What if My Twin Soul or Twin Flame Is Married?

This is probably the most painful situation anyone could be in – and very commonly we are when twin flame is married actually. Clearly, there is very little what we can do in this situation, other than to wait the marriage to end on it’s own accord, and hope that it will. In case of twin souls however, it most likely will unless you (two) do something really stupid to screw things up…

Do Not

Do not get yourself into a committed relationship of your own.

Accept the fact that there is no one out there for you except your twin soul, and that is never going to change no matter how much you hope that to happen. (Without very powerful spiritual work at least.) You need to wait this out, but first make sure it is a twin soul rather than a soul mate you’re waiting for… but even if you’re wrong what I’m going to suggest you to do will help all the same.

Related to the above, you need to decide on children. If you want children more than a speedy reunion with your twin soul, move on that now…

Find a soul mate to marry and go from there, of course I am childfree myself so to me this whole idea is irksome but I don’t understand the parenting instinct at all so you’re on your own here. Obviously for this you may need to marry, but… Just know that the children WILL DELAY your reunion, obviously, and if you have a twin soul, you will be looking at a divorce or split from their father or mother eventually. Choose carefully.

Don’t mess with their marriage, as I already mentioned, love him or her enough to allow her to get out of the marriage on his/her own

That is unless something happens naturally and in a way you cannot resist it, like it was meant to be. Don’t force the hand of fate here; wait. In other words: no emails, Facebook stalking, texting… This part has created confusion so I’ll add more:

Don’t chase, but if you are talking back and forth in a friendly non-stressed manner, there’s no reason why you should stop. If however your paths would cross at a Christmas party… Go for it. This is obviously controversial, but I’m telling you that it is okay, in the sense of it won’t hurt you to get into a full blown affair with male twin soul, but texting is not allowed! Why? Because the messages are going to drive him further away in irritation (if neither one of you is irritated, being in contact is fine), but if you come together in a physical sense, that will draw him closer. But do not, I must stress this, do not thrive for this.

Do this ONLY if it’s natural (and he has no children). Then the other side of the coin; men should not do that with their married twin souls… This sounds like a double standard, but it’s merely a difference in how men and women love. Men should take that time to have a heart felt conversation with her, but push her away when things get heated. “Not while you’re married” would be the message to give her. You can go all the way with your male twin soul, because men love with their penises, and the difference to making love to a soul mate and a twin soul is so different that it will make it hard to ignore the pull.

Women will feel the love in their heart, so he has to remind her heart that he is the one, but she needs to remind his cock that she is the one. You approach this differently, trying to talk to a man’s heart before his cock is wasted time, and vice versa. (And don’t you go fooling yourself that the heart is somewhat superior organ when it comes to love, for it’s still just an organ. Also what you must understand is the energy flow between a man and the woman when they make love, if there is love to flow, that is – it starts from his penis, through the vagina to her heart, into his heart and back down again. It cannot travel the opposite direction so trying to excite his heart without exciting his penis is futile, even if you do leave the intercourse out, but you do also have to receive his sexual energy or the flow stops.)