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I have stumble upon this sites over the internet who are offering twin flame reading, advice, mentoring or even courses. If you are looking for one, I hope this will help you! If you come across any other, please leave a comment and let me know. Appreciate it. (This is listed in not particular order)


1. Gold Ray Twin Flames – Nicole & Mel

2. Twin Soul Mates – Karen Crystal

3. Twin Flames

4. Live Twin Flame Guidance and Intuitive Reader – Lady Dyanna

5. Reading by LaFaye

6. Road Map For Soulmates & Twin Flames – Jenna Forrest

7. Twin Flames Sacred Relationships – Lee-Anne & Cory

8. Soul Connections – Mystiblu

9. Soulmate71Psychic – Lily Belle

10. Realm Of Rainbows

11. Emerging Soul – Gabriella Hartwell

12. Astoria Brown

13. Center for Soul Evolution – Ask Antera

14. Soulmate Reading – Sophia Elise & Lady Sarah

15. Twin Flame Psychic Email Reading

16. Twin Flame Healers

17. Twin Flame Heart Openings

18. Divine Union – Lee-Anne & Cory Peters

19. Ascension Pioneers – Polona Somrak

20. Psychic Spiritual Healer Grace

21. Twin Flame Psychic – Katherine




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