Instant Twin Soul Recognition

I saw him for the first time not knowing much about him, and I felt a pull of energy within my solar plexus. My mind began to grasp at something, a vague memory, a slight impression of something that felt familiar…

I felt a warm sensation of energy within my chest, my heart understood something that my words had no way of explaining…

I felt close to myself…

Know You Meet Your Twin Flame For The First Time

You encounter them for the first time and there is an instant feeling of familiarity that you can’t quite explain…

You feel drawn to them energetically and even though you know little about them in the beginning, you feel as though you understand them—parts of who they are or what they’re about, although this may be more of a ‘knowing throug feeling’ that seems to go beyond words.

This dynamic occurs because you are recognizing aspects of this individual’s soul, and you are recognizing energetic aspects of your own soul.

There are aspects of this person that you resonate with because these aspects are of the same frequency or vibration as aspects of your own soul. You are seeing your own energetic reflection.

The Twin Flame Soul Reflection – Meeting Your Energetic Mirror

How well do you know yourself?

What are your truths?

What about you feels authentic? Whether it is a time honoured value or belief, an attitude you have adopted or an opinion you hold onto, what is is that makes you feel like you are living your truth and is an honest part of who you feel are?

If you are on a spiritual path then you have most likely awakened to or grown into many personal truth on your journey of self discovery. These are the parts of you that feel authentic. They feel just right and when you are comfortable expressing these truths or when you experience them in your life you are seeing from the perspective of the soul–the real you.

When you embrace these truths become the qualities that they represent. You resonate with its vibration.

You will feel drawn to the aspects of another with a similar vibration. They will resonate with those qualities within you. This is happening on an energetic level and more involved feelings and intuition rather than thought and logic.

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