Twin Soul or Twin Flame Telepathy

Telepathy is probably the best signs of a twin soul connection, and it can range anywhere from picking up the phone at the same time to knowing (hearing) your twin’s every thought and even sharing their dreams or what they see or hear around them. Usually it is somewhere in between, obviously. This is one of those things that may make you question your very grasp on reality, as this doesn’t happen to a lot of people, and to hear someone else’s thoughts in your head is enough to freak anyone out! Luckily, usually the difference is so subtle, that you will be left questioning whether this is actually your imagination or the real thing.

As I mentioned, twin soul telepathy can take various forms, and basically what happens is that…

Well, let me explain it this way: Let’s say that our brain is a radio receiver and our soul is the signal. Each one of us has an encrypted messaging system between our soul and our brain, and this code is n ever broken unless our souls reveal the decoding key to another soul. Each of us have several security locks, much like on your facebook profile, you can choose to share images with others or not, your status updates and so forth. Your brain encoding works similarly, and can be opened in parts or fully. (Your soul may allow a psychic to decode your encryption, but they also may not – that is why sometimes you get a perfect reading, sometimes it gets jumbled, even if you know the psychic is gifted.)

Once our soul feels you are ready, they will give your twin soul your decoding key, or you receive theirs. That is when you can access the information their soul transmits, and there is very little difference to your own thoughts, because you are basically reading another mind as if it was yours – to the extent that you are allowed. Sometimes you are allowed into the mind of your twin soul before you meet, but in this case the access is very limited (you won’t find out where they live, for example, at least not the exact house).

The most common form of telepathy is to actually feel the love that is for you. This also extends to sexual desire, allowing a type of touch happen from a distance. It’s more of a know that your twin soul just thought about touching you, and you find moving your body in a way that corresponds to the touch. When the twin soul couple are together, they very often think to call each other at the exact same time, text each other at the same time – answering each other’s questions before they had time to ask them, and eventually, share thoughts knowingly.

It is not always easy to make the difference between genuine telepathic conversation and imagination, like one of our forum members DreamAngel put it: “70% of our relationship has been fucked up conversations in my head.” It does describe the feeling quite brilliantly. Half the time you don’t know if it’s your thoughts, their thoughts or a shared thought, or just your imagination, but eventually you do learn the difference… To an extent at least! What you probably need to hear right now is that we are all confused with this, and there is no way to know for certain if this conversation actually took place – because added to the fact you can’t tell the difference, there’s one more option: You could be talking to their soul only, and your twin might be completely oblivious to this conversation. That is not to say that it doesn’t happen, it just goes to prove that you will never be able to pin down the unexplainable.

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