Twin Flame (Spiritual) and Physical Love – What You Should Know

Physical love relationships

We can confuse feelings of the early stages of a new love partner as the one, the feelings can feel like this is our twin flame, but after the honey moon period is over and you start to see the real person, and little niggles and differences start to emerge, then doubts start to creep in, you may find the love wears away, but your heart still believes this is love and even when deep down you know it is wrong you still fight to keep the relationship. The ego physical part takes over believing its real love when in fact it’s not.

Physical love relationships can confuse, deceive and lie to you, problems will surface with a push/pull feeling as you both try to understand each other, and make compromises to fit with each other, the difference with a twin flame is there are no compromises, there are no misunderstandings, and lies and deceit, a twin flame holds your heart in theirs and the physical ego aspect of you is replaced with the spiritual unconditional love part of you, so you can learn to fully open your heart to experience true love in its purest form.

Spiritual love relationship (twin flame)

When you meet your twin flame time and distance become irrelevant, as you resonate on one frequency together sharing all thoughts, feelings and emotions as one spirit, each twin where ever they are hold a piece of the other in their heart, they beat as one, one spirit sharing two different experiences as each twin has a soul, and one of you resonates as male and the other as female but each of you has a part of the other, think of the ying yang symbol for a visual to understand this concept.

Even if your twin flame is on a different continent, and you experience different seasons, and different time zones because of the distance this won’t stop you feeling what each other feels, time and distance really holds no bounds it has been deleted from your life, even when you are not together it will feel like your twin walks by your side holding your hand, even when you chat online you will hear their voice in your head when they type their words to you, even when you sleep at night they enter your dreams as you astral together as one spirit.

Meeting your twin flame can truly blow your mind and nothing will ever be the same again, instead everything will become truly magnificent as soon as you acknowledge your twin, your life will become lighter free of all worries and fears, it will feel like your ego lets go of all its physical trappings so you can finally flow in your true spiritual essence of who you truly are, your twin completes you, you will feel like finally you are home and complete, as one.

Your heart will inflate and fill with so much joy, peace, contentment, love and happiness that it will feel like it will burst, the elated feelings of love will permeate your whole being and bring life in to all those parts of your body that had felt so lifeless before, you will truly awaken when you meet your twin flame and the intensity will consume your very being, your heart, body and soul as you have finally found your true purpose of life, one of unconditional twin flame love, and the joining of your soul and spirits to become one with the divine consciousness of love.

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