The Classic Twin Soul Or Twin Flame Re-union

What New Age teachings usually describe as twin soul / twin flame relationship, we call a classic twin soul reunion. It needs a definition because it is not the only kind, but it is the most exciting one. The reason why it’s thought to be the only type is because it is so intense that even people who are not in it can feel something out of this world going on. The others are easier to miss.

The classic Twin Soul reunion happens on either Old Soul level 5 and/or 7, not solely during the last incarnation. (Level 6 old souls are too busy for this stuff.) Many level 5 and 7 old souls incarnate without their twin soul for a few life times to prepare themselves for this epic life that is to follow. This can be painful when their friends that are often on same soul age level find their twin souls left and right – as it may seem – and theirs keep eluding them. Especially in our times, when the internet brings this knowledge to every corner of the planet, and twin soul discussion boards are filled with love sick spiritualists.

There are some signs to look for when waiting for him or her to show up. The repeated number 11′s are probably the first sign to see, but more importantly, you may have a strong feeling that your twin soul is near. You may start dreaming of them, and if this is, as it often is, a long lost love from childhood or youth, you may remember them after years of locking them away from your active memory.  Typically the twin soul pair has met in early life and have had a romance. The other option is that this is a childhood friend that has been taken away by their parents. Typically it is the most intense type of twins that have met as children for the first time, because separating them in teen age or later would have been virtually impossible. If this is not the case, they must have been separated by some elaborate life plan; something that absolutely forces the issue. The most intense pairs would never part under any circumstances if they had half a choice or the remotest possibility to stay together.

The early meeting will spark a spirituality that will grow during the separation. Both pars of the couple are highly spiritual, although the males may be more low key about it, especially level 7 old souls, both, in fact, compared to the very traditionally spiritual level 5rs. The spirituality will base itself on a non-organised religion, most likely New Age, that may, however, be too structured for the level 7 pairings, who will have their own form of spirituality. (Level 7 old souls don’t necessarily bother to read too much, meditate or follow guidance, although will probably have a look into New Age material just to get an idea of what all this is; rather they follow their own very strong instincts.) During this separation they will need to reach a certain level of understanding and their personal issues must be sorted out before reunion can take place.

Typically the reunion takes place between ages 35 and 54. This is due to the life task at hand, younger twins souls won’t be mature enough to complete it. (Naturally the non-classical reunions can take place any time at all.) This reunion comes after a major life change, or life event that has left at least one of the two quite rattled. Both of them don’t necessarily experience a change – at least not as big. Also typically both of the pair have been married or are married during the reunion. Often the marriage has been ended recently or it will end as a result of the reunion. Although many sources mention children, this only applies to majority of people as it normally would, but childfree twin soul pairs do exist (of course) and their advantage is that due to practical reasons they can get started at an earlier age. (For one thing they are free from family responsibilities and have had more time to devote to their spiritual advancement.)

Typically the first year after this reunion is full of trial and test. Situations vary, but the pair must fight to find their way back together. Sometimes the obstacles are external, and sometimes this is where the sorting of personal issues must take place. This last year is trying time, failing to sort things out will part the pair until the next attempt. The separation will be complete if one of the pair fails to sort out her/his issues there will be no middle ground such as staying together but not completing the task or taking some less intense version of the relationship. At this stage, it’s all or nothing deal.

The twin soul pair is going to complete a life task together in service of people, animals or the planet, but what we typically associate with this is tasks of those twin souls in Server or Priest roles, but you won’t get a Mother Theresa out of a Warrior no matter what their soul age level is! The task will be in alignment with their spiritual role and their personal strengths.

By now, all the mystical twin soul signs and abilities are in effect in a form or another, and some can be learned (such as telepathic meeting in a “virtual reality” sort of imagined location). (The signs/abilities are normally “available” from Adult soul age 6 onwards in all twin soul unions and it depends on the pair which ones they find the most natural. These abilities can be learned by accident or with practise.)

This reunion does not necessarily mark the final life time, obviously this is the case with the level 5 Old Souls. In case of level 7′s however, they will be “free to leave” should they so wish, but they’d be mad to. Luckily God has granted us free will, and not one of us is forced to leave the planet until we want to. Tell your high selves to consider this carefully, because they are better aware of what this actually means than what you will be. The New Awareness has already reached you high selves, but is not yet generic knowledge amongst humans.


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