Twin Flame Runner And Chaser

The Twin Flame Runner and the Chaser are the roles that twinflames take after the previous part of this phase of the twin flame signs and relationship .

The Arguments and Fights cause a lot of confusion between twinflames as they are usually not spiritually enlightened and don’t consciously know what is happening.

These arguments, in reality, have a deep meaning and benefit both partners… As explained..

But now the conscious mind doesn’t understand all this… and so, The running and the chasing begins…

One of the Twinflames, usually the man, becomes ‘The Twin Flame Runner’.

The Runner tries to escape all the confusion by running away from the twinflame relationship…

He does that because he feels that he  “just can’t take it”.

If you ask the runner, he won’t have any specific reason for running. He just doesnt know whats happening, feels like he’s losing control of himself and just feels kind of irritated for no reason. He hasn’t been through anything similar ever before and doesnt know what to do.
So, as a sort of a natural defence mechanism, the mind tells him to run. And so he does.
He tries to avoid the twinflame, and might sunndenly end the relationship in a very abrupt manner.

The other twinflame, usually the woman, now takes the rôle of ‘The Chaser’

She gets deeply hurt and shocked by the unexpected behaviour of the Runner, and tries to ‘get him back’

The Chaser is driven by the inner knowing that everything will be all right at some point.
She tries to get the runner to resolve the issues and does all that she possibly can.
The twin flame Chaser also gets very confused and might act in a way that seems almost ‘crazy’…

She fears losing him ( because she already has in many previous lives ), is deeply hurt already, and she’s also feeling the twinflame love which is as deep as love can get, really…
This creates an emotional chaos which gets very overwhelming for the Chaser.
She also has no idea what is happening and all she wants is to get the runner back. So she starts chasing him…

This chasing only makes the runner run more…
The Chaser then comes to an extremely painful point where she shatters completely and has no idea where to go.
That’s when the Spiritual truth begins to unfold..

The Chaser starts looking for information about what has happened because she knows its not something that can be considered ‘normal’.
And that ultimately leads to enlightenment.

The comes the waiting period for the Chaser. Thats when the Runner is still running and the Chaser has realized the reality of this Sacred relationship.
The Chaser has to wait for the runner to come back.
That, considering the emotional state of the Chaser at this point and the depth of Love that she feels, Is very hard to do.

The Chaser might try to make the runner realize whats happening now, or might just wait for him to realize it on his own (that’s if they are completely out of touch or if the runner is not willing to talk or listen)

The runner keeps running and tries to move on in life (which can, sadly, go on for years)… but ultimately realizes that the twinflame IS his life 🙂

The runners enlightenment happens when he receives a ‘soul-shock’ when the Chaser finally gives up and, in a way, walks out of his life.
[ OR it can happen naturally over time ]

That’s when both of them Reunite after having realized the Spiritual reality and that’s where their ‘Happily ever After’ begins…

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