the day today to figure out how to write this blog. We all know that right before and/or when you meet your twin flame, synchronicity is at work. Everything from 11-11, the signs (which you can view on many of my previous posts), soul recognition, etc; but what if you and your twin flame are currently caught up in the dance, where the runner twin has exited for the time being? Where is the synchronicity there? What are the signs from the Universe that gives the “Chaser” or “Awakened” twin the constant confirmation (or maybe even the “Runner” twin), putting it constantly in the forefront of their minds? The Universe is at work here, folks. It’s never for nothing.

As a twin myself, here are some of the signs I’ve experienced:

– Their name pops up on signage, billboards, advertisements;

– Songs you shared together keep coming on. (Since my psychic abilities have increased, even when I start to think of a song and change the station, that song comes on.);

– The things they like, food, places, etc. keep popping up;

– Due to increased psychic abilities, you are able to feel them and discern the different between yourself and your twin. This can be later confirmed;

– You are able to visualize and yes, even see what your twin is doing. Keep track of the days/time; When you are together again, you can confirm;

– You can feel your twin. I felt when he’d have moments of anger (at the situation), sadness, etc;

– When you try to move on, to push them away from your memory, something always happens to bring them back into the forefront of your mind; whether it’s something small, like someone wearing their perfume/cologne scent, or you thought you saw them/someone who looks identical driving/walking by;

Every story is different, but the point I’m trying to make is: Sometimes we will feel like we just want to give up, it’s too hard, it’s too complicated – We start to grow numb, throw ourselves into our work, we watch more TV, surround ourselves with people to keep busy; DO ANYTHING so that time passes by and you DON’T think about them, tire yourself out at the gym so that when you do come home, you collapse into a heap on the bed and just sleep. But you’ll notice, the more you try to forget, the more you try to move on, the more apparent it becomes, the more signs you see. Remember, you were predestined to be together. Your futures, your path, dictated by a greater being. You’ve done this dance many, many times before in different lifetimes.

So, what do you do? The only thing you can do is try not to escape it. Embrace it for what it is. Does that mean bothering the runner? No. That will only make them run, much faster, and farther. You’ll only be impeding the eventual reunion. Work on yourself. You have to remember this is a spiritual path with your soul partner. You cannot throw this relationship into the realm of romance (though there is plenty of it). It’s a SOUL connection. During this time, you’ll start asking questions like, “What am I here for?” “What is my duty to mankind?” “What is my purpose?” – It’s the path to enlightenment, to becoming the person you were meant to be. You have to revel in that. The same for your twin. They have to come into their selves and become the person they were meant to become, and some people cannot grow with you there. Some must do the soul searching on their own, in their own time. They’ll come back to you when they are ready. There is no escaping that. You cannot escape your other half.

They say the Great Creator gave his greatest battles to his toughest soldiers; You are one of his toughest soldiers. Accept it, believe in the Universe and that everything happens in it’s own time and for the right reasons. It dulls the great pain (believe me, it is just that, a GREAT pain) that you feel inside.

You two cannot be together unless you are TWO WHOLE SOULS. One cannot depend on the other for happiness, there is no codependency. You don’t need your twin for your sense of self.

In the meantime, take these little signs not as nuisances. Just smile when they do happen. It’s just the Universe telling you, “Hang in there, everything in due time.” And after all, these little reminders only serve as a sort of confirmation, right? It warms the heart, makes you realize that what you had was real, was true. And most importantly, extremely rare.

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