Timing For Twin Flame Meet Up

One of the topics that seems to come up a lot lately for twin flames, is timing for twin flame meet up and purpose. It can seem like meeting your twin or connecting to your twin would be the most important thing that could ever happen to you and you may be inspired to make that happen as soon as humanly possible. The important consideration to make is that although twin flames can have an intimate and loving relationship, that is not necessarily their biggest purpose. So rushing into things for a relationship, with the old paradigm thoughts about relationships and what they mean, will just bring heartache.

Instead focus within.

Spending more time inwardly, through meditation or simply being quiet, allowing your guides in to give you all the support they have to offer.

Remember your will have the same guides as your twin, so connecting deeper with your guides, you will learn a lot about your path and the unfolding of that.

You will learn about your twin and the timing for twin flame meeting. You can also learn about what you both came here to do together.

So again, the love part of the twin flame connection is important, it is equally important to focus on yourself, focus on the work you still need to do to prepare. After all the love will be there between twins whether or not they meet, but the time together with your twin will be uncomfortable at best if you still have things to understand, places within yourself to heal etc.

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