Twin Flame Rejection – Experiencing Distance and Pain with Your Twin Flame


I’ve been told twice now that the man I care very much for and I are twin flames. I’d like to find some divine answers as to why we have such a hard time coming together.

Hello, this is the Archangel Michael. I am stepping forward as a representative of your own heart and the team of light beings who work with you and your beloved.

Yes, my dear, the man you think of is your twin flame, as you know without needing me to say. You ask about the difficulties. I want you to know that because of the nature of your connection, many energies are activated within you when you interact with him. Please know, that you requested to work through many heavy energies through knowing this person. As you focus on clearing those energies which are within you, the obstacles in your path will clear as well. This will also happen as he clears the energies within himself.

This is a beautiful opportunity for you two to heal yourselves. When you finally come together, it will be a beautiful moment. Much healing energy will flow from the moment you come together, physically, and flow to all the world, blessing the Earth and everyone present on her, ever.

This is truly a gift for your life and we are working with you to make the transition to life with this person as smooth as possible. Know that we can only help you as much as you allow us to. We want to bring you many energies, in your sleep and as you go through your day and your experiences of life, to help you smooth your life experience into more and more joyful, more and more pleasant ways of living.

May we help you in this way?

If you say “yes” in your heart or outloud, we will instantly flow you all the energies that have been waiting to come to you, and we will also continue to support you in accepting this flow of energy over the next few months as you prepare to meet your twin flame in your life in the most perfect way that you have dreamed. This will cause you much personal healing, as well as those around you, as it will also heal him.

Feel free to ask for me, Michael, or any other Being who you feel a connection to. We are all available for you to support you.

With Love,

Our questioner went on after this response to ask more questions. She shared that she feels quite connected to her twin flame, totally in love with him. While he clearly feels similarly for her, he maintains a distance from her and she experiences much pain. She longs to be with him, more than he allows her to be. Yet she can’t seem to let go of him, her friends wonder if she lost her self love. We’re sharing Marko’s response because we feel that many people experience similar situations. Marko and I have experienced the push away and pull back in close dynamic for several months as well. I understand it can be very painful. I hope our responses help.

Remember, the energies in these messages, even the above message from Archangel Michael, are available to anyone who asks for them. If you resonate with this question, simply talk to Michael, and request that he send you the healing energies he offered in the message.

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