Twin Flame Journey and Path

The Twin Flame Path is what I am calling the path I have been on during the past six years and now wish to assist others with.

In summary it involves clearing and healing all residual negative and traumatic energies from previous incarnations, and also current lifetime if you have already met, that you have shared with your Twin Flame. You may not even be aware of these previous incarnations or maybe you are. I knew only of one before the cleansing process started for me and I didn’t realise at that earlier time he was my Twin Soul / Twin Flame, even though I knew our connection felt different from others.

Then once enough old negative energies are cleared away you will be able to reconnect with your Twin Flame in a physical incarnation, or if already met, be able to maintain and enjoy a relationship rather than be either terrified, repelled or traumatised by it. If you have already met in this incarnation and your Twin is the one that is struggling to be with you then any healing you do on your end will also help them and your connection tremendously. Once you have healed all at your end, you will ideally feel only compassion and love towards them no matter what their conscious state choices are. Due to the Law of Free Will any soul agreement to meet up at certain times may not always unfold as planned as the conscious state may have become more fearful and resistant to any wishes of the Soul. By doing what you feel to be for your greater good and bringing yourself to a healed state then it can only help such situations.

On my journey it became clear what specific energies needed healing, when the traumas occurred and how each one affected the both of us individually on a Soul level. With this information that will come to you on this path, you will be able to work on healing those issues within yourself, within your Twin Flame, your connection with your Twin Flame and perhaps also your connection with Spirit. Issues such as Trust, Forgiveness, Abandonment, Worthiness, Betrayal, Faith, Despair, Grief, Fear, etc.

This path is for those that are potentially on their last incarnation for personal reasons of healing and bringing their Souls back into balance and harmonious state of well-being. When these personal energies have been healed the Soul is then able to be purely of service to the Oneness, to the Light, whether from Spirit or through physical incarnations.

Connecting physically with your Twin Flame allows you to not only heal your connection between you but then be able to work together in service for the Greater Good. Just by Twin Flames uniting and coming together much is achieved for the Greater Good and it benefits all.

Much healing can be done however without having them physically in your life and is perhaps a way of achieving enough healing and forgiveness to prompt them to appear or reappear physically. Both souls involved would not want to intentionally add more negativity to the connection by bringing themselves together too soon. The focus here is not a romantic relationship but unconditional love and the returning to Self. If you are consciously motivated by wanting to meet and be with your Twin Flame or by wanting to be of service to the Oneness, both goals are part of this path.

Throughout my Twin Flame Path journey I have focused on priorities that my Higher Self highlighted for me. I carried out activities and tasks that I was guided to, all with the purpose of living a life that was consciously aligned with the will of my Higher Self, in order to achieve what it was my soul came to do in the quickest and most effective way possible. I chose to not do that which brought immediate joy to me on a personality level and to my ego self, but that which brought healing and joy to my soul, which are not always the same thing. I found myself purging and releasing those layers of past life energies I had brought with me to heal and release, energies and past lives with my Twin Flame I wasn’t even consciously aware of until I was shown them as they surfaced for healing. I didn’t realise how much old energies needed release and healing as I was already what I considered to be a happy and loving person. I had to relive to some extent and release the emotional pain and grief and anger to cleanse my Being of those energies, some of which were held in my body and others were coming through me directly from my Soul. It was hard work and I was very focused and dedicated.

In sharing with you how I did this and what tools I used and providing services to support and encourage healing, I hope to assist you in taking this path if you choose to. If it is your Higher Self’s will and you wish to be consciously aligned with that will, then my intention is to assist you in doing so.

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