Twin Flame Sex Relationship? Are you having sex or are you making love?

To me sexuality has never been something I would think about and getting a quick fix or orgasm has never been the name of the game for me. To me, it is about two people sharing something very sacred deep within your heart, it is about given you self completely and without asking anything in return and it is not something I would ever or has ever talked about to others, not because it is a taboo to me, but because it is the ultimate exchange of your inner most vulnerable space, it is like a Universal dance between two people sharing their souls with each other and I find that this, for me, should be valued and respected between the two people who are sharing this.

To me too many are focused on the orgasm, a quick fix in the hope of finding some enjoyment or even love in life, once the orgasm has occurred the fix has been taken and you need to start looking for this ultimate state again, you do this by either finding others or more partners or by having the need to dress up or buying sex toys, or a million other ways of experimenting with sex – the orgasm becomes the ultimate even though this will never last long. It is almost like a smoke, once it is finished, you start thinking of the next one … just a way of keeping your mind occupied with outside things, instead of looking within, feeling within and being within.

To me sexuality does not matter … it does not matter how you find your love, just ensure that it is in fact love you are getting and not just a quick fix for something missing within you. I find it sad that sex has become such an prominent part of everything, most teenagers today grow up thinking something is wrong with them if they do not feel like having sex and because of this they feel pressured in to having sex way too early and when they are not ready at all. Every where you look there is some kind of sexual reference and as a teen you would start to feel like you is the odd one out, even though you most likely are not. Sex is not the answer for feeling good inside. When it is shared between two people who both give each other fully to the other person, it is no longer sex, but a very intimate way of sharing the most fundamental of all – Love.

I believe many teens do question their sexuality and I strongly feel that the sex industry and advertising industry has a lot to be blamed for here. Teens are being bombarded with images of how they are suppose to think when it comes to sexuality and it is a jungle to find any actual sane and valid information about the subject, because you are being hit from all angles and starts to think the way you feel is not normal, this is when you start questioning your own sexuality and it becomes an even bigger struggle finding your own beliefs as a teen.

Sex is a normal part of most relationships, but it is just a small part of it and when you think about it, it is possible to have a lousy relationship with lots of sex, but it is impossible to have a lousy relationship with true love. The sexual act is important yes, but not at all to the extend that it is made up to be.

Sexuality to me is not about finding something external, it is about giving your self 100% to another person, and why would you want to do that unless you really trust and love that person.

Sex is about being bored with your present life and needing a bit of excitement, even if it is just for a short moment, making love is about sharing a ‘spiritual dance’ with someone very dear to you and it will last a lifetime.

Sex is to me is completely overrated and not at all worth the PRICE coming with entering this experience when you are not fully ready, but once you are ready and have found the one person you would want to share this sacred heart of yours, then it is something worth having waited for. Don’t sell your self short, it is never worth it. Remember there is an energy exchange happening doing a sexual act, and the person you are having sex with will stay with you for the rest of your life – so look yourself in the eyes and ask yourself, do I want to spend the rest of my life with this person, because weather you want it or not, the energy exchange will happen.


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