What Is A Twin Flame Or Twin Soul?

A Twin Flame or Twin Soul means two dimensions of the same spirit or being. One representing masculine, one representing feminine, regardless of your individual genders. Your mission in sharing a life together is for deep and universal healing. Often your mission includes changing old ideas, paradigm shifts, and transmuting of energies. Instead of a “normal” dating where you spend time getting to know each other, you often immediately jump into deep healing work, usually on yourselves first, including past lives that you had together.

When you meet your twin, you do not question if you met your twin. You simply know, even if you don’t know the words twin flame or twin soul. Often people will say, they found “the one.” This alone does not hold distinction for if it is a twin relationship though. There are other characteristics as well, which play out differently for different couples. For example meeting and immediately feeling this inner knowing and heightened awareness. Complete connection, without even needing to use words, you understand each other, you will often finish each others thoughts or sentences, sometimes saying the very thing the other twin was thinking about. You and your twin often connect through dreams or energetically even prior to meeting.

Once meeting your whole life accelerates. The pace really picks up and personal growth happens quickly. Often times twins feel very comfortable spending all of their time together. They are very close and feel quite comfortable in each others company. They enjoy the same things, even though there are differences of course. They may even feel like there is a ripping apart feeling if they are away from each other for extended periods. Again, there are numerous particulars, but the main one is “you just know.”

Though your connection as a twin is deep and undeniable, there can be much work ahead and even lots of discord. It is important for twins to remember, that this is no ordinary love, no ordinary relationship. Your main purpose to come together is to make paradigm shifts as well as to bring us back to our true way of being, which is balanced masculine and feminine in all walks of life. Imagine you are one being, having two bodies, and navigating through society today. You will quickly start to experience all of society’s conventions, where you can’t take both bodies to all activities, and where one body is valued differently than the other, and so on. The period of time you spend living consciously in the contradiction, allowing the beliefs and customs that seem unnatural to you to gradually shift and transmute by your awakened presence, can be very trying at times.

Your life will be a great one, with great love, but you will need more than that to get you through the hard times. Keeping awareness about the work you are doing together, having conscious thoughts, clearing patterns and past lives and healing any hurt between you and your twin from the past will be needed to find success.

One of the main difficulties when twins meet is when one twin seems more advanced than the other spiritually. Often there will be one who is working the deep ego and karmic stuff, while the other is more of a balancer. This can be difficult on both twins because without understanding of what is happening, it can feel like too much and can cause one or both twins to want to walk away. The intensity makes people want to leave the relationship, hoping to “go back to the way things were” before they met their twin and started to awaken spiritually.

On the bright side of things, twins have very clear access to truth and inner knowing. Their very life is a touchstone in the direction of clear consciousness and deep knowing. If you value the pursuit of depth, a twin relationship offers more awareness than your traditional master-disciple spiritual relationship.

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