What Is A Soulmate?

What is a soulmate? I use the term to describe a life partner with whom you can have a harmonious life. A soulmate is someone with whom you feel comfortable being yourself. Someone who inspires you to be your best self.  It is someone with whom you have the cozy feeling with, a person with whom there is a sense of “rightness” present when you are with them, when your emotions are suffused with goodness, not negativity. A soulmate partner is  a catalyst in your emotional and spiritual development. In a soulmate relationship, personal growth and evolution will be important to both of you. With a soulmate partner you will be continually practicing “soul cultivation” and building yourselves through character development. With a soulmate partner you will not be able to hide in self limiting patterns and addictions, nor want to, because vulnerability will be more important than protection. This partner is about your well being and theirs. It is about the willingness and desire to evolve beyond your individual and mutual limitations for the duration of your relationship.

Do I think that there is one special soulmate out there for each person?

Probably not. There are numerous potential soulmates for each of us. This is my understanding of how it works. Through the experience of different relationships and life experiences we reach a point in our lives where we finally want to be happy. We become deeply accepting of our self and our needs. We are ready give up drama and heartache and become willing to receive love through the joy of a harmonious relationship, because we know that we are lovable. Once we are there, it is natural that a harmonious soulmate partner will be drawn to us. It seems to be a funny bit of luck, who you are at the moment when you are ready to receive a great partner will determine the type of person who discovers you. Each soul mate partner you choose will bring out different things in you. Yet the timing of it all has so much to with the direction your new life with your partner will take. And we don’t need to worry about this timing or any of it because it is part of a great process of creating, that you cannot help, although everything you have done up to now helps set it in motion. It actually happens to you as you surrender to the context of allowing and receiving harmony and love.

A friend once said that a great partner will be so nourishing in your life that their presence will inspire you to get up every morning ready to leap out of bed and be your best self each day. We all know about relationships where we lose our energy, our boundaries, our vitality. This is the opposite. The harmonious soulmate relationship should be generally full of ease and alignment, with only occasional periods of upset.

When we meet a soulmate we meet someone at our own level of development.

Then it is our goal to support you in expressing yourself at the level of development of the soulmate you wish to attract.

Why would you want a soulmate?

Honestly, because it will be a more fun! Harmony will make you happy. Happiness will give you energy to live from your highest intentions and cultivate your dreams and potential. You will become your true self more and more with them, and they with you. You will be aligned with the growing edge of your own evolution, which will open doors for you in unforeseen ways. Life with a “material” world mate is a different path. Life with a soulmate will save you pain and heart ache and minimize the drama in your life considerably.

There is a synergistic power of two people, and when their context is one of love, the power of the work they do increases. They become a blessing to themselves and to the world.

Is a Soulmate necessary?

Necessary for what? Do we need a soulmate to live in happiness, joy or satisfaction? Do we need to get fulfilled by another?

Quite simply the answer is no.

If we believe we must have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse to be a happy person then we have created nothing more than an idea, an idea which is not true and will bring us repeated grasping for that which cannot be found and ultimately fail.

However if we can develop our own true self and find happiness from within, then we can share this closely with another and create a powerful source of love and transformation. Next, go deeper and learn about twin flame signs.

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