Why Would You Meet A Twin Flame Or Twin Soul Only To Have It Go Side-Ways?

Understand that if both souls are evolved to the point where the energetic shifts are manageable and even pleasant, they will be busy being blissfully happy and uplifting the planet!

For the rest of the 1% who are having a Twin Soul experience, it is rough. If one of the pair of twin souls is not progressed enough to explore the connection on a mutually acceptable level, it is traumatic. In these cases, the person who is seeking information is the person I write for. There is a lot of good material in my blog archives and it’s free. You can contribute to my soul connection research there are surveys on the stuff page as well.

It may seem self-serving, but the challenges faced are essential to the purpose of being able to embody the Twin Flame. There needs to be a period of time where you experience the connection not only on the soul level, but at the human level as well. You will spend months, possibly years integrating the two seemingly conflicting realities. The purpose of the process is to reach the point of pure surrender to the connection with no energy spent on “why” or “what if” or “what comes next”. Whether it takes months or years you will reach a point where the only question worth asking is “what now, for me? What does the Universe want from me?” At that point, the question will be asked “Do you choose to allow the Twin Flame frequency to reside within you? Will you do this without any expectation that your twin soul will join you? Will you do it for the sole purpose of being of service to humanity and the universe?  Can you do this selflessly with no expectation for anything for yourself other than meeting your highest calling?”

There will come a point during the Twin Soul experience that you will be offered this choice. You will be asked with much compassion if you wish to continue with the human entanglement- the Twin Soul aspect- or if you are prepared to transform yourself into someone who will do whatever is needed to embody the Twin Flame.

The physical experience with a twin soul is what prompts us to research and look for guidance, counsel and comfort. It is what offers the chance to rebuild our energetic system so that the Twin Flame vibration can be embodied. Twin Souls can be referred to as Twin Flames when EACH has accepted and embodied the Twin Flame frequency. One of them can refer to themselves as “A Twin Flame” when they have received and carry the Twin Flame frequency, even if their counterpart has not.

Speaking from direct experience it is the most traumatic soul (and human) experience I can conceive of; to meet one’s soul-counterpart, one’s soul equivalent and closest soul relation in the flesh, to realize that the human expression of one or both souls have not achieved awareness sufficient for them to participate in any type of joint endeavor. If you are the 1% having a twin soul experience and your counterpart is not choosing (or appears to be unable) to explore the soul-connection on any healthy level the choice is yours. Will you move forward to do the work your soul agreed to do regardless of whether or not your twin soul will play a role in his or her human form? If there was a contract made between the two of you in the energy realms and it feels to you like this contract was broken, contemplate two possibilities. On Earth souls have something that does not exist elsewhere. Humans have free will. Even soul-contracts can be broken through free will choices. As brutal as that sounds, it can happen. Can you recalibrate your contract and continue your work without your twin soul participating?

The second possibility takes courage to consider. What if your twin souls’ inability to remain connected to you in human form *is* an aspect of your soul-contract with each other?   What if the agreement was to meet at a particular time and recognize each other and to enhance our world by doing work together? Because destiny cannot be changed, the meeting was going to     happen, but what if as the meeting approached you and your twin soul knew (at the soul awareness level) that if the human aspect of the relationship went smoothly you would focus so much on one another that you would not pursue your soul’s individual greatest work?

This could be why one or both are unable to have a healthy human relationship, because the highest aspect of each soul knows doing so would prevent one or both from fully exploring their own individual aspects.

Not sure if the concept of a Twin Soul is possible?  Some human births are Twins or multiples right?  It may not be the norm as we’re mostly born as singles, but SOME humans do have the same DNA. Even if they are adopted at birth and don’t meet until thirty years later… it’s like meeting the one you knew was out there… the one who was stripped away from you at creation.  It is similar with Twin Souls.

We don’t have to experience something first-hand to know it’s real.

In the Movie City of Angels there was an expression used in a few scenes. It went something like this:

Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.