Twin Flame Synchronicity – Is It Hurting You?

If the twin flame synchronicities are not helping you forget him, consider that maybe you’re not supposed to.  At least not now.

And know this:  sometimes it can be years, literally, years during which you will get coincidence after coincidence, all seemingly driving home the same message, aaaaaand… . . nothing.  So you just have to trust, in the mean time, that these synchronicities are happening for a reason.  That you are not imagining them.  And accept the fact that Earth time feels painfully slow, but if Spirit is telling you about things way in advance, it’s doing this for a reason.  Plus, really, when you consider how many lifetimes your soul has experienced already, what are a couple of weeks/months/years?  Nothing at all.  It’s a serious exercise in patience and faith, but you’re closer now than possibly ever before (considering all the incarnations your soul spent getting ready for the relationship with your twin).

In my case, the waiting period was a HUGE lesson (more like a whole total-immersion course) in learning how to decipher twin flame synchronistic messages, figure out soul family dynamics, and not only get in touch with but also learn how to trust my intuition.  Twin flames who receive regular messages from Spirit over a prolonged period of “waiting” time are pretty much forced into this kind of learning.  I know there’s a great temptation there just to grumble and feel pessimistic about it all… but accept that it’s happening for a reason, and it’s probably teaching you a lot.  And helping you to heal.  It’s a fantastic opportunity!  Even though it might sometimes feel like an invisible somebody rubbing salt in a wound.  :-/

That said, how can you know what the synchronicities “mean?”  I love this question!  It took me ages during which (after months of denying to myself that the whirlwind of synchronicities meant anything at all), I just kept thinking to myself, “I know what the universe is talking about… . but what is it saying?!”

Well, you can ask it.  And this is where context comes in.  Signs are a language.  Languages function in context.

What are some elements of context?

  •     What is happening around you right before (or after) the synchronicity that captures your attention?
  •     How are you feeling just before it happens?  After it happens?
  •     What are you thinking about, talking about, what are other people around you talking about right before it occurs?
  •     Is the synchronicity multilayered?  I mean, is it just one isolated coincidence, or is it a package deal, involving people, numbers, significant words/quotes/song lyrics, comments about particular topics, etc.?  Consider interpreting them all together.

One time, for example, I was trying to figure out whether I ought to just try harder to forget about what (more like “whom”) it seemed I was not being allowed to forget.  I confided this to my best friend during a long road trip, told him that it was at the point where it was just hurting, and I didn’t want to be “reading into” these synchronicities anymore.  It had already been going on for close to a year, and each time I’d set the intention with the universe to disconnect myself from the situation or asked the universe to shield me from the signs, a HUGE one (or a succession of huge ones) would come at me within a day or two, bigger and more direct than the previous.  This whole conversation, by the way, was inspired by the fact that my best friend had told me a story in the car about randomly hearing this guy’s name earlier in the day at a significant moment.

While we were talking about all of this – after my best friend told me about hearing his name and I was lamenting that I thought I should try harder to forget about the guy – a song came on called “Remember the Name.”  From a randomized list of several thousand tracks.  It was the first time I ever heard that song, on that very occasion.

“Do you hear what this song is saying?” he asked me.  I most certainly did – and I still didn’t accept it fully as a “sign” telling me to “remember the name.”  Because I was more stubborn back then.

But sometimes, when the universe is doing this, it’s trying to wear down your resistance.  Twin soul situations are not the sort of thing I suspect the universe gives up on.  It has way more stamina and willpower than any of us; it can keep trying.  And keep trying.  And keep trying.  And it has way more resources and creativity, so it can design synchronicities beyond anything you might ever have imagined would be possible.

It can also bring you two together – when the time is right – in a design way beyond anything you might ever have imagined would be possible.

You don’t need to worry about the how or the when.  The universe will take care of that.

If you’re not allowed to forget about somebody specific, there are several possible reasons I can think of.  At the very minimum, we can surmise that the universe is signaling that they are an important connection of yours, spiritually speaking.  Maybe they’re your twin.  But sometimes this happens even when the person isn’t your twin soul; if there’s important healing that needs to happen between two people, or if there’s more for you to reflect on as far as your connection or the lessons you learned through this person, the universe will keep sending you reminders of them until you turn your attention to healing whatever it is (either within yourself, or between the two of you) before it allows you to move on.  The universe will do this with more than just people.  It can also do this, if need be, with ideas or trigger words; it has an amazing way of making you agree to look at things, instead of turning away.

So it’s good to ask yourself what sort of headspace you’re in when the synchronicities happen.  For instance, if you’re reminded of him in some crazy way every time you’re on a first date with someone new (big universe trigger for me), or every time you have a break down and feel hopeless about it all, or even every time you say, “That’s it!  I can’t deal with this anymore, and I’m willing to believe I’ve just been delusional all this time; maybe the coincidences meant nothing.  No more thinking about him!  I don’t even know anymore if I love him because this entire situation and the whole story of my feelings is ridiculous!  I intend – once again – to move on!” (this frame of mind was a HUGE synchronicity trigger for me) – then perhaps the universe is trying to redirect you and say, “Not so fast, dear.  There’s still love here, and more will come of this… “

Yes, your ego feels pained because it believes that you can’t be with this man.  But you might not actually know that for sure; reality has room for many more possibilities than we usually allow ourselves to entertain.  I’m not trying to give you false hopes here, but it’s important to recognize this, as sometimes that’s exactly part of the reason why the coincidences keep coming – to get you to believe “the impossible.”  Because your believing is a sort of “openness,” a receptivity to what’s in the works, and receptivity will help.  How can you accept a gift unless your hands (or arms – and heart) are open?

So what else do you feel?  Just think.  Whatever you feel when these happen might offer you part of the answer as to why it’s going on or what it “means.”

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