False Twin Flame – What If I’m Wrong Meeting My Twin Flame or Twin Soul?

Perhaps after you have met it just seems that they never seem to give you much of a thought at all. And it’s all just insane. You’ve just made it all up in your mind.

This person has but to ask and you would change a course of direction just to see the light in her eyes brighten, to live up to the image she has of you.  In fact you’ve done it more than once already, trying to make it work out so that  you’ll always retain that constancy of being with him in some fashion or other.

You want to transform his world somehow.

You want to impact her in the same manner she has impacted you.

You know your conversations would go on for hours, if you let them, if only she had enough time for you. But rather than bother him, you leave him be. Rather than bug her, you let time slip by, and before you know it, its been two months. Three months. Then six. But it only feels like yesterday when you reconnect. There’s something gentle, soft, and alluring about the connection you have with the other. It’s always there, deep in your heart. Deep in your mind. Deep in your soul.

But the other person fails to respond. It could be that your twin isn’t in the same space as you, isn’t ready for connecting yet. It could be she’s been deeply traumatized and can’t handle the depth and power of your feeling for her. It could be he’s still asleep in his physical form – struggling for daily survival and can’t see past his next physical accumulation of wealth and status.

If this is the case, let them be for now, and move on. Be patient. Be kind.

When they are ready, they’ll let you know.

That is the twin soul connection. When there are barriers to enabling one another to evolving the connection – it feels burdensome. You both feel exhausted and in pain – often similar expressions of pain manifest at the same time. Similar feelings of exhaustion manifest.

You are just far too busy with work.  She seems to want to tell you something, but is too afraid to say or do anything. How it seems that you have both known each other for eons. And that she is in shock that you are a real flesh and blood – and not the energetic entity she thought you were.

But you already know the sentiment. Even if you don’t know the words, you know essentially what she wants to tell you.

He wants to make sure you know he’s not just interested in sex. He’s genuinely interested in you.

And he has no idea how to go about this without upsetting his entire world.

Give it time.

After all, you have an eternity. Give the other time to evolve. Time to realize. Time to reflect. Time to feel.

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