Twin Flame Connection and Energy – Going Pass The Drama

For those who have come in contact with their twin flames here in the physical, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about when I mention Twin Flame Drama.

Meeting your twin flame is like nothing else you have ever experienced. Nothing.  To stand in the presence of a soul that you have known since before the beginning of time; to be completely and totally known and understood is a heady rush that leaves you feeling as if you are standing in the middle of a supernova.  The power of the connection tends to temporarily short out everything and everyone around you.  For a time no one and nothing else but you and your other will seem to exist in space or time.

In fact, it can be a bit of a shock to come back to earth (so to speak) and find that the one who (just moments before) knew you so completely and had opened up to you so fully is just another human with all the foibles and weaknesses that even the best have to deal with.  I mean, come on, you’ve seen them – known them – in their truest of true forms. They have seen you.  You have recognized and acknowledged each other at the deepest of soul levels.  You would think that dealing with the pettiness of human experience would be a cakewalk after that.


It doesn’t matter if you are a fully integrated human being.  It doesn’t matter if you have just awakened (spiritually speaking) or have even achieved enlightenment; the intensity of the recognition of your twin flame; the strength of that bond can be so powerful that it can stir up all sorts of emotions, not all of them pleasant, and it will depend to a great extent on the spiritual maturity of both parties as to how those emotions area dealt with.

While this storm of emotions is easier to deal with if you have cleared out any emotional issues (both current and past life), even the most balanced human on the planet would find their reality slightly twisted after an encounter of this sort.  This is why it is in no way unusual (once the ground has stopped rocking) to find yourself and your twin flame going through major emotional upheavals.

The types (and causes) of the emotional upheavals will vary from individual to individual and from twin flame pair to twin flame pair.  Indeed, if the upheaval is severe enough, and if one or the other of the pair refuses to face their issues head on and tries to run from the emotions that are brought to the surface, it can temporarily wreck havoc with the twin flame relationship.  There have even been some individuals who were so upset by the complexity of the connection that they walked away from their twin flame altogether, preferring to live a simpler life.

I say temporarily, because nothing can every permanently separate you from your twin flame.  Even if you never see them again on this physical plane, you will feel their presence.  It can’t be helped because twin flames are connected through a resonate energy that is unique to each pair and that cannot be severed by any force in this universe.

Indeed, if you find that the instantaneous recognition between you and your twin has stirred up an emotional firestorm that one or both of you are not prepared to deal with, it is best if you stop right where you are and, before one or both of you can turn your back on the complexity and demands of the bond, remember the following:

The Twin Flame connection is not something that you can break simply by walking away.  The energy is there.  Inside of you.  Always.  It exists at a level that cannot be touched or shifted by any octave, dimension, frequency or any individual beings within any of them.  It doesn’t matter if there is a huge age differential between you, if one or both of you are already married or in a committed relationship or if you live on opposite sides of the planet.  This is a bond that was made long before you ever incarnated into this particular life and eons before there was ever such a thing as humanity.

That being said, the Twin Flame relationship is not by definition a romantic relationship.  It is perfectly possible that you would be married to or in a relationship with another individual who is NOT your twin flame for the point of the twin flame relationship is to bring the earth to its ‘tipping point’ which will usher in the next phase of Earth’s evolution (in this case the spiritual evolution of humanity to a new paradigm of unconditional love and service to all of life) and the work that you may be doing with your twin flame may in no way involve any sort of romantic connection.

Of course this doesn’t mean that there can’t be a romantic aspect to a Twin Flame relationship.  The Twin Flame connection involves the totality of all emotions including those of a friend, lover, parent, child, teacher, student or any other emotional tie.  Sometimes you will feel them one at a time (though mind you, each will be far more powerful than anything you have ever felt before) and sometimes you will feel them all at the same time, which can be extremely disconcerting.

Where mistakes are made is in trying to define this connection by earthy terms and by trying to fit the relationship into some sort of pre-labeled box where it can be understood and analyzed by the human mind.  This is beyond anything you have ever known before; interactions on a level that is most clearly understood by the soul.  Therefore it makes sense to let the soul be the one to decide what needs to be done, and when.

Letting your soul have full reign over what is happening in your life, however, can stir up even more emotions, especially if you have always felt the need to be in control of your life and to be the one calling the shots, for the soul may ask you to do things that you would normally never consider doing.  It has its reasons, and you have to trust that it will not ask you to do anything that is not in alignment with your higher self and your soul purpose.

If however, you can move past the drama and recognize it for what it is (the human ego trying to exert its control over your life) then you will be able to work with your Twin Flame in a soul partnership deeper and more powerful than anything you could ever have imagined.

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