Twin Soul Meaning – What Is Next After I Found My Twin Flame?

Many of you have questions about having found your Twin Flame, now what do I do?  You need to understand that this is not an ordinary relationship and it does not adhere to the ordinary rules that you use to determine whether to go or stay in a relationship. First difference is this relationship is the beginning of a spiritual journey. Even though it touches your emotions and may even stir your libido it is still a spiritual union.  This relationship marks the beginning of a spiritual journey in which you get to know as much about your self and your inner essence as a possible and you grow spiritually. If you think a twin flame relationship is strictly about having someone to “call your own” this relationship will be a shocker to you.

What happens during the relationship is that you realize that you must become a spiritual being in order to make the relationship work on a physical level. If you are not ready to begin a true spiritual journey then you are probably not ready for a twin flame relationship. If you are not ready to release all the things you think you know and believe about how a relationship should work you are not ready for a twin flame relationship.  If you are not ready to release the baggage from previous relationships and realize this is a unique and different experience you are not ready for a twin flame relationship. That said if you are truly ready then your journey begins by looking within for that which connects you to your Twin Flame.

You must first become one with your inner essence/soul. From there you will be directed on how to proceed with the manifesting of your Twin Flame relationship into the physical. Also be aware that your “ego” and your soul/inner essence can not share the same “house”. So you have some choices to make, when you have made them amazingly enough you will have taken the steps to find your Twin Flame or the steps to work out the relationship in the physical. Finale note since souls which are the base of Twin Flame relationships do not “dangle carrots” know that if you have met your Twin Flame it is because the relationship is meant to manifest in this life time in the physical. The only thing that will stop it is the choices you make.

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