What Are The Common Signs You Have Met Your Twin Soul?

Many ask “how” you can find your twin soul? Some ask “what do you do” when you find your twin soul? But to understand the true nature of a twin soul one should ask “what are the twinflames signs?” Unless you are in touch with your own soul chances are you will not recognize your twin.

The concept of twin flame speaks to a compatibility concept at a very deep level. A friend has some of these signs. You will like the same activities, come from the same place, same sense of humor and same tastes in clothing. Do not consider these trivial matters consider them training fields for developing an understanding as to what is similar to you. Notice the concept is sameness. Remember please that we are writing about signs here. No one sign proves anything but rather helps to enlighten.

Obsession and being all consumed are signs that show up in you. If you cannot think of anything else and feel edgy with separation from your mate, that is a sign. If you have an almost uncontrollable urge to be with your twin soul, this is also a sign. This is probably not a healthy sign, and you may want to set your intentions for a more happy perspective. But again it is a sign.

It probably sounds kind of silly but it is true that finishing thoughts for each other is a pretty strong sign that you have found a twin soul. There is something about the natural empathy and shared perspective that allows us to “finish up” for the other that suggests an unconscious bond.

We all have heard the famous song “What’s love got to do with it?” by Tina Turner. And it asks a wonderful question for someone looking for signs of a twin soul. Biologists have a pretty good handle on chemical reactions in our bodies, and brain activity patterns that indicate a difference between lust and love. Real true love has an energy all its own. If there is a mutual feeling of the love energy that is a great sign. If the love manifests itself in both of these ways: You only want what is best for them, and you truly put their needs above your own. The sign would be stronger still.

There is what many call the sixth sense. It is a perception somehow of something that our other 5 senses to not perceive. Most people have one in some capacity and with some accuracy. One person may be able to sense danger while another may sense reunion and still another can sense the future in some way. This is not all fancy spiritualistic talk, it is a reality. If any of the sixth senses is heightened regarding someone who is a pretty good sign that you have met your twin soul.

Back to lust for a moment. Lust is not one of our more enlightened feelings. Lust can even be caused by something wrong with you. But lust in a general sense is normal. So feelings of lust for another are quite naturally a small sign of a twin soul. Here is the bottom line on lust. If you have it, know it, but what is most important is if you do not have it, wonder why.

Compatibility tests are a marker or a sign. If you take one of those tests/indicators and everything points toward an extremely high compatibility then it would seem like that should be a sign. But more importantly, just like lust, the total lack of compatibility factors should make you think.

Here are two signs that are difficult to read. The first is sharing skill sets and the second is not sharing skill sets. In the case of sharing skill sets there may be reasons for each of you having those skill sets that makes having them very good signs. Just for an example: If you are both very good cooks, it may be because you both love to cook and eat. But it could be because one of you was forced to cook for your family and you really resent it. If you naturally express the truth and flow into a compatibility mode, that is a strong, sign of a twin soul.

Not sharing skill sets is also a sign depending how you naturally react to it. Opposites attract is a normal and accurate truth. The reason is because one fulfills the other. A very good sign is to want to watch and appreciate what the other is doing that you cannot do so well. If joy comes from one to the other and back again there is a circle of energy that requires a certain amount of “twinship”. And again if there is collision and antagonism over the skill sets, think again.

Common beliefs in the spiritual are good to pay attentions to. Do not for a second think we are talking about religion. We are talking about truly shared belief between two people. They of course could go together and that would be wonderful. What we are talking about here is more in line with thinking the cup is half full or the cup is half empty. The idea is that you can have different beliefs, but the beliefs for each must either bring them to a pessimistic side or an optimistic side. If both think of their beliefs as beautiful , that would be good. Even if they both think of their beliefs fearfully and with guilt, the commonality exists and that could be a sign.

Some believe that the more remarkable or miraculous manner in which to souls connect is a good sign. It is as though they believe that the predestination of the connection is more powerful than a search. Seems that there are good arguments for both points of view, but if you both think the same way that is a sign.

Probably the number one sign that you have found your twin soul is not having the negatives between you. If none of them are there, that is a good sign.

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