Twin Flame Relationships – How Twin Flames Help Each Other

Twin Flames are always energetically connected to each other, they show each other, what still needs to be cleared in order to shift their vibration into the Higher vibration of love, from where they originate, as ONE Source they split into a feminine and masculine energy and lived separated from the Oneness Source, which is in their Higher Heart frequency.

Twin Flames have had different life experiences and will meet each other with a different baggage of past lives; these memories of the past determine their different way of life in the current life experience and as they meet with each other now in this lifetime their different ways of living will show itself as things that separate them.

Therefore, they begin the merging into Oneness, where they will speak, think and feel the same, just like their physical expression will merge into an alikeness, where they eventually will look the same, same eyes, same nose, same smile, the DNA of Twin Flames will merge into the state of Oneness, therefore their DNA will begin to interact in order to melt completely.

The chakra system of Twin Flames merges into Oneness, most felt as a pulsation in the hara chakra and in the heart chakra; the individual Twin Flame may have imbalances of their own, therefore The Higher Self of each Twin Flame will show the other one, that there is an imbalance and assist in the healing process – not in the physical, but at the esoteric sphere.

When you in the physical life feel that your Twin Flame has abandoned you, left you, let you down, that is when the most intense healing is taking place. For at the inner level, there is no abandonment, no leaving, no lies; the separation times allows for you to shift yourself into a Higher Vibration of yourself, in which you leave behind all of the past themes, you formed in past lives and in your childhood, all the time as you proceed on your Twin Flame journey you are supported by your Twin. However, you just do not experience it as support, when you look with the eyes of your ego. But it is, it is a gift for your completion, for you to return HOME to Source Energy of who you are.

It is very important that you do not stay in these lower energy fields of your ego, transform it, let it flow through you and allow for the Twin Flame Awakening to manifest into the physical life.

As long as you blame your Twin, judge your Twin, complain about your Twin Flame, you allow for yourself to get stuck in the lower ego energy, which ruled your life in the past; you have learned your lesson and you are ready to move forward now, but YOU are holding yourself back, repeating still the old lessons, which is over and done.

Twin Flames assist each other into the Reunion in the most beautiful way possible, they merge into Oneness in every area of the energy field, they remove the obstacles, which in the physical prevent them from The Reunion and they love each other unconditionally, knowing that this unconditional love is their purpose of being here, knowing that eventually everything will fall into place, just as they planned for.

It is magic, it is beyond words, therefore let go of your mind, do not stay in your mind, visit your heart and stay there, follow the direction of your heart and life will be abundant in a way you never could imagine possible using your mind.