Twin Flame Connections and Experience

*Twin Flames are ultimate soulmates who are already paired in the Higher Realm.*

Twin Flames connections experience their last lifetime here on earth together. Twin Flames love mutually, unconditionally and without limits.  Twin Flames have no doubt of who they are and that they are meant to be together. Twin Flames are the ultimate power couple and are powerful. The energy between Twin Flames is so intense that it is unlikely that both will not feel it. The attraction between them is too strong to deny and keeps them BOTH coming back together. Their time apart is never too long and they are never too far away. Twin Flames share most of each others strengths and weaknesses, but may experience them differently. Twin Flames ARE NOT karmic soulmates.  Soulmates are plentiful. A Twin Flame is only one. That means that there can only be one.  There is no such thing as ‘twin energy’ going from one body to another, as a Twin Flames body is already chosen and as it appears above it will be below.  BOTH individuals will feel the call, pull, heat, energy, attraction, intensity and love for one another.

Twin Flames experience a different level of connection/bonding and love which can be very intense and magical. Twin Flames are ALREADY paired above and it is the goal to make it so below. There can not be two twin flames per one person. There is ONLY one.  When Twin Flames are meant to be together they will be together at the same time on the same plane.

Twin Flames are the last ‘soul mate’ you will ever have on this earth meaning this IS your last lifetime here on earth..meaning all your lessons and karmic relationships are up (or are needed to be taken care of asap) and it is now time to move to a higher level of existence.

Twin Flames experience life quite differently than most. And are so much more than what people believe a Twin Flame is. The term Twin Flame that is being used now does not do the actual meaning of who we are  justice-which may be because that is not what we are truly called.

Many are using their own definitions to keep from accepting the fact that :
A. They do not have a Twin Flame, at least that exist on this earth at this time, or
B. The person they thought was their Twin Flame is not.

Twin Flame unions are those created by Universe/God at a time when there are no more lessons to be learned for those individuals. This means that for everything they have done on this planet they can now relax and have whatever they so desire. Again, this means that they are of a higher spirituality than most and have not only been gifted great knowledge, but can now live free from restraint in all areas of life.

Twin Flames are awakened for the purpose of helping hundreds, thousands, possibly millions find their way in this world and have knowledge in all areas of life because of the many lifetimes they have lived. This is the truest form of love that will ever be. There is not one person in this world who will be able to take the place of a Twin Flame.  Twin Flames are to be together-if on this earth-and great lengths will be taken with the help of Universe to see that happen.  Twin Flames are rare and can only be accessed by those who are on the spiritual level required for this type of love.

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