Twin Flame Giving Up? Divine Reunion Failing?

I have read in many facebook groups and all over the internet about these new energies and how they affect us, relationships and especially in Twin Flame couples. There are many discussions about this and now I wanted to share my experience and some insights about all of it. This writing is going to be long, but hold on and read it. It will be awesome read, I promise.

Let’s start with this comment that I read today:

“What is going on! Is there something going on in the Cosmos, something with the energies, or are we under attack at the last moment? It seems that there are a lot of Twin Flames falling by the wayside today just as 12.12.12 gets started. It isn’t just this group, I’m finding the same thing on other groups. Why now?”

Here is my experince and later there will come more indepth analysis why I feel like this…

I have felt the same. Me and my Twin Flame broke up 2 months ago and horrible ego drama came out of it. My other half had found a soul mate to patch the feelings and void that came out of breaking up. She has been suffering hugely with her own identity crisis, “ego death” and sexuality.  Finding herself again. After break up and ego games, we coudn’t be in any communication like 4 weeks and then suddenly we were guided together last friday. She had self destructive thoughts and feelings, couldn’t decide what feeling is towards me and what towards that other man. I did my best to help her, we talked on the phone and chat hours after hours. Realized both that we have this strong galactic soul connection that binds and connects us through time and space and that we love each other in that way. I am still fallen in love with her and I’m missing her very much.

I hope that we might get together also in physical some day in this lifetime. But today 12-12-12 something happend and she emailed me that she has to find herself and connect to her soul more deeply. She is going through serious dark night of the soul. Besides that, she let me know indirectly that she has choosed this other man over me. I have accepted this and I’m peace with this decision… but still there is this belonging to reuniting in this lifetime. I know that there are many soulmates waiting for me, but also I feel that it is not the same thing. Why?

Because there is deep inner knowing that this is my last lifetime in this form in physical 3D reality… Knowing that and also that everything (i mean everything) is possible in this multiverse and that the original soul contract was to be together in this lifetime. Everything has changed so dramatically. The whole lifetime plan that we planned almost 200 years seems to gone down to a sinkhole of some sort. Knowing all of this, it would be great deprivation to be with soulmate over twin flame.

I’m a bit confused about this in a collective level, because so many twin flames and also other relationships has come to and end very strongly especially in last 2 weeks time. Are these new energies so different that even the strongest twin flames cannot see it through? Why so many of us are giving up? After all this TF is in it’s energetic level a test for prime creator / source energy to find it’s way back home and unite in every possible level, no matter how strong and hard the challenges might be. Why so many of us are choosing the easiest way to live this life? For what? to come back here again to play this human role playing game all over again? I feel strong responsibility for all of my soulparts in my soulfamily and i’m not a quitter. But what if that other half quits of trying, doing it’s best?

The very point in that comment of mine was as follows: You can see this life as a big multiplayer game, where prime creator / source is playing many different roles at the same time. The players are Souls that has sparked from Source, divided into two (twin flame masculine/feminine aspects). Inside this holographic fractal Energy-Matrix (playground) there are many energy vibrations, realities and time lines. Everything is possible since Souls are part of the Source. There are many ways of being, expressing itself as a Soul Consciousness. Every soul has its free will to do what it sees/feels is right thing to do.

In lower levels of the game there is only two things that separates us from the whole:

1.) Illusion of separateness of oneness
2.) Time, which is like a friction that slows down free will/intention

Multiplayer game is designed by and with other Souls and Soul Groups. There are many levels of this game, because of each individual Souls journey, past experiences, lessons and levels of wisdom/understanding/consciousness. Most of the Souls are designing their Earthly life in it’s finest and tinyest detail, so they can experience life as full as they can to learn from it. This way of life can be seen as autopilot mode. Destiny is the word that people call these “coincidenses” that happens in life (friends, family members, children, soulmates, jobs, opportunities etc.)

There is also another way of playing this game: fully awake, aware and conscious. This is possibly only when Souls learning and past lives karma is in its final steps. Usually this is attained approximately 300-1000 lifetimes. In last lifetime in human experience in this 3D vibrational level there are those Souls who take a huge resonsibility about themselves and the whole Soulfamily/Oversoul. These Souls are often in a mission and they are lightworkers, healears, spiritual teachers, authors, inventors.

Then there is this Twin Flame aspect of this whole thing. Twin Flames are the highest part of the Soul family and thus Oversoul of the whole family. There is this mission that focuses on reuniting with all of the Soul parts in every energy vibration, realities and timelines. These Soul sparks (Twin Souls) come in to this last lifetime together and as it is preprogrammed in their energetic SoulMatrix, they will awaken in some preplanned time.

They are working themselves as much as they can individually and then they are attracted towards each other. Final stage is to work these karmic energies and programming lattices/patterns with themselves and also together. They are not healing only themselves, but also the whole Soul family/Over Soul and their Earthly family/bloodline.

And now for the conclusion of my earlier post:
When they are destined to be together (not all of them) but when they both know it deep inside of themselves (inner knowing, feeling / gnosis) then there is no point of return anymore. Mission is almost complete, they must learn to love themselves as fully as they can and then radiate this love in every direction. The end goal here is enlightenment, which is fully awake, aware and conscious state of pure love/awareness/consciousness of all that is and is not (not yet manifested).

If in this state of knowing you’ll find out that the original soul contract and plan is not going to work in some reason, what will you do? Quit? Give up? Change the plan and choose very differently that it was originally planned? There is huge responsibility in a Soul level and we as Twin Flames are the master builders and reality benders. We know that everything is possible, so why even considering the easiest way to live this life through? Challenges are meant to show as our full potential and be the Co-Creators that we are.

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