Do I Need To Be Complete Before I Meet My Twin Flame?

*This is a question to a spirit guide


Hi, I wanted to tell you that I am going through a so called “darkness of the soul”for the last 6 months but mostly in the last 3 months: I don’t work at the moment, I cut out myself from all my previous contacts, I live a bit far from the centre but I feel peaceful and it’s like I need to find myself once for all. The point is that I strongly feel that somehow I am going to meet an important person in my life (after a divorce and a long period of “abstinence”) I don’t fancy any one in particular, it’s like the Universe and myself are working together to prepare myself for a brighter future.The question is: is this normal? Is it really the condition to prepare myself to be complete and meet my twinflame? I questioned my life completely and believe me: I am going to start from zero but I am really optimistic.


It is very normal to feel this way, in fact Im going through it now! When you are complete then you are your strongest.  You come to know what you want and need and what LOVE really is. You find your truth.  Being complete (or the stage of finding oneself) allows you to be able to see the beauty in the simplest things, which makes for a more positive mind set and in turn creates more loving, healthy and beneficial intentions.  We all know that we get what we put out. So when your mind is in that space-it is at its greatest vibration of love- and it is then that you will receive the highest of all things.

So embrace this magnificent stage in your life. It is a beautiful place to be at.  You are already following your intuition. You can sense that this is something you MUST do. You know that someone important is going to come into your life and that, that is the meeting you are being prepared for.  If you are being called to be your best it is because this person is going to be theirs as well.  Being complete within is something you both have to go through. Not only is it important because of what I have already touched on, but for the survival of this type of relationship.

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