Twin Flame Intense Love Experience

A twin flame is a counterpart of your soul that is either masculine or feminine in form or energetic flavor depending on how you have incarnated here. This counterpart may be in physical form, or in the spirit form.  Now more than ever, people are incarnating with both their twin flame counterparts in physical form so that as we merge more into a state of oneness, we get to experience it in all ways, all forms.  This is due to the amazing time we are in as Earth has birthed herself into 5D. Both counterparts wish to celebrate the immense light and joy that rests here NOW.

Many have found their twin flame, yet many are still searching. It is a thirst for a deep feeling of wholeness, love, and even romance that cause us as humans to search for this.  However, we say the searching is not necessary. As your heart begins to radiate an amount of love not just for others, but for self, your twin flame will be simultaneously experiencing the same healing. This WILL draw you towards each other.  Your souls are magnetized as the love frequency becomes purified.

How can you get the heart to radiate on this level? Much of it is alchemical, intention, purification, and honestly looking at the self, one’s issues, and your mirrored reality. It is about realizing all is you, and as you realize all is you, you begin to look deeper and deeper within. The alchemical part has to do with receiving merely through consistent intention that your heart chakra be recalibrated and ascended to new frequencies of light.  One healing we help with has to do with bringing in beams of white light that literally ascend the frequency of the heart as it is ready.  You may simply ask for this while in your meditations from the keepers of the codes of your ascension which includes your own higher self of the light.

When is the heart ready for the next deepening and infusion of the ascension codes?  It becomes more and more ready as you begin to vibrate into a state of love. Again, vibrating into a frequency of love comes about by being truly honest and authentic with where you have things left that need to be healed. The more you acknowledge what is there, the easier it will be for you to sit in the vibration of acceptance, thereby letting compassion and love infuse all limitations with the light of your being and the light of source.

Only when you let the fire of truth come in and you surrender to the things you fear most will things shift and will your heart and soul be ready to merge with your twin flame. Until then, it does not mean you will be alone, but it means you will have possibly soul mate relationships where there are lessons to be learned.

The letting of the fire consume all struggles, patterns, and limitations is harder than it might sound. What this takes is really looking at any blind spots one might have. Sometimes this means you need the assistance of others who are not attached to your situation. This also takes a commitment to stop doing the old patterns or actions in your life, specifically with relationships.  The problem that many run into, is these patterns are often very appealing to continue.  They usually mask a deep fear of loneliness.  The desire for many souls to avoid loneliness and pain is precisely why sometimes ascension takes a whole lifetime.

So you see, this can be very complicated, and yet, it is not impossible for if you continuously search for the light, crave the light, breathe in and out the light, these patterns will be revealed to you along with how to transcend them.  You may feel at times you need to handcuff yourself to your own self to stop going towards the old lessons, the old people showing up in new bodies, the old way! You may find yourself very uncomfortable in these times of waiting when fear and pain can emerge.  This is why we refer to the healing energy as fire. However, if you have chosen now as your time to do this part of your journey, we smile for in this new 5th dimensional Earth reality, you will be shifted much quicker.  You will not have to wait for years and years.

You may also experience this consuming of patterns as the water element working its alchemy. All this means is you move through your pains, patterns, and struggles in a manner that has a lucid and flowing frequency. Both fire and water can do the same thing, with just different approaches.

Now as you feel your shift, remember, your twin flame may be in spirit form only. This does not mean you cannot have a happy relationship with someone in form. It only means, the sense of wholeness will really truly come from a sense of being completed by a spiritual energy. Neither is wrong. Those that feel they are completed by their connection with another are not wrong either. This is not needy when it is the twin flame. This is a sense of union with divine feminine and masculine even if your partner appears in a same sex vessel. We each are made of divine masculine and feminine principles.

Another misconception is that if you are holding masculine or a feminine gender, when you find the opposite gender, that will be the divine completion.  Whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual has nothing to do with any of this! You will attract your twin flame when you feel internally on a spiritual level more androgynous. You may still feel on a human level one gender, and this is fine.  However, you will feel the divine qualities of masculine energies as well as female energies within in balance inside of you when this healing has fully taken place.

Why the twin flame then?  Our soul is creative, and it wishes to experience aspects of itself through merging. This is why we are here. We can merge and not be in relationship because we are all one, and merging can happen through focus and consciousness…but many times we LIKE to experience the merging through physical connection.  There is a pleasure in having a body. Know this, and celebrate your body even if it is not always functioning the way you think it should. Throw all the SHOULDs out the window for now, you are awakening to divine neutrality, acceptance of all as just the way it needs to be. This is a KEY to this heart opening we have discussed. You may want things to change still, but wanting is actualized by intention. You can accept the here and now, while intending. If this is triggering the mind to chatter right now, try to not sort it out in this way. Just feel what we say in the heart, in the body. There are also encodings of knowledge in these words.