If Your Twin Flame Is Running – Read This

So you meet your twin flame, or you see them again after many years and all of the sudden your world is turned upside down.  Your are on a roller coaster ride without any stops.  Something is triggered within you, deep inside – you immediately feel you KNOW this person, but how?  You have not seen them in years, or just met them.  How can you have such a deep knowing of this person.  Yet it is there. It is an immediate sense of recognition, of familiarity – an instant bond.  All you want to do is be with this person.

You feel an immediate, deep love – an overwhelming love that cannot be put into words, you become breathless and speechless in their presence. They are are under your skin, they are a part of your being now.  They stir in you the most intense love, passion, desire – emotions and feelings you did not even think you were capable of feeling are now coming to the surface, out of nowhere.  So you try to rationalize your feelings (not possible, as twin flame love cannot be reasoned) and come to the conclusion that you are either a.) crazy or b.) lusting after this person in a way you have never lusted after anyone ever before.

However, your heart begins to open and you now a have a deep knowing within you, deep within your soul, that this person was meant to change your life.  And they DO. You know your life has been changed forever.  You KNOW it.  Yet, you have no idea why.  It all feels foreign, surreal.

You become consumed by thoughts of this person.  

You think about this person ALL the time, constantly.  They are your first thought, your last thought and all the blank spaces in between.  You begin to feel now that not only are you possibly a.) crazy but that now you are also b.) obsessed.   You relive every single moment spent with this person.  Every second.  Every kiss, every smile, every touch, every word exchanged.  You cannot stop fantasizing about this person, longing – having a deep yearning for this person, so much so that you cannot concentrate on anything else.  He / she is there, ever present in your thoughts, in your heart – they have become the essence of your being.  This person ticks ALL the boxes – emotionally, sexually, physically, intellectually, spiritually – they become your everything.

The love you feel for this person increases, grows more deeply, stronger over time.  A love that if it were a regular relationship, would have logically faded away.

So you become scared, terrified.  Scared of everything.  Scared of the intensity of the love you feel for this person.  You become frozen, paralyzed with fear.  You become scared of losing this person.  Pretty soon, you are so scared you are certain you have already lost them.  Despair sets in.  Panic.  Anxiety.  You have no control over your feelings, no control over your emotions.  You feel so much love for this person that it scares you, feeling that it will be the end of you.

So you run.  

You try to run away from it.  You try to block it.  You may try to distract yourself with others.  Trying to prove to yourself that it’s not what you feel it is.  Even though, deep within your soul you KNOW IT IS.  Still, you do everything you can think of to put this person out of your mind and out of your heart.  You hope somehow if you suppress it, the pain of being away from this person will go away.  Out of sight out of mind, right?  WRONG.  You try to forget, but you CAN’T.  No matter what you do, he / she is there. You can’t get over this person. You cannot forget about them. Somehow, you end up feeling more love for this person than you did before.

Then, you begin to feel desperate with the need to be with this person.

No sleep, no rest, no peace.  The ache for him / her becomes a physical ache.  Something is triggered within you, something happens and you are back where you started, at the top of the roller coaster.

For centuries we have lived our lives from ego.  So it is understandable that feeling such deep love for someone, a love that is recognized by our soul, the deepest part of us – will scare the bejeezus out of us.  It is overwhelming, feeling that you cannot control such deep emotion.  That this love you feel somehow comes from a place where you hold no control.  Solution:  Surrender.

You love this person more than anything in the Universe, yet fear paralyzes you from moving forward. You are frozen. Afraid to lose this person forever, afraid to take the steps to be with this person forever.

The good news is you ARE NOT crazy, you are NOT obsessed – this is very real.  You have met your twin flame, my friend.  They cannot get over you any more than you can get over them.  Your life and his / her life will never be the same.  The love between twin flames is a bond that has existed through time, awaiting its awakening in your life if you are lucky and blessed enough to find each other again.

It takes an incredible amount of trust, faith, and surrender to follow this path allowing your self to love and be loved by your twin flame.

Our ego has lead us through many lifetimes, and it fears annihilation.  So our ego will saturate our beings with fear, it will make us sabotage and create situations to prevent us from achieving the ONE thing the Universe / God / the Divine has always intended for us; the reunion with our one true love.  The once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the bliss of unconditional love.  Fulfillment of love in all levels – physically, sexually, emotionally, spiritually.

The solution is simple – in order for your twin flame love to fully manifest, we must choose to live from our heart, our soul.  Let go of ego, let go of fears.  Trust that THIS love is the real thing.  It is a conscious choice to do this, though it can be an incredible painful process, and not for the faint of heart – yet, I am certain, it is worth it.  So worth it.

All the pain, all the heartache, all the lessons – if at the end of the path, you are blessed to spend the rest of your life with your twin flame, the ONE person that will always, always love you – no matter what.  The one person who was born to love you.  It will ALL be worth it.  There is only one love such as this, we only have one twin flame.

Therefore, what you feel is the longing our your inner being to be at home with your one true love once again.  It is the recognition of your soul for its counterpart.  The essence of a being you have loved, many, many times over.  That kind of love is embedded in our cell memory.  It can never be forgotten.  When it comes into our life, we recognize it. We recognize it immediately.  A blessing that only happens once in a lifetime, if we are lucky.  That is the love of a twin soul.

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