Twin Souls Synchronicities & Dreams

Synchronicities & Dreams – The Universe Tries To Get Your Attention

If you have met and bonded with your twin soul, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you will most likely experience a series of synchronicities and dreams that reveal to you that you go through a unique, spiritual change in your life. You might already be aware what is going on, but sometimes if you look for an ”external” explanation, you can experience that the universe gives you specific signs. This could be revealing dreams where you get to see the truth of the matter. You might even have prophetic dreams where things about to happen in a near future are revealed to you.

Synchronicities tend to come our way if we have a struggle with our intellect of some kind and we try to convince ourselves that we don’t really go through this, we have just made it all up. Sometimes things seem too profound and overwhelming to be true and having been faced with the other half of our own being can just be too amazing to be true. Therefore, the universe sends us Synchronicities to show us that we are heading in the right direction. I can give you an example of a typical synchronicity that I know a woman experienced after having been united with her twin in real life:

She was a young woman, had experienced an intense union with her twin soul and they had separated because of the intensity, so they only had a short relationship. The pain of separation was difficult and painful to deal with, but the woman felt she had to move on. At the time she did not fully understand the concept of twin souls and what all this meant, so she continued her life, hoping that one day the right man would come along and the next time she would have a different kind of relationship where she wouldn’t be faced with such a difficult and painful separation. Her twin soul was a bit older than her.

What happened was that her brother who really liked her twin soul had said about him that he looked older, had these wrinckles around his eyes and a dreamy look in his eyes. Okay, the woman knew that he was about 4 years older than her, but this was not enough to make him old. He hadn’t passed the age of 40 nor 50 yet. He was a young man. One day the woman started working a new place and co-worker of hers who was very friendly said without further reflection that she looked older, had these wrinckles around her eyes and a dreamy look in her eyes as well.

Now the woman knew that this was exactly what her brother had said about her twin and from then on she knew that she was going through a very special and mysterious time in her life. Her co-worker knew nothing of her twin soul experience. She hadn’t told anyone. This synchronicity was actually meant to show her how she and her twin are ONE at the soul level. What could be said about him, could also be said about her. They are of the same energies. She was heading in the right direction even though she was separated from her twin soul. She was meant to meet him and was also meant to experience the separation she was facing.

Separation & Facing The Self

You cannot get to your twin in anyway if you don’t face yourself. You must face all issues in yourself in every way and individually. You cannot get to your twin soul if you feel something is missing inside of yourself.

The question is often asked: What can I do to reunite with my twin soul?

The truth is that the answer is not simple. In fact the twin soul journey is very complex. I believe that it is a fact that God wants us to be conscious and take actively part in our own journey. This means that if you want to reunite with your twin, you must become fully conscious of your own Self. If you are unhappy in whatever situation you can find yourself in, you must make a change to your life. You can change you. And if you want to change your life, you must change your Self.

It is a fact that many women and men deep down want to be rescued, this means that many times people who know of their twins, wait for something to happen in the outer sense, so they don’t have to do the inner work that is necessary to unite with the other half. If you desire to be rescued you will have lost your own sense of Self. This means that you will have lost your sense of direction in life. You will be waiting for something to guide you without feeling that if you become conscious of your own Self, you will eventually feel what is the right path for you. I believe that it all flows from the Self, if you know your Self, everything else will fall into place. Therefore, it is not a question of knowing the Self of your twin, but knowing your own deepest Self.

So how can I get to my twin soul then? You must make the decision that you must get your Self back in every single way. You cannot get the Self of your twin soul back to you, if you don’t have your own Self back to you first. Your twin soul will always mirror back to you whatever situation you find yourself in. Therefore, your twin soul can actually mirror back to you that you are lost. You must regain control of your Self to not feel lost with your twin soul or in your twin soul situation.

A fact is if you feel that you are lost in whatever situation you are in, your twin soul will mostly likely also feel lost. You might not be able to talk to your twin soul openly about this, but a fact is that if you feel that you are lost energetically, your twin soul cannot help, but to pick this up in his/her own soul half. Therefore, it is a question all the time of getting ones own inner Self back and in this way to be staying in balance. It is about achieving a ”realization of the Self”. This means that in your individual Self of who you are, you have potential gifts and longings with what you want to do with your life. Some people will say: I just want to be with my twin soul – that is all I want to do with my life. The truth is if all you want with your life is to be with another person, twin soul or soul mate, you will not have achieved any ”realization of your own Self”. You will not know who you are or what you want to do with your life. You will have lost your sense of Self.

Self Realization means that instead of focusing on your twin soul, you focus instead on using all your God given talents and this way becoming the whole you that you can be. You become ”whole” in you. Now wholeness does not mean that you do not need other people in your life. Wholeness means that you are strong and safe in your Self. You trust and know that you can be yourself 100% without feeling that you are missing something inside of you. You use all your God given gifts and potentials to turn yourself more into you. In this way you are completely true to yourself, you use the abilities and gifts that you have. For this reason it is no longer a question of the twin souls being each other or trying to be each other, but a question of each of them being their true individual selves, actively living a life according to their full potential, doing what each of them does best. They are ONE soul, but two individual, two selves.

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