The Reason For Separation From Twin Flame – AstridPirellious Channelled Messages

Karen: “Why do twins often go through a time of separation after their initial meeting on earth?”

Astrid: “They go through the separation in order to develop the other’s counterpart gender energy into their own half so that they are completely balanced individually. When they eventually reunite, they will then be stronger in terms of self-love and unconditional love for others.

The separation is only an illusion however, for they are always one in soul. This physical separation of two bodies and one soul means the twins eventually overcome this illusion of separation as they come back to wholeness. Increased wholeness results in increased awareness and they begin to overcome the physical need to be “together” for they realise that their union in soul is far greater than any physical relationship.”

Karen: “So why do some twins form physical relationships and some do not?”

Astrid: “It all depends on their join life purpose. Some twins form a physical relationship on the earth plane because this is what may best support their purpose to open up others to the love of Twin Souls.

Some form relationships together because they need this physical bond to help balance them completely, but oftentimes, twins stay separate in the physical because they need to balance more karma and they need to heal themselves through soul mate relationships. In your case, you are with one of your soul mates because you are helping each other to grow and you are bringing him back to healing to Join with you and the rest of the soul family. He is also helping you rejoin with the soul family, as you contain fragments of each other’s soul, so are therefore sharing the same lessons.”

Karen: “Are all soul mates members of our soul families?”

Astrid: “Yes they are. They are fragments of self that you originally split from. They have their own twin souls who are also members of your soul family. We meet soul mates when there are mutual lessons to be learned through a place of love, empathy and understanding. They are our soul friends who we get on very well with and can count on to be there for us in good and hard times.”

Karen: “Why can’t we become whole through joining with our twins first?”

Astrid: “Because you will not have healed your wounds and these will only be magnified by each other. You do not need the other to fill in the voids within yourself. You can share happiness and peace when you have worked through your individual issues.”

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